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One story in a new fandom - Enzai - Liberation (Guys/Vallewida, NC-17)


This pathetic update includes all the tiny insignificant things I wrote in English during last three years. Well, it's not like anyone care anyway.
And here they are:
- two Death Note fics - Third Time is a Charm (L/Light, PG-13, canon turning into AU) and The End and The Beginning (Light/Mikami Teru, NC-17, anime-based, AU, dark)
- two Prince of Tennis things - Change (Yukimura/Kirihara, R, AU, warning: corporal punishment) and two small Mizuki fics (Sanada/Mizuki, R, and Atobe/Mizuki, PG-13)
- and the fic that was hanging lonely on my LJ for a long time - Victory - Laura Joh Rowland books (Hoshina/ Yanagisawa, NC-17, warning: m/m rape)

Harry Potter

Lukewarm Series

Snape/Lupin, R
Lupin is surprized to find out that his accomodations at Hogwarts go with a bonus

Snape/Lupin, NC-17, warning: violence
Sequel to Lukewarm
For someone who used to being alone, it's sometimes very difficult to get used to being together

Out of Darkness
Snape/Lupin, PG-15
Sequel to Lukewarm and Mine
Lupin and Snape try to deal with aftermath of the events in the previous stories

And Just Plain Wrong Series

And Just Plain Wrong - outside link
Written by Amanuensis
Snape/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Draco/Harry, others/Harry, NC-17, warning: rape, non-cons, extreme abuse, very dark
Voldemort rules the W.W. and has his very loyal D.E.'s head Hogwarts. All problem children are disciplined in several creative ways... Tortures to include bare bottomed spankings, feathers, wearing butt plugs while doing mundane detentions in the nude, animagus in animal forms torturing naughty children with their tongues and anything else kinky and just plain wrong.

Damage Control
Snape/Harry, others/Harry, NC-17, warning: rape, non-cons, very dark
Sequel to And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis
Snape tries to control damage, until damage starts controlling him

Cut With Diamonds
Written by Eodrakken
Sequel to And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis and Damage Control
Pettigrew/Ron, NC-17, warning: non-cons
"What would it pleasure me to have my throat cut with diamonds? or to be smothered with cassia? or to be shot to death with pearls?"

To The Victors - outside link
Written by Caesia
Sequel to And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis and Damage Control
Draco/others, NC-17, warning: rape, death
"Hogwarts was taken on a clear, cold November day. With every gust of wind, umber and orange drifted down from the trees to lay a scant carpet of leaves over the fallen. Draco Malfoy, the son of active Death Eaters, reflected the sky in his pale and empty, ice-blue eyes. His school had become his home, his fantasy reality."

At The Beginning
Written by Arachnethe2
Sequel to And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis and Damage Control
Lupin/Neville, R
Sometimes it takes a lot of time and strength to heal

You Don't Remember
Snape/Sirius, NC-17
Snape is amnesic. It isn't such a bad thing.

Snape/Harry, NC-17
Once, a long time ago, Snape turned down a suitor. More than twenty years later Harry has to deal with consequences

Fool's Night
Snape/Harry, PG-15
Every year Snape dreads Valentine's Day. But when the Aurors start harassing him demanding to admit his 'crimes', he really doesn't think he has enough strength to go on

Heart On Your Sleeve
Snape/Dumbledore, others/Snape, slight Snape/Harry, NC-17, warning: rape
"Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked so easily - weak people, in other words..."

Snape/Harry, R
Harry gets something as a keepsake

Snape/Harry, PG-13
Voldemort is defeated; but it didn't come easy

Slippery Slope
Snape/Harry, NC-17, warning: fisting
Harry convinces Snape to try fisting. But is everything so simple?

Your Wish Is My Command
Snape/Harry, NC-17, warning: bdsm
Having defeated Voldemort, Harry comes back to Hogwarts and finds a 'pet' there

Drabbles and Drabbles-1
Dumbledore/Snape, Snape/Harry, Snape/Filch, Snape/Draco, Snape/Lucius, Harry/Lucius, Snape/Lupin, Harry/Draco, G to R

Snape/Lupin, PG-13
Snape and Lupin separately decide to adopt a child. And they stubbornly want to adopt the same child.

Forbidden Thoughts
Snape/Lupin, NC-17, warning: rape
Snape cannot let go of something that happened over twenty years ago. And what infuriates him most of all is that Lupin seems to be completely unsuspecting about it.

Lucius Malfoy/Sirius, NC-17, warning: non-cons
During Sirius's stay in Azkaban, someone pays a yearly visit

Going Wrong
Sirius Black/Regulus Black, NC-17, warning: incest, rimming
Regulus watches. And his life is falling apart with every day

Second Chance
Sirius Black/Regulus Black, NC-17, warning: bestiality, incest, non-cons
It is an alternative universe where Voldemort is dead, and Death Eaters are punished. And Sirius has to punish his brother.

Ad Liberum
Sirius/Harry, PG-15
Voldemort is dead and Harry is gone... somewhere. And Sirius is missing him. Very, very much.

Every Boy Needs A Dog
Harry/Sirius, NC-17, warning: torture, non-cons
It is an AU where Sirius has never escaped Azkaban. In this world the criminals are given to the families of their victims for revenge. So, on his 17th birthday Harry gets Sirius.

Spitting Image
Lucius/Harry, Lucius/Severus, NC-17, warning: underage abuse, non-cons
At the end of CoS Dobby isn't there to protect Harry from Lucius' wrath, and the stubborn defiance of the boy is something Lucius finds quite rousing. He intends to get his pound of flesh in a different way.

Because No One Must Know
Vernon/Harry, NC-17, warning: underage abuse, rape
Uncle Vernon finally finds the way to make Harry pay up for everything

A Lesson In Humility
Dumbledore/Lucius, NC-17, warning: underage abuse, rape
Dumbledore becomes Hogwarts Headmaster, Lucius becomes a Hogwarts student. Personalities clash. Not everyone comes out of it unscathed.

Something Only Mine
Snape/Dumbledore, R, warning: mpreg, death
Everything comes for a price. When Snape took what didn't belong to him, he had to be ready to live with it.

Gross Infringement
Snape/Firenze, Snape/Dumbledore UST, PG-15
He shouldn't have gone too far; but when he realized it, it was already too late

Hand of Mercy
Snape/Dumbledore, R
Dumbledore has a strange power over Snape

Snape/Lucius Malfoy, R, warning: rape, abuse
Snape is captured by Voldemort, and Lucius has some thinking to do

Strawberry Toffees
Draco/Snape, R, warning: torture, death
"It was snowing when we buried the traitor..."

Snape/Neville Longbottom, R
One day, dreams come true...

Sirius/Remus, R
Soon after Potters' death Sirius visits Remus

Harry/Draco, NC-17
Years later old enemies meet again

Wild, Wild Things
Snape/Harry, PG
Snape is in trouble because he's accused of raping a student. Harry doesn't believe it.

What Friends Are For
Ron/Harry, R
Harry needs Ron's help. And what friends are for?

Forever Yours
James/Sirius, R
Sirius offers, and James takes.

Horatio Hornblower

Water Under The Bridge
Horatio/Bush, Bush/other, NC-17, warning: mentions of non-cons
An acquaintance from the past appears on the Hotspur, and Bush finds himself in a very tight spot

Simpson/Clayton, NC-17
A missing scene - what happens after Clayton threatened Simpson with a gun

Sharing The Quarters
Bush/Cotard, PG-13
As they say: "Can't live with him, can't live without him"
See it also transformed into a wall-paper by the wonderful Lidi.

A Letter
Horatio/others, NC-17, warning: rape
The punishment for escape attempt in Spanish prison is not only being locked in a hole but also...

Patriotism Drabbles
Horatio/Cotard, Horatio/Bush, PG-13
There are different things people do for their countries

Think of England
Horatio/Colonel de Vergasse, R
What if de Vergasse demanded another payment for his silence?

Cutting Edge
Bush/other, Bush/Horatio UST, NC-17
New Year night and no one wants to be alone. So, Bush finds comfort where he can.
The illustration is made by Black Hound

Lord of the Rings

Perfect World
Boromir/Faramir, PG-13, warning: incest
Alternative Universe. Boromir is back but not everyone is ready to accept him.

You Cannot Protect Him
Boromir/Faramir, R, warning: incest, abuse, very dark
Alternative Universe. Someone takes the Ring, and everyone suffers

Boromir/Faramir, PG-13
Denethor doesn't enjoy discipling his son. It's just his duty. Really.

Night Talk
Boromir/Faramir, Boromir/others, R, warning: implied rape, hurt/comfort
Boromir has to tell something. Aragorn cannot help but listen.

Hands of the King
Boromir/Faramir, Boromir/Aragorn, R, warning: corporal punishment
Another AU; Boromir is alive and he needs Aragorn's help

Reflection of Mania
Frodo/Boromir, NC-17
Alternative Universe. Boromir doesn't die. Frodo confronts him.

Never Again
Boromir/Pippin, PG-13, hurt/comfort
Boromir isn't dead but is captured together with the Hobbits.

Bitch of Rohan
Boromir/Eomer/Theodred, NC-17
On the way to Rivendell Boromir stops by in Edoras

Still Time
Thranduil/Legolas, R, warning: incest
And where there is no past or future, no change or death, what is right or wrong here? There is the whole universe in the touch of his father's hand.

Faramir/Frodo, R, warning: rape
Movie-verse. While Faramir decides to take Frodo to Gondor, the Ring is up to some evil things

King Arthur

Everything Changes
Arthur/Lancelot, NC-17
They have a ritual but nothing stays unchanged

Tristan/Lancelot, Lancelot/others, NC-17, warning: rape, death
It is an alternatvie universe where Tristan and Lancelot are not killed but captured by Saxons

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Sands, G
Angsty Agent Sands

Talking To A Strange Man
Sands/Ramirez, PG-13
Sequel to Moonshine. A bit of cooperation between former agents


Methos/Caspian, Kronos/Caspian, NC-17, warning: extreme violence
In the asylum Caspian recalls his past and his brothers

Duncan/Methos, NC-17, cons
After the Double Quickening Duncan is brooding and recalling some past

Methos/other, NC-17, warning: rape, extreme torture
How much can Methos really take?

A Demon In My View
Kronos/Horton (yes!), NC-17, warning: rape
Horton didn't know that a hunter could become a prey

Before the Exchange
Methos/other, NC-17, warning: rape
Spoilers: Methuselah's Gift
Methos has a nasty encounter with two watchers

Making It
Duncan/Methos, NC-17, cons
Mac is bedding Methos - read it or leave it :-)

Duncan/Methos, NC-17, warning: death
Gathering story

Blind Date
Methos/Kronos, NC-17, warning: rape, mistreatment
Methos Roman officer meets Kronos who didn't change his old ways

Hercules & Xena

Zeus/Ares, NC-17, warning: non-consensual, incest, squick
A free-style interpretation of the scene from Iliad where Ares, wounded by Diomedes (who was assisted by Athena), comes to Zeus - and Zeus... has his own plans

Ares/Hephaestus, R, warning: male pregnancy, references to rape
Ares has a problem and Heph helps him

Skin Tight
Ares/Xena, NC-17, warning: violence
As Candace said: "It's like the ep Old Ares Had a Farm retold from a brutal, uncensored POV, in a way. As if you said, "What if it wasn't funny, what if it was very desperate?"

The Strongest Thing
Ares/Iphicles, NC-17, warning: violence, abuse, issues of consent
Ares tries to get Iphicles back and it brings them both to recalling the events of the past

Ares/Xena, Ares/other, NC-17, warning: male rape, abuse, bad things
Spoilers: The Bitter Suite
An alternative variant of The Bitter Suite events. Xena kills Gabrielle and turns to the dark side. Ares takes the hit

Written by LadyKate
Ares/Xena, R, warning: violence, references to abuse, death
Sequel to Together
Hercules tries to turn Xena away from darkness - and finds much more than he expected

The Eagle, The Bull...
Zeus/Ganymede, NC-17, warning: underage abuse
When Hercules kills Zeus, Ganymede is free to go. But is he really free?

None The Wiser
Ares/Hermes, PG
Spoilers: Sacrifice I & II
Ares wants to talk and Hermes wants to listen. Maybe, it is what they both need.


Krycek/other, NC-17, warning: amputation, disturbing content
Krycek in the settlement of one-armed men

Marty/Michael, season 1, Genderbender, NC-17, warning: death
Marty returns to finish what he (she?) started

Season 1, Beyond the Sea, R, no sex
Luther Lee Boggs gets what he deserves

Deep Space Nine

The Kiss of Fire
Sisko/Dukat, NC-17, warning: rape
Spoilers: Waltz
Captain Sisko meets his enemy again and has to take a difficult decision

Damar Is Not Dead
Dukat/Damar, NC-17, consensual
Set after the end of the series. Flashback spoilers: Penumbra
Damar tries to save Dukat. But is it possible?

Dukat/other, NC-17, warning: extreme underage abuse, incest
An episode from Dukat's childhood


The Truth
Tuvok/Suder, NC-17, warning: rape, violence
Spoilers: Meld
It looks like the consequences of the meld between Tuvok and Lon Suder are removed - but there is a secret that connects these two people

Suder, Chakotay, Cardassians, R, warning: non-graphic abuse, violence
An episode from Maquis days of Chakotay and Suder

Space: Above and Beyond

Wreck or Die
West/other, NC-17, warning: rape, non-graphic torture
Hawkes and West are captured by Silicates

Balance of Victories and Defeats
Hawkes/West, NC-17, cons
Sequel to Wreck or Die
Hawkes and West have to deal with some events from recent past

Just There
McQueen/West, NC-17, cons
If McQueen fell in love... if this feeling was mutual... would there be no more problems?


Crais/Braca, NC-17
Crais initiates a new Lieutenant and is haunted with the past

Mother of the Hero
Crais/Aeryn, PG-15
Spoilers: Mind the Baby
Aeryn stays on Talyn with Crais; it's not a good thing

Harsh Realm

Waters/Pinocchio, NC-17, warning: rape
A mirror story to Running by Grey
Spoilers: Inga Fossa
Waters holds Pinocchio responsible for all problems

Pinocchio/Hobbes, PG-15
Spoilers: Reunion
Something almost happens

Hobbes/other, R, not quite consensual
Hobbes makes a sacrifice; Pinocchio doesn't appreciate it


Today I Thodin...
Thodin/Kai (no sex), NC-17, warning: torture, death
Spoilers: the 1st movie - I Worship His Shadow
An alternative variant of Thodin's death


A Little Place For Two
Jack/Skaara, R, consensual
There are things one shouldn't do... but there are things that one must do


No Chance
Alvarez/other, NC-17, warning: rape
Bad things happen to Miguel Alvarez

Adebisi/Peter Schibetta, R, warning: references to rape
Sometimes a lie is the only thing you can afford to believe in

Laura Joh Rowland's books

Hoshina/Yanagisawa, NC-17, warning: rape
Once Yanagisawa and Hoshina were lovers. Then a betrayal turned them into enemies. When Yanagisawa loses a war against his political rival, Hoshina has a chance to take revenge.

Farewell My Concubine

Xiaolou/Dieyi, NC-17, consensual
Dieyi is fighting his opium addiction

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The Last Flight to Nowhere
McMurphy/Billy, NC-17, consensual
McMurphy gets more than he wants - and he is not sure that it makes him happy

Death Machine

Of Machines and Men
Jack Dante/Warbeast, NC-17, warning: techno-rape
Some things that might've happened between Jack Dante and his machine and after that


Tomorrow for Tomorrow
Feyd/Piter/Rabban, NC-17, consensual
A night on Giedi Prime

Wise Blood

Hazel/Enoch, R, warning: necro and religious motives
Enoch thinks he carries on Hazel's ideas

Historical Slash

Alena's Story:

Different Point of View
Written by Alena, translated by Juxian Tang
Philippe de Orleans/chevalier de Lorraine, R, dominance/submission
Philippe, brother of Louis XIV, was notorious for his whimsical character and cruel pastime. But what if he really was a different person from what he seemed? Who better can know it that his long-time lover?

Ai no Kusabi

Raoul/Katze, Guy/Killie, NC-17, warning: contains a scene of abuse/non-consensual sex
Riki and Iason are dead; the others try to get on with their lives...

Death Note

Third Time is a Charm
L/Light, PG-13, canon turning into AU
It seems L always has to limit Light's freedom; twice it didn't help, maybe the third tme it's going to work?

The End and the Beginning
Light/Mikami Teru, NC-17, warning: AU, anime-based, dark
An alternative variant of events where Near has lost and Light has won and shares his victory with Teru

Prince of Tennis

Yukimura/Kirihara, R, warning: AU, corporal punishment
There is a special clause in the rules of Rikkai tennis club, and Kirihara brings an unexpected kind of punishment upon himself

Mizuki fics
Sanada/Mizuki, R, and Atobe/Mizuki, PG-13
Two small fics abouyt Mizuki.


Guys/Vallewida, NC-17
What happens after Guys and Vallewida meet in the street at the ending of the game

Boku no Sexual Harassment

Please read a wonderful summary of Boku no Sexual Harassment
Written by Minorka

Return to Grace
Honma/Junya, NC-17, warning: references to abuse
Honma-san picks up Junya after a night spent with a client

Junya/Fujita, NC-17, consensual
His life slips away from him and sometimes he almost believes he could do something to stop it...


This is War
Koji/Akihito, implied Hirose/Akihito, NC-17, warning: rape, underage abuse, incest
Set after Bronze 11. Koji gets his revenge on Akihito.

Close Your Eyes
Akihito/other, NC-17, warning: extreme underage abuse
Hirose and Akihito commit an indiscretion that causes their father's anger.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Blood Bound
Touga/Nanami, NC-17, warning: incest
Fighting her brother, Nanami chooses a weapon that might destroy them both...

Paper Soldiers
Touga/Saionji, Touga/other, NC-17, warning: non-consensual
Saionji's near-happines is about to be shattered as he finds out Touga's dark secret

Losers and Saviors
Touga/Saionji, NC-17, warning: non-consensual
Sequel to Paper Soldiers
Saionji's attempt to mete out justice fails - and he winds up deep in trouble...

Weiss Kreuz

Intimate Stranger
Aya/Schuldich, NC-17, warning: rape, torture
In his quest for his sister, Aya does things he didn't know he was capable of; Schuldich gets it trouble

Gundam Wing

Sweet Darkness, Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-7
Chapters 8-10
Chapters 11-14
3x4, 5x13, 13x6 (Trowa/Quatre, Wufei/Treize, Treize/Zechs), R-NC-17, warning: a lot of nasty things everywhere
Alternative universe; Quatre is a prisoner in a place where pain and humiliation are routine. But as he has a new cellmate, a mysterious young man with some secrets he's desperate to hide, things are going to change.

Vae Victis
Treize/others, NC-17, warning: rape, extreme abuse
The fate of the conquered is always a sad one - and Treize gets to know about it better than many others.

Alena's Stories:

Sweet Silence
Written by Alena, translated by Juxian Tang
Wufei/Trowa, R, consensual
After Wufei's attempt of suicide, he is with Trowa in the circus camp... and what can be said?

Only You
Written by Alena, translated by Juxian Tang
Duo/Heero, NC-17, consensual
Heero always relied on his strength; so, when Duo challenged him to a fight, he was sure he'd win. However, the prize for the victor was...

Fushigi Yuugi

Kindness of Strangers, Parts 1-3
Parts 4-6
Nakago/Tomo, NC-17, consensual
Centuries later, Nakago is reborn to live another life without memories of his past. But Tomo's memories are intact when he appears in the life of the former shogun...

Samui (Cold)
Nakago/Tomo, NC-17, warning: might squick you
Tomo doesn't know what he asks for when he comes to Nakago with a request. But, maybe, Nakago also doesn't know what he's going to give.

Atsui (Hot)
Nakago/Tomo, NC-17, warning: contains non-consensual sex and abuse
Sequel to Samui (Cold)
As Tomo's past keeps haunting him, will Nakago's presence be enough to forget it?

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