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Original Fiction


Lover of Death
NC-17, m/m, warning: non-consensual, rape, torture, prostitution
There is a new whore in a Japanese brothel - a male concubine of the Shogun himself, sent there for punishment

Object D'Art
NC-17, m/m, warning: rape, mutilation, death, cannibalism
When Danny's mother dies, he is adopted by his uncle. Danny is allowed to enter any room of their big house - except for one...

Award For The Wicked
NC-17, alien/m, warning: non-consensual, blood, death
An alien leader tames a young rebel and gets carried away

Dead Man, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
NC-17, m/m; warning: rape, torture in Part 2
A ghost story
After his lover has tried to kill him, Jesse moves to a secluded cottage that has its own secrets

Aden 1965, Part 1 and Part 2
NC-17, m/m, warning: torture, violence
Sex becomes a means of humiliation, a challenge and a haven for two English militaries captured by Yemeni insurrectionists

The Steps of Trespass
NC-17, m/b, warning: extreme underage abuse
A handsome man, a caring husband and father... nobody knows how little human is left in Dan Byron

The Last Templar
R, m/t, historical
A little tale of obsession, betrayal and revenge, set in medieval Europe.

NC-17, m/m, rape, torture, mutilation
Markus is ready to suffer and to die to save his beautiful wife.

The Doll
NC-17, t/m, rape, torture, mutilation
Being loved is wonderful - but how about being loved by a lunatic?

The Snuffer
NC-17, m/t, extreme torture, snuff
He is more than a craftsman - he is an artist. And every his work is a masterpiece - a masterpiece painted in blood. For he is... the snuffer.

NC-17, m/m, rape
When Igor catches Daniel on industrial espionage, it's a chance for him to get what he wants

Pink Triangle
NC-17, m/m, disturbing content
A young Nazi officer is fascinated with a special prisoner

NC-17, m/m, rape, horror
Full-moon light and they are not human. Or are they?

Chinese Torture
NC-17, m/t, m/b, underage abuse
How much is Alexander ready to sacrifice to protect his friend?

Under the House
NC-17, m/m, rape, bizarre
A Lovecraft-style horror story

NC-17, m/m, torture, rape, death
How do you expect them to treat a spy?

NC-17, m/m, torture, rape, mutilation
Isaiah the Royal Executioner falls in love

NC-17, m/m, torture, rape, necro
One of them was a Red Commisar, the other one - a White Guard officer; only death could reconcile them

NC-17, m/m; warning: rape, abuse
He comes round in an unfamiliar bed...

The Locked Room
NC-17, m/m, non-cons, fisting
If you let someone threat you like shit - how can you make it stop when the things go too far?

NC-17, m/m, rape, torture
A French aristocrate doesn't know where his date with a tavern whore will bring him

The Shelter
NC-17, m/m; warning: rape
He needs a shelter for three nights - and he finds it.

NC-17, m/m; warning: non-consensual
Sometimes one-night stand can have very big consequences

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance, Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
NC-17, m/m; warning: rape, abuse
A drug smuggling operation goes wrong and after the space ship has blown up, there are only two survivors: Peter, a proud heir of family business, and his slave Simon. When they crash in an uninhabited part of the space, the fortunes change for them...

Dead Heat

Dead Heat, Parts 1-3
Parts 4-6
Parts 7-9
Parts 10-12 & Epilogue
NC-17, m/m; warning: rape, abuse
Written by BlueGreen and Juxian Tang
A moment of mercy the chieftain's son shows to the captive turns into a long journey full of dangers for both of them.

Space Opera

Space Opera, Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
NC-17, m/m, m/aliens; warning: rape, alien rape, abuse
Kai is a genetic - a beautiful, submissive slave considered a sub-human by most. When his master is killed by revengeful aliens, he finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation

Alien Story

Alien Story, Parts 1-2
Parts 3-4
Parts 5-6
Part 7
NC-17, m/m, m/aliens; warning: rape, alien rape, abuse
Written by Ruthless and Juxian Tang
Hijacking of a space launch is going wrong and Iver ends up as a hostage of aliens. The only other human among them... well, he doesn't exactly make the things better.
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