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Original Fiction

For Don - the best man in the world!

The werewolf hunter tells:

"It all happened three years ago. Three years ago I was a doctor at a municipal hospital in a small Canadian town. We had these parties from time to time, you know, and though I never was fond of them I had to go there - it was what people waited from me.

I didn't go by car that time thinking that I probably would be drinking something. I didn't - but all for the best because the night looked gorgeous and I decided to walk home. It was about half past one and the silence around was practically complete. I strolled along the narrow path through the old park and enjoyed mellow late-summer weather. The wind dispelled the dense shroud of clouds that covered the sky in the dusk - and now the full moon was gleaming clearly high above the shady trees, only now and then hidden with the last scraps of cirri. Then the road made a turn and I stumbled against a dead dog.

It lay right on the path - a heavy form of some big species - a Caucasian sheep-dog, maybe. Its fluffy thick fur - grey and creamy-white - looked mat in the oscillating light - and the collar around its neck shone brightly. I saw a huge pool of blood around its muzzle - dark and gory and clotted.

I stood frozen looking at the motionless thing in front of me. Creepy feeling was penetrating my heart. Somebody had done this vicious act - and it happened not so long time ago. I looked around apprehensively. Of course, there could be no person who was responsible for it and I knew it - but I continued checking rather instinctively. The dark shadows of the clouds against the moon disc were dancing on the grass. The stillness seemed threatening to me now.

And then suddenly I heard some movement far behind me. It was very short - and just because it stopped so abruptly it made me tense. I turned around swiftly and looked there. In about thirty yards away from me, between the thick bushes and birch-trees, I saw three or four dark figures sitting on the ground around some whitish shape. In the dim light they looked for me like grotesque overgrown canines, lowered on their haunches. The weirdness of the distortion startled me even more because though the position of the object that lay on the grass was unnatural I recognized at once a human body in it.

"Hey!" for some reason shock made me brash. I made some steps towards the incredible picture, windmilling my hands and hailing again. There was no any stirring in the group - and I became suddenly dead-sure that it was only the product of my imagination. The moon was covered with the long stripe of the clouds, making me stop in the darkness.

When it was comparatively light again the dog-like shadows were gone. I couldn't believe my own eyes - there was no sound I heard; but a moment before they were there - and now I didn't see them at all. To my utter shock the body on the ground of still as before.

I didn't think about anything else and dashed to it. What I had to face made me gasp. It was a man, lying naked on the grass, prone. His lifeless body was very muddied - but what was much more darker on it - slicky and fresh and seeming black - was blood smearing his chest and his belly. The bottom part of his lolled back face was a blood mask, too. And suddenly I noticed that the blood around his mutilated, indescribably looking genitals was swelling. It was like it poured out of the torn wounds in his crotch.

I dropped on my knees and covered the flow with my fingers. It was pulsating under my hand - and though the outstretched body was motionless I knew the man was still alive.

I won't tell now how I got him to the road and managed to bring him to the hospital. He was lucky. Some minutes more and it would be too late. They sewed the horrifying wounds on his abdomen and his chest and mended his ragged-torn privates and did for him other things they could.

I visited him when the surgery was over. He was senseless, lying on his back, with tubes stuck into his nose and a needle in his vein, only the green line on the monitor showing that he was not dead.

His name was Rick Hayes, 23 years old. There was some ID in the pocket of his clothes they found around the place. The dog was his sheep-dog he used to be walking with in the evenings.

They asked me what I had seen - and I couldn't be of any help to them. Very reluctantly I, however, told that it seemed to me there were some animals around.

"Animals, huh?" the guy who was interrogating me looked understandably distrustful. "In Saint Ashlar?"

Well, I knew they were in the dead-end, trying to explain what happened. They thought Rick would probably tell them when he became able to speak. But when he did he refused to say anything.

"I don't remember," with his eyes looking at one point he repeated on and on. "I don't remember, please!"

The tears started flowing from his eyes, he tried to cover his face with his hands.

I was visiting him every day - which was not difficult 'cause I was a single man, spending more time at work than at home. I just sat with him, in silence or telling him something about day occurrences at the hospital. He seemed to enjoy my presence - even though it was just that he looked tranquil then without falling in stupor.

He was a frail being, with thin bones and delicate features. Was it because of the disaster that befell him - but his skin was so pale that it seemed not to have any color at all, except the slight bluish veins under it. His hair was smooth and rather long and his eyes were changing their shade from blue to grey. There was a long painful frown between his thin honey-colored brows - and even when he was quiet the corner of his stitched mouth was quivering visibly.

In three weeks he recovered enough to be let out. Well, at least it was decided so. He didn't have any family to pay his expenses for the treatment - and you know how the funds are getting cut off. I offered Rick to take him home.

He lived alone in a small apartment in some seven-minute walk from the old park. When we came in - and I saw this dim tiny premises, dusty after his three-week absence, I felt it was the wrongest thing to leave him here alone just like that.

He could barely walk - but I watched him pacing around the place in some restlessness. He squatted suddenly and took the dog's plate in his hands. It was a big plastic thing with the name 'Bonny' written on its wall.

"He felt them," suddenly he said in a flat voice. "Bonny felt them. He was so scared that he trembled and drew closer to my legs - as if I could protect him."

For the first time Rick was referring to the events of the night when I found him. Since that there was no day I didn't return with my mind to what could happen. What did I see? Was it just a mirage or... I knew only Rick could clarify it - but I never thought about pressing him into speaking.

Now he seemed to want to tell himself. In the room, still with the dog's plate in his hand, he sat down in front of me in the arm-chair and started:

"It was about nine o'clock when I took Bonny for a walk. There was no much sun that day, so, the twilight gave place to the complete darkness almost at once. But I lived there already for three years and it seemed to me I knew every corner of the old park as my own palm.

"I walked leisurely, with Bonny running away from me and coming back. He was a puppy still - even though he was so big. He liked to run - and I am afraid I couldn't give him enough exercises. When he suddenly rushed to me and pressed himself to my knees I was surprised. 'What? Want to play fetch?' I said. 'It is too dark, baby!' But in no time at all I understood that something was wrong. Bonny snarled. It was not his usual courageous growling - but something thin and, as it seemed to me, pathetic. He was driving his butt into my legs and when I touched him I felt his fur on his nape stood on its end.

"Now it did seem frightening to me - and I started looking around. The silence - except the noisy panting of my dog - was almost absolute. And then it seemed to me that in the darkness I saw some grey shadows moving."

The creepiness of the picture appeared before me suddenly. It was all too fresh in my mind how I felt cold with fear standing alone on the path in front of the dog's corpse. Rick's figure in the arm-chair looked relaxed - and his face - as far as I could see it under the loose strands of his long fringe hiding it - was still and pliant, matching the amazing steadiness of his voice.

"They looked like some four-legged animals, moving absolutely noiselessly. And they were approaching us with Bonny."

"So, these really were some beasts?" I couldn't help interrupting him. The character of the wounds he had witnessed about it - and remember, it was what I saw with my own eyes. Rick didn't answer.

"I looked into the darkness, straining my vision - unsure if I really saw them - and if they were really moving. At last my taut nerves didn't stand - and I ordered to Bonny: 'Take! Take, baby!' My brave dog obeyed. His strong body broke forward. And at the next second there was a long dim shadow crossing his path. I heard snarls and growls - more than of one being - and the sounds of short fight. And suddenly there was a lifeless heap of flesh and fur flopping right under my feet. I choked when I realized it was Bonny. But something huge and heavy hit me from behind - and I blacked out before I even fell down.

"I felt the grass under me. It was like somebody was dragging and pushing me, plucking at my arms and legs. I was dizzy after swooning - and I saw nothing at the first moment. There were several... men? I didn't know. Around me. I felt their presence - and I sensed the incredible roughness of their gropes. And then a rare streak of moonlight - first for that night - fell down - and I saw four pairs of iridescent green-red eyes looking at me.

"My own scream tore my ears. And at the same moment an incredibly heavy smack on my face made me gasp and start passing out again. I was never gone completely this time - and when I was lucid my eyes got used to the darkness enough to see them clearly.

"There were exactly four creatures. But, God, they were not men! The most obvious they looked like big grey wolves - however..."

"Wolves are not so big!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," this time Rick remarked. "They were bigger than any wolf can be. Every one of them was bigger than a man. But yet they were covered in this thick grey fur - and their muzzles were the muzzles of wolves. They kept my arms spread and pinned to the ground.

"By the sharpness I felt the ruggedness of the grass under me I realized I was naked. And really - they took off every bit of clothes from me. It made me shiver. Not of cold - but because I couldn't explain what was happening. My Bonny's death - it could seem a nightmare for me. But there were too many sensations for a nightmare - dull pain in my head and neck, ache in my too much stretched shoulders, blood that was filling my mouth, keen, overwhelming animal smell that was surrounding me. It was sharper than in the predatory department of the menagerie. It made my nostrils flare.

"I guess while I could discern them only dimly they saw me in every detail. So, when I frowned they got it that I was fully in my senses now. They exchanged some low sounds - like soft, guttural growling - and then they pulled me up by my arms, making me kneel in the grass.

"Now I have to say I didn't think about breaking loose from them. I felt their strength that was incompatible with mine - in every motion they made. And they didn't let me loose for a moment, always having me in tight grips of their upper paws.

"Their paws were what distinguished them from wolves, too. They used their upper limbs as humans use their hands - even though their furry fingers were crowned with long curved claws. And while I saw them moving on all fours in no time at all I had to find out they could stand upright, too.

"They put me on my knees and two of them continued to hold my arms. One of the rest stood up suddenly and came to me. He was huge! In this position he could be seven feet or taller. It was his torso, however, that took the most length; his haunches were hardly longer than the ones of human. He came so close that there almost was no any space between him and me. To be exact, between my face and his smelly hairy crotch.

"Terrorized almost to half-wits I struggled with the repulsive scent while the creature's clawed paw lay suddenly on the back of my head and pressed my face to its furry groin. Their fur was not soft at all. It was so rough and hard that I could sense every hair in it when the being rubbed my face cruelly against its genitals.

"It was male. I felt its thick penis under my lips and its huge hefty balls. And after a few moments of my mouth pressed to it and my breath on it his organ started growing.

"I got sick. When it happened to me the species pushed my head away - and they held me while I threw up. Then the same standing one turned my face to his organ again. I felt his crude paw on my face, guiding my chin, and when I didn't open my lips he slapped me once more, so hard that I would fall down if they didn't keep me up. I was deafened and when the creature pushed his cock to my mouth again I feared to resist.

"The organ fitted the body in size. Thicker than any cock I've ever seen and more than a foot long, it was covered in coarse fur to the very head. It pricked my tongue sharply when it was in.

"I don't know if he wanted me to suck him," there was the same level expression in Rick's voice when he said it. I couldn't take my eyes from his pale subtle face that was not displaying any pain or terror. "I couldn't suck. I was half-coherent. He pushed his dick deep in my mouth and I gagged. He didn't seem to notice. Both his paws lay on my head - and there was one more paw pressing from behind - and then he started shoving his penis in, farther than the back of my tongue, and into my throat.

"There was nothing I could do. They held me - and they moved my head. I couldn't breath. For some terrible seconds I thought I was smothering. My throat was contracting - but the huge penis was breaking in through it, deeper and deeper, faster with every motion. My throat was on fire. I think it was scrubbed raw with coarse bristles on the cock - and every time he thrust it in I moaned with sharp pain.

"When I was sure I wouldn't stand even a second of it more the cock was suddenly retrieved from my gullet. It was still a hard cock. And a moment later there was another creature standing in front of me - and he sent his member deep in my throat just in one motion.

"For the next period of time every one of them broke in my throat. They shifted places deftly to let the ones who held my arms had their turns. I was in agony. Tears streamed down my cheeks because of intolerable tension. After the first one I didn't have any spat to soften at least a little the rude fur on their organs - and they were fucking my mouth dry, rubbing the insides of it, my tongue and my throat to incredible soreness.

"No one of them came. Every time it was a stiff cock pulled out of my mouth. When the last of them was getting his blow job they suddenly tugged me down. The cock was still in my mouth - we changed position together. I was on my back on the ground again. The one who was fucking my face sat down on his haunches straddling my shoulders. He couldn't make me deep-throat in this position - but he proceeded to fuck me hurting my palate with the tip of his organ.

"Someone else of three left was messing around my thighs. Even busy with what the creature was doing to my mouth I flinched when the clawed paws pushed my bum up. They didn't hide their claws, by the way - and they didn't try to be excessively careful, so, soon I felt I was covered with shallow nasty scratches all over. The species groped in my crack - and when he found my anus he tried to push his finger in. I jerked in pain. The one who was beating my mouth stopped. He pulled out. He didn't change the position, however. His weighty body was still pressing me to the ground - and I saw his gleaming eyes above me. His cock was seeping on my face.

"The one who sought for my anus didn't succeeded with his claw. I was bleeding now, nevertheless. And then suddenly I felt his muzzle pushing into my perineum. I winced. Even with what was done to me the feeling of his moist mug was shocking. Frozen I felt how his sandpaper rough tongue was lapping under my balls and licking the blood out. He pushed the tip of it into my ass-hole and I shrieked.

"This time they didn't hit me. The one who was sitting on my shoulders found another way. He moved forward - and covered my face with his cleft. His balls fell on my face - and the crack of his ass grounded on my mouth and nose. I was shaken. The pain from the rough licking became dispensable suddenly. What I was preoccupied with was to get some air. He just covered me with his privates completely. I struggled. My body jerked helplessly. It was getting black in front of my eyes.

"Well, to throttle me was not what they wanted to," Rick continued with the same soft expression. I drew my breath. I've never seen anyone who could speak about things so terrible in such an even voice. "He let me breathe just when I was fainting - and I had enough air to feel how the sharp tongue was pulled out of my rear end - and the cap of the cock replaced it. He stuck it into me and I arched with pain.

"I have never felt anything like this before. The plashes of pain were long and hard, making all my body buck and tremble. I was sick again - only I didn't have breath to puke. The unspeakable penetration was heavy and lingering, like a scalding rod burning out my rectum. When he started pounding I went breathless. I felt like he was poking a fist right in my guts. The skin around my opening seemed to be rubbed off to steady bleeding.

"While one of them was battering my hole the one whose ass I got to taste penetrated my mouth once more. This time he used his claws to open my jaw and pushed inside one of his huge balls. I didn't suck. I couldn't. But he wiggled on my face, stirring his testicle inside my mouth. Two others still held my arms. They pressed them between their knees to have more freedom with me - and while one was playing with my genitals - tugging them up to my belly and licking my balls - the other was rubbing his cock against my chest.

"I had another testicle in my mouth after that - and then the cock again was stuffed to me. They all were keeping their hard-ons through all this without any perceptible difficulty.

"Suddenly the one who rammed my ass popped out. I felt more blood leaking out of my hole - and some of it, I knew, was from my bowels. There was a swift shifting of the places. The creature that had my left arm went to my ass, the one who sat on my face took my limb - and the being that had been riding me approached my face. I was past being shocked when he stuck his cock, bloody and smeared in my shit, in my mouth. But I still was shocked when I felt some hot stream of liquid with indescribably rank flavor filling my mouth. It was so disgusting that my throat shut down. And there were flows and flows of it. He was not coming. He was pissing in my mouth."

I was glad there was dusk filling the room - and Rick couldn't see my face. Even though he seemed not to look at me. We spent half a day sitting like this, with him telling - and I didn't notice it before. I was being driven mad with what he was saying. I wouldn't believe him - if I didn't know that there was evidence, to every bit of what he described to me.

"No matter in what state was my mind when realizing that it was piss leaking to my mouth my body acted refectory. I was to swallow it or to choke. So, I gulped on what didn't manage to pour our on my chin. The understanding what my stomach was full with was the same bad as the taste of it. He didn't let me to linger my thoughts on it, however. The urination he made didn't do his cock any softer - and I had it at once as deep in my mouth as it went.

"Meanwhile the one that was humping against my chest suddenly changed his position and stuck his muzzle in my chest. I felt him licking my nipple ferociously, wiping the thin skin off with his tongue.

"Since then they proceed without any interruptions. Every moment of time I had a cock in my rectum and a cock or a ball in my mouth. They fucked me, they pissed down my throat and inside my bowels. For a while they put my on all fours. My knees were already sore after my previous face-fucking. I didn't know how long it was going on."

I knew it.

"Then they made me kneel again - and my arms were racked unbearably wide, even in comparison to what was done before. One of them stood in front of me - and the other was behind - and suddenly they dicked me from both ends with such crazed violence that I became limp and breathless.

"They pounded me from two sides, making my body thrash helplessly. And that was what I was - a body. There was no thing of any control. I was a ragged doll between them, dangling on their shafts, battered to the point of pulverizing.

"I didn't feel the back one coming. It was just after the most frantic thrusts he froze - and got still behind me, motionless. A moment later I felt thick repulsive fluid accumulating in my mouth. He held me until I swallowed it. Then two others used me the same way.

"When they all came they let me lie on the ground prostrate. They didn't hold me any more - and there was no need, you see. I was more battered than I thought it was possible for a human being to stand and still be alive. They sat around me talking among themselves in their growling voices. Sometimes they clawed my limbs or my body.

"Then one of them moved and poked his muzzle into my neck. I made some moan - I sounded repulsive for myself. There was some fight around me - as if others pulled that one away. They snarled again, not so mellow this time. I didn't know what was going on. My mind was far too clouded to try to figure it out. Then another one pushed his mug into my chest - and I felt his tongue on my nipple once more. He licked only for a moment - and then in a blinding pain I felt his teeth gnawing in my flesh.

"I cried out. And immediately the muzzle was at my face, poking to my mouth, soaked with my own blood. He muffled me - and turned again and bit again. And next I felt another pair of jaws ripping the muscle of my forearm. And one more, tearing my side. But it was nothing until I felt the teeth crushing with sadistic slowness around my cock and balls."

He finished. The room was completely dark. And even though I knew it was all I couldn't make myself stand up and switch on the light. There was no any movement from Rick. I thought whether the corner of his mouth was quivering as usual.

"But did you ever think who they were?" I asked startled with the harshness of my own voice.

"I don't know," he said. "Maybe, some mutated wolves?"

I said to him what I knew. That the sperm and piss in his body belonged really to four different species - but every one of them was human.

"What was coming out of them could be the product of their bodies," I said. "But being separated it became what it had to be - male semen and..."

"They were not human," he said tranquilly.

"They were. And they were not. All days and twenty five nights they are human. But three nights of full moon they become what they were then."

"What do you mean, Doug?" he asked.

"They were werewolves. And they wounded you but they didn't kill you."

It was a long time of silence while I struggled with the terror of my own words said. And then I heard Rick's quiet voice:

"I understand."

We had a little time - and I spent it with him. I went out, however - to get the things I knew I would need. And when the time was close I did for him what he wanted me to - the only thing I could. I hope he didn't feel pain.

At the first night of full moon I waited for them in the old park. Who they were you, maybe, know. The tragedy of Saint Ashlar was in every newspaper then.

But even before I was done with them I knew it was not enough. I knew there were others like them - and it meant I didn't have to stop."

The End

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