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Original Fiction
WARNING! This story contains extreme - *extreme* - underage abuse. Actually, I was kind of shocked myself when I re-read it recently - I forgot that it was so bad. Please don't read it if you are not absolutely sure you can handle it. I know it will upset you - if anything at all can upset you, this story will. That's why it was written. I wrote it against the trend in the Net gay fiction to write m/b stories with boys enjoying sex, no matter how rough and non-consensual it is initially. I wanted to show the people who read and write these stories how it would be in reality.

I ask you again - please don't read this story if you are likely to be disturbed or pissed off with it. If you do read it - you read it on your own risk. I don't want to hear from you how disgusting it is or how evil I am for writing it.


It was stifling in the car. Even though they set out in the late afternoon, when the heat was going down, the sun was still high enough to burn mercilessly. From time to time he tried to open the window but it brought the gusts of sandy wind in. The wind tousled and dusted his hair - and Danholm Byron didn't like his hair disheveled.

Well, the weather was not the only reason of this nerve-rending atmosphere in the salon, he guessed. It was the kid. He sat on the back seat, right in the middle, and every time Danholm glanced to his rear-view mirror he met the boy's stare there.

The boy didn't cry. Sometimes Dan thought it would be better if he whined as children usually do. But Sammy just sat in this stiff strained pose, with his eyes wide open and hardly blinking for all this time.

He had the pink ugly elephant pressed to his chest tightly, didn't let it go even for a moment since they had left home; Dan could see his small white fingers buried deep in the shabby plush of the toy.

A couple of hours ago, when they stopped at the gas-station, Dan bought a pack of cigarettes for himself and peach ice-cream for Sammy. He remembered Therese was always buying it for the kid and he hoped it would do good for the feel between them. Okay, it didn't. The kid certainly had his fingers sticky and even though he didn't try to wipe them on the drapery Dan still was nervous. Then after quarter an hour the boy asked to stop and got sick. Dan looked at him and felt how familiar feeling of hostility was boiling up inside him. Well, surely, it was hostility only partly, he knew it very well. There was feeling much stronger and much more bitter that was sweeping him. His slender fingers holding the cigarette trembled.

He was chain-smoking. The air in the car was slightly blue and Dan's eyes started getting blood-shot with the irritation. He hated it - as he hated everything that was damaging, even if temporary, his appearance. Dan loved his looks. His 6'2" tall slim muscular body, darkly tanned, his golden-brown wavy hair that was making the halo around his head in the sun and, especially, his deep-set startling blue eyes that sparkled as two sapphires when he laughed or was in anger.

Now and then he thought it was one of the reasons why he detested Sammy so much - that the kid not only didn't look like him but in a way was his complete opposite. Sean - when Danholm looked at Sean he sometimes saw himself as he was in his early childhood - a sturdy handsome easy-going kid. They were proverbial "like father, like son". Well, Sammy was not Dan's son. He married Therese five years ago and got the little bastard as a free attachment.

But was it so impossible to love somebody else's kid the same as his own one? Dan didn't know anything about Sammy's real father. And he was not jealous. He didn't have to. He knew exceptionally well how mad was Therese about him. She was ready to kiss his footprints, literally. And he loved her, too. Why, of course! He even thought if at least Sammy looked like her he would resign himself to loving him.

Almost unwillingly Dan found the boy's face in the mirror again. The kid got thinner for the last year but he still didn't lose this special baby-like softness that was making Dan both tipsy and spiteful. The boy's face was very pale; even now, in the middle of the hottest June in Maine for the last twenty years, his alabaster-white skin seemed translucent over the bluish veins.

He had red hair. Not bright red, the one that usually causes cascades of jokes, but a deep strong color that is used to be called mahogany. He didn't have any freckles - nothing that would mar the flawlessness of his skin.

No, Sammy was not bad-looking at all. Telling the truth, Dan thought him beautiful. Too beautiful. It was the problem, wasn't it? If he was plainer, less attractive - maybe, Dan didn't hate him so much, didn't dream so frenziedly about destroying him. And now he drove his stepson to Wesley Grant's farm to make this dream of his come true.

He recalled how he mentioned Wesley to Therese for the first time. They were planning their vacations at the Lake Como - their first European trip together - and stopped startled with the numbers of the expenses.

It was not that the idea struck Dan right then. He was rolling it in his mind for the last two or three months but didn't see any variants. And then, when it became clear they couldn't afford the vacations for four people...

"I think of Sammy," he said slowly, as if musing aloud. "I worry about him. You know he is not of good health - and how will he bear such a long flight? Then the acclimatization. He will be ill for weeks, it can be taken for granted. You'll have to take care of him instead of getting rest."

Therese had dark shadows under her eyes that made her face look older. She needed these vacations, Dan knew it and she knew it, too. Especially taking into account that several months later she would have her hands full with the baby that was going to be born and there wouldn't be any speech about vacations for quite a long time.

But even though Therese had both reason and occasion not to take Sammy with them to Italy, Dan still thought she wouldn't have agreed to it - if Dan hadn't worked so hard to put this break between her and the kid for the last months.

Sometimes he wondered at himself. It was not that he was making plans or building constructions in his mind - but everything eventually came off as he wanted naturally - as if he had some felicity to choose the right moment and the right point to strike.

No, he didn't decide consciously to estrange the kid from Therese. It just happened itself. Well, Therese never had enough time for her son - especially with her ecstatic love to Dan and with Sean being much younger. So, it was easy to play a trick. Just to be with her every time when Sammy tried to come up with his troubles or to cuddle - and he didn't even have to shun the boy away. Sammy was not the one who would demand attention despite anything. He was not a fighter, so to say - one more reason why Dan disliked him.

And then, when the kid got despaired enough to stop trying to break through, there were several phrases he dropped to Therese - with a sigh, of course:

"Sammy is not very affectionate, is he? Always on his own."

Therese could say everything mothers usually say in this case - but Dan knew it reached her. And now it was bringing its fruit.

He watched how the little frown crossed Therese's white forehead when she thought. And when she spoke he all but howled in exultation.

"But where will we be able to leave Sammy for these three weeks? My parents won't take him and yours..."

"No," Dan said happily, "no grandparents. I thought about Wesley, you know. It is a beautiful place, his farm, out-of-doors, the river is so near - remember I told you?"

He really was step by step legalizing Wesley as his close friend - so now Therese's question was only:

"But will he want to take Sammy?"

"At least he invited us with the kids so many times," Dan shrugged. "He loves children dearly."

Then Therese prattled something that they should ask Sammy - which didn't work right for Dan because he was sure the little son of bitch wouldn't get delighted with the whole prospect.

"I want to tell you more, hon," he said. "Wesley is a real macho and I somehow hope our little molly-coddle will be able to learn something from him."

Well, it struck the aim. And soon the day came when Therese put the kid in front of herself and said lightly:

"Guess what, bunny? We think it'll be better for you to go to Uncle Wesley instead of the Lake. You will be bored in Italy with us. And Uncle Wesley - he has a boy, just a little older than you - so, you'll be able to play with him. His name is Ray, right, Dan?"

Oh yeah. Ray.

It was the moment when Danholm realized how broken the boy was. All these weeks the kid spent alone in his room drawing, quiet as always, did change him inside. Dan thought how he himself would react to the words like this - after the family had been discussing the approaching holidays for weeks. Dan thought he would bawl as a banshee.

He saw how Sammy just pressed his soft pale-pink lips together - he even didn't say a word. But Dan could notice, anyway, how he started trembling thinly, as if he was under the unbearable strain trying to suppress his tears.

The boy didn't cry in their presence - and, after all, Therese let him go quite at once, placing a short weary kiss on his forehead.

Next day Dan called Wesley and the deal was done.

When he thought about the arrangement it made him half-close his eyes in anticipation. It was a long way - but there was not much left to wait now, only several hours. And then...

He recalled how it started. Two years ago - he was teaching his stepson to play children snooker. Of course, it was Therese's bidding; even then he preferred to have as little in common with the boy as it was possible - although Sammy didn't cause such a storm of emotions in him then, certainly.

Dan remembered how sudden and piercing the feeling was. He was squatting, having Sammy between his legs, with his hand lying on the kid's tiny wrist, guiding the cue - and then it just struck him. He jerked. It was like a firework bursting out in his bottom belly.

Was it when he accidentally pressed the kid too close to himself? Or for some reason his sources of sense sharpened? He didn't know. It was just a shocking realization that the warm frail body of the boy squeezed between his thighs brought him a hard-on. And what a hard-on! Such an immediate violent erection never came to him with Therese - or with any other girl. The power of the sensation stunned him. Dan gaped; he had to look like a stricken with the lightening. But at the same time - he realized it a tad of time later - he was still pressing the kid to his crotch, nearly rubbing his basket against the boy's backside.

He was shaken again. At once his body was bathed in sticky cold sweat. What was he doing?! If anybody finds out...

He pushed Sammy away from himself so violently that the boy nearly fell down. He looked back at Dan with his lips jumping in resentment, rubbing his wrist Dan had held too tightly. But Dan didn't care what the kid felt. Flood of hatred was covering him.

How could this little monster bring him into such a trouble? What in him made Dan feel it? He was just five years old then - a pint-size feeble creature, all pale limbs and red locks and fawn-like wide-set eyes - but he made Dan horny - so indescribably horny - just with the brush against his body. Dan couldn't believe it. He couldn't explain it. And he put it upon the boy.

Dan had to be very careful then, getting on his feet - so that not to let anybody see it. He knew his look was a bit lunatic when he told other parents why they stopped playing. He was afraid to look at Sammy - because he felt the awful wiping sensation would be back as soon as he did. But he couldn't look away.

Since that day Sammy's presence made his life as alike to hell as it was possible. He wanted the boy. He wanted him so desperately that sometimes he felt sick with it. But he knew there was no chance for him to get the boy. Oh no. If he tried - if he gave himself away he would go to prison for years! And, by God, everybody knows what they do to child molesters in prisons. Sammy was threatening everything - his freedom, his life with Therese and Sean, his life itself! How he hated Sammy.

He became fierce with Therese. Thrusting his organ into her at night he thought in the swirl of hatred that it was her soft gratifying pussy that let out the damned kid, her narrow pale body gave birth to him, bore him for Dan's unceasing agony. He fucked her as if he tried to punish her.

But it was nothing in comparison to the true passion he went through when masturbating clandestinely in the bathroom, under the noise of running water. Flickering images were going in front of his misted eyes. Sammy naked, his thin soft body pried open for Dan's pleasure, his white glowing skin so tender and immaculate, his tiny pale-brown nipples ready for pinching and chewing. He imagined the kid's tender organ, limp and fragile, laying lopsidedly over his little balls, the same shade as all his body was. He thought about taking them in his palm, fisting it, crushing them. He wanted to hear the boy crying his lungs out, to see his face transformed in the mask of pain, to make the tears wash his cheeks. He was snarling aloud, unable to control himself, when he thought about tearing the kid's legs wide and apart, positioning his strong dark organ between his little buttocks and shoving it with all his force into the tiny hole.

"Little bitch," these words became his litany. He wanted to ruin him so badly - to revenge for the days of agony - and at the same time he yearned him so keenly. But now he was about to have him.

"Uncle Dan!" the kid's high-pitched voice brought him back abruptly - as if a hand yanked him out of his sweet dreams.

"What?" he looked back briefly. And at the next moment, when his car bounced on something, he understood what. He sensed it absolutely clearly - how the left pair of the wheels jumped on something on the road. A badger - or a raccoon - whatever it was, Dan always mixed them up. But he ran over it.

"Fuck!" the restrained fury came out in the word. "Fuck!" he didn't care he was swearing in front of the kid. If everything went alright Sammy wouldn't tell anybody about it - wouldn't tell anybody about anything. Dan saw in the mirror that Sammy shifted. He kneeled on the seat, looking through the rear glass at the road victim that was left behind on the asphalt.

When Danholm looked in front of himself again he swore once more, silently now. The streak of blood marked the glass right in the middle. He turned on the screen washers. An absurd sight at the shining sun. He heard how Sammy sighed softly before sitting back on the seat.

Yes, it was out of question for Dan to risk. He knew better to suppose that there was no chance to reason or to cow the kid enough to be sure he wouldn't give them away. It was a lucky chance when he found this supplier of kiddy porno. The underground movies opened the whole new world for him. He watched what could be done to the kids - some of them were a bit older than Sammy, some even younger - how they sucked the men, had the men jerking off on them, fucking them, the huge members split open their asses, their mouths were filled with thick cocks right to the balls. It crazed him.

Some kids were even prettier than Sammy. But Dan wanted him. He wanted to apply on him everything he got to know. What wouldn't he give to get the boy's little body in his power!

And then the guy who sold the videos mentioned Wesley Grant. He was very confidential about it - but Dan became his best client for the last months. It took time to smooth everything. But at last the day came when he told Therese he was going to have a two-day business trip. He had the bunch of money in his pocket - the sum he could poorly afford - but he was willing to part with it for what he expected.

Dan felt the flow of arousal again, recalling how in the dusk the door of his room at Wesley's farm opened - and he saw a boy on the threshold. The kid had nothing but a short T-shirt on him - virtually nothing - and the T-shirt was so thin that Dan could easily define the boy's standing nipples under it.

Wesley's kid - Ray was his name, just as Therese said - was not like Sammy at all. He was about ten, bony, with short dark hair and large long-lashed eyes of a strange amber-like color. But he was cute - and, besides, by then it didn't matter for Dan. Nothing mattered - only his dream coming true.

At first he swallowed unable to find the right tone. His throat contracted so much that he couldn't breathe. And then he shot the words out:

"Suck my dick, scum!"

Nothing changed in the boy's face, he just slid down on the floor and his little cold fingers fumbled with Dan's zipper. Dan hissed bad words again when he felt the chilling draft of air on his freed penis. The kid licked his lips tentatively - and at the next second his tender velvety mouth enveloped the head of Dan's burning cock.

Rage burst out in his head.

"Get it all, shit!" he screamed. Months of sorrow and frustration were let out in this shout. He grabbed the boy's dark-haired head and thrust his dick deep into his throat.

It was the most ravishing orgasm in his life. He shot his load to the throat of the choking gagging kid who collapsed on his knees in front of him, supported only by his hair in Dan's grip and Dan's dick in his mouth.

Later, after tearing the T-shirt from the boy, Dan explored his thin body, trailing the bruises that were left by the previous customers. He tweaked and sucked the kid's tender nipples so hard and so long that he made Ray weep and moan in pain. He weighed and fingered the boy's smooth vulnerable genitals, enjoying how little he needed to send the kid in the shivers of pain. He got horny several times for the night and then he fucked the boy's ass mercilessly. Even with Therese he was never so rough - and it excited him still more that the kid was not writhing in passion under him - not at all - but crying out wretchedly in pain. Dan battered him again and again, changing the tempo, rotating his dick, yanking it out sharply and sending back under various angles, exulting when he heard how his balls slapped against the kid's crack.

In the morning Wesley, a big heavy man in his fifties with a strange wide baby-smooth face, said to him in his usual pseudo-intellectual manner:

"I see you are quite a... I would call it "connoisseur", Mr. Byron."

But he also said that Dan was welcome at the farm as soon as he felt like. Of course, he felt like! Money was the problem. He deceived Therese about his incomes, saving everything he could for this visits.

He liked Ray. He liked him even more because the kid learnt to fear him quite soon. Just to see this desolated look on the boy's face when he was brought to Dan's room made him exceptionally horny. He liked to fill Ray's nice vulnerable mouth full with his raging meat - or to batter his sore ass-pussy to bleeding. He enjoyed chewing his big light-brown nipples until they distended almost absurdly. He handled his light slim body with inquisition-like cruelty, inventing new painful turns and twists for him.

But even as he did it he continued to think about Sammy. The sweetness, the demented desire to destroy - it was all for his stepson. He was at Wesley's on the permanent basis for four months until he dared to speak about it to the man.

"A lovely petite fleur," Wesley said ironically, carefully holding Sammy's photo in his thick fingers. "We have to think about it."

It took the spring to arrange everything. But now Dan was near the aim.

* * *

It was far not dark yet when they drove up to Wesley's farm. The two-storied house seemed even dingier than usual in the mellow light of the slowly setting sun. The large yard around it was surrounded with worn-out wooden fence, half of the planks missing, and there was some poultry romping around in the dust.

But Wesley's car was a huge Rover of one of the latest marks - and there where he was, polishing its mirror carefully. He heard the car from quite far away - and now he watched askance as they approached.

Wesley was dressed in jeans and white sleeveless T-shirt that was leaving most of his mighty hairy torso displayed. Dan always felt somehow odd looking at this man's body - so huge and powerful that sometimes he felt himself - with his own enviable height and build - just like a sickly teenager in the presence a body-builder.

Grant turned his wide sleek face to them - and Dan saw how the smile parted his thin lively lips. He waved his hand until they stopped.

"Nice to meet you, lads," his voice drowned the noise of the motor. Dan switched off.

"Get out!" he hissed at Sammy. He never knew how to speak to the kid - it was either too rough or too sycophantic - so, it was a good thing soon he wouldn't have to think about it, too. The boy was rigid - but he obeyed without a word. He clasped the elephant even more feverishly than before. At the same moment when he stepped out of the Buick Wesley's huge hands caught him.

"So, here he is - our Sammy-boy!"

He tossed him up - so easily as if Sammy was a toddler - and then put him back on the ground carefully.

Dan felt dizzy. Was it because of the cigarettes he had smoked? Or the anticipation was just getting too much out of him? He watched how his stepson was looking up at the big man and then he caught a shadow of a tentative smile on the kid's face. Sammy didn't dislike to be babied; just on the contrary, doing it Wesley managed somehow to get through to him.

Even though there was no reason for getting through, Dan thought. Some hours - and everything would be turned upside down for the kid - nothing of what mattered before would stand its ground. This thought was so sweeping that Dan flinched. Soon.

"Too bad Ray can't come out to greet you," Wesley said. "He doesn't feel well. These kids, you know, they run like mad without minding their necks. He flopped down from the stairs two days ago and..."

"I hope he is alright," Dan said hastily.

Ray never greeted any of Wesley's guests. The thing was Dan didn't even know where the boy was kept until the moment he was being brought to the client's room. Once in the very beginning he asked Wesley:

"But aren't you afraid that some uninvited guests can come and find out?"

"Uninvited guests?" there was this jolly irony in the man's words again. "There are no uninvited guests around. And, besides, people are dumb! They see what I want them to see."

Now Wesley confirmed brightly:

"Yeah. Just his collar-bone and a couple of ribs broken. We even didn't need to call for the doctor. I dealt with medicine a bit when I was in the Legion, you know," he added. Dan felt light-headed. He knew the prices Wesley was asking for inflicting real injuries to the boy. So, somebody paid it...

"But I am sorry for your little lad, Mr. Byron," Wesley went on. "He won't have a good company for the next week - at least. But," he addressed personally to Sammy now, "we have other funny things here to look at. The rabbits. What do you think about them? Did you see a real rabbit?"

Dan saw how Sammy shook his head - the long strands of his hair flew up around his waif-ish face - and Wesley put his broad palm on the kid's shoulder, guiding him to the backyard.

In some minutes, when the big man was back, leaving the kid at the cages, they went to the house. And that was when Wesley burst out in the laughter.

"Well, Mr. Byron, certainly I have to compliment you on your taste. The boy is as cute as you advertised him and even cuter. I am glad I arranged it for us."

"Everything as we agreed?" Dan made his words sound confidently.

"Oh sure," Wesley nodded. "I have two clients to come by ten o'clock and they will finish by midnight."


"Do you mind?"

"Oh no, I don't."

In a flash-back Danholm recalled the conversation they had several weeks ago.

"Is he a virgin?"

"Yes. Yes!" Dan flushed when asked about it.

"Very well. I am going to like this affair, Mr. Byron," sometimes it was just maddening - this Wesley's manner to call him by his surname. But he listened desperately to what the big man was going to say. "Is it crucial for you to be his first?"

It was weird. Dan never thought about this thing. But then it came to his mind that no - it was not. He was not after a tight ass. He wanted Sammy wrecked - it was the truth. He shook his head hesitantly.

"Good. What do you think if we mix in a bit of financial interests? You know how much it costs - to break in a virgin? There are guys who would pay half a fortune for it - providing that the kid is really unspoiled and they won't have problems. If you agree to succeed somebody in this delightful process I think I can offer you some profit from it. Let's say, you will refund all your expenses on Ray."

Dan swallowed hard. Get money for the little shit being raped and crushed? It was more than he could hope for.

"I can pay you cash - or you just will have... we'll call in a season ticket for the visits here," Wesley flashed his blank grin again. "Since I don't know what I will do to the kid after I can't promise you more. If I can sell him we'll talk again. If not..."

"Agreed," Dan said feeling as if the membranes of his mouth were sandpaper-like.

"What are you going to tell your wife about me?" Wesley went to other things. "Will she let the boy go to an unfamiliar man?"

"She trusts me," Dan said. Of course, she did. But why did Therese have to be suspicious? Today, parting with Sammy, she kissed him briefly and said something like:

"Have a good time at Uncle Wesley's, bunny."

She had too many things to think about. She had already set her mind off Sammy.

"So, I can keep the boy at my disposal for three weeks for sure," Wesley checked everything, "and I am taking all the responsibility from you for it. Then, when you come from Italy, you will try to reason your spouse to leave the kid here for a while longer. If you manage - good. If not - I'll take care about the boy. Right?"

"How?.." Dan had to clear his throat before continuing. "How are you going to take care of him?"

"The river," Wesley shrugged. "They would never find the body - whether it is going to be there or not. Some people are very willing to pay for the opportunity to snuff a sweet seven-year-old, you know. In any case, for your wife and for everybody else it will look like an accident. Ray will confirm everything I'll tell him to. He is a good liar and I own him completely. In any case - Sammy will disappear from your life forever."

It was what Dan wanted. Almost the same much as to pour out his passion and hatred on the kid.

"After the guys will be through it will be your time, Mr. Byron," Wesley's voice brought Dan back.

"You promised me I will be able to watch," even though he felt almost close to fainting under the flow of excitement he found the strength to say it.

"By all means," Wesley nodded firmly - and then said in a much lighter voice. "It's very comfy that Sammy appears here right now. My small business won't get stopped while Ray is ill."

And then suddenly Dan heard himself saying:

"I want to see Ray."

He felt the inquiring gaze of Wesley on himself - and the big man said:

"The kid is really bad, Mr. Byron. I am not sure..."

"I want!" Dan almost cried out. And in the flicker of perceptivity he added. "I will be pleased, Mr. Grant, if you share my experience with Sammy... you know what I mean."

"You know how to persuade people, Mr. Byron," Wesley laughed generously. "Let's go. I think your kid will hear nothing while he is in the yard. By the way, Mr. Byron, where did you hit your car?"

* * *

When they got upstairs Dan realized in a wonder that Wesley was taking him to the room where Ray used to be brought to serve him in the past. Well, perhaps the kid was really ill, it was the reason why Wesley relented to him a bit.

Dan got convinced in it when he came in. Ray never was a very healthy boy - not astounding with the life he had - but now, lying in the bed, he looked almost like a shadow. His sunken eyes met the comers with a weary black stare.

"Hello, Ray," Dan heard his own voice. He walked to the bed with Wesley following him.

"Hello, sir," the kid's soft voice answered. He had these awful dark-brown circles around his eyes that made him look even worse. His lips were recently gushed and the injured places were fixed with the stitches. Dan felt he wanted to crush the boy's mouth with his thumbs, grind his lips against his teeth until he cried out in pain. Dan sat down on the bed. He could have done it like this if he had been visiting the kid at the hospital. But next thing he reached his hand and yanked the blanket down from the boy.

Ray was naked under the cover. The only bits of cloth on his body were the thick white bandages wrapping his left shoulder and his chest. Dan recalled what Wesley said about the fractures.

There were not only fractures, obviously. Even though Dan saw and, especially, used to imagine enough, gasp what opened to his eyes made him. He felt drugged absorbing the sight of the horrible bruises covering the kid's body. There was a trail of burns, probably from the cigarettes, going across his belly. He looked at the boy's nipples feeling how his mouth was getting dry. One of them was scarlet and swollen, appallingly inflamed - but the other... It was almost black. Somebody had crushed it into pulp. Dan reached his hand to touch it and saw how the boy tried to escape his hand. There was no chance - his mistreated body didn't obey him. Dan squeezed and caressed the destroyed nipple wondering how many nerve endings were still functioning there.

Ray's genitals were misused, too, in yellowish bloated blisters covering sore flesh. Dan touched him there. He was mesmerized.

The fine trembling of the kid under his touches was taking. He tweaked Ray's nipples in the way that could seem almost erotic if it didn't make the boy suffer so much. Dan ran his thumbs against the taut skin on the kid's scrotum, pressing it harder until Ray made a choked yelp.

Wesley looked through the window. Was he concerned so that Sammy couldn't hear anything, Dan wondered. No, the sounds Ray made were too soft. And even if Sammy heard? In any case he was going to go through something much alike in the nearest future. Dan pushed his hand violently between Ray's legs, looking for his hole. The boy moaned bracing his head on the pillow - but it was all he could do. He just had to take everything what Dan wanted to try on him.

Wesley shook his head:

"You see he is not of much entertainment for you today. You will hardly be able to fuck him - and, besides, aren't you going to spare your juices for..."

"I am not going to fuck him," even a moment before Dan didn't think that he would say it - but now it came out naturally from him. He was palpating the soft sore skin around the kid's opening. "I want to fist him."

The boy shook hugely. He was clenching his teeth in despair, Dan could see it on the sharpened line of his jaw. Wesley grunted.

"You do?"

"Don't you do it?"

Wesley looked at Dan's hand and then at his own hand.

"I don't. I am just too big. But you, with your... hmm... aristocratic build - you can try."

Dan watched Ray's face intently while rolling up his sleeve slowly. It was delighting - almost as delighting as the process itself promised to be - to see the cramps of fear distorting the boy's face like the ripples on the water. Ray's lips whitened but he didn't try to whine. Dan thought he would compliment Wesley on his training later. And he would also tell him that he hoped Sammy would come to be the same little voiceless shit after several days at the farm.

He raised the boy's leg and twisted it aside to free the space for himself. The kid's perineum was blue and black with bruising - and the place around his anus looked just awful, so puffy and abraded. Dan stabbed his forefinger in the boy's hole sadistically hard.

Ray shrieked. It was not a mighty sound - but at the same second Wesley covered the boy's mouth with his palm and muffled it. Dan realized that the big man was holding the kid - to make it more convenient for him to proceed. The boy's huge eyes screamed from above Wesley's palm, so dark and pain-filled that this stare alone almost brought Dan to orgasm.

He worked his finger in the boy's opening, feeling how it became moist in the fresh blood. The muscle was clenching and slackening with the convulsive jerks of Ray's body. Dan enjoyed the cruel finger-fucking thinking how it would be possible to stick the whole hand there. He added second finger in a little while and then the third. Tears ran from the boy's beautiful eyes. Dan was turning his fingers in the kid's anus, spinning them violently. He added both the little finger and the thumb at once. For a moment it seemed to him that he wouldn't be able to push then all into the kid without tearing him irreparably. But then he thought he didn't care. Wesley had to care. And if Wesley didn't stop him...

It was a poisoning sensation when his hand suddenly slid into the boy's rectum. It was like a super-tight wet warm passage around his palm. He could see how the kid's anus closed on his wrist. He couldn't believe it. His swarthy forearm covered in the dark hair was sticking right out of the boy's ass. He felt bewitched.

He sneered. He ripped his hand out, barely hearing the boy's gagged cries - and sent it back through the bleeding sphincter, ruining its resistance. He stuffed as much of his hand and his forearm in as it was possible - and yanked out again - and drove it back. He was frantic with the rhythm and with the force he had to apply to break through. Every time his fist emerged from the boy's opening he thrust it back in a cruel blow. The boy had to be in agony. His body convulsed. Wesley held him firmly, watching Dan - and there was no expression on the man's smooth moon-like face.

At last Dan stopped. He was panting. His hand and his wrist were numb - he was clenching his fist so hard. They were covered in the blood film to the half of his forearm - as if in the liquid glove. And there was blood around, too. It soaked in the sheet under the boy, thick glutinous substance on his thighs and perineum.

Ray stopped crying, just shivered intensely. Wesley let him go.

"Filthy slut!" Dan said laughing in the indraft of delight. He gathered a mouthful of saliva and spat abundantly on the boy's exhausted face.

* * *

The by-play in Ray's room took no more than half an hour. Washing his hand in the kitchen sink Danholm could see Sammy in the yard, still standing at the cages with the rabbits. It seemed the boy didn't move even once since Wesley had left him there. The absurd elephant hung by the paw desolately in his hand.

The light of the sinking sun was like dull flame bathing the yard and the little figure there. Dan stopped admiring the picture. A long satisfied smile was plastered on his lips. It was so pleasant what he had been doing to Ray - and now he was about to do another even more pleasant thing to Sammy.

After the supper Wesley stood up and smiled friendly to the kid:

"Kiss your dad good-night and I'll show you your room."

The boy didn't look back at Dan when going after Wesley. In some minutes the big man appeared on the stairs again and waved Danholm to ascend.

"I'll show you how you'll watch," he said in sotto voce.

They were back in Ray's room. Dan glanced briefly at the kid who was limp in the bed, loosely covered with the blanket Wesley had thrown over him before leaving. His eyes were just mere pupils.

"Come here," Wesley beckoned and Dan realized that the room that was supposed for Sammy was just behind the adjacent wall. There was a cheap iridescent picture on it and suddenly Wesley took it off.

For a moment Dan looked in bewilderment. There was a square opening in the wall - and when he looked there he couldn't help laughing.

There was the same picture on the wall in Sammy's room. Only it was not a picture in reality. It was transparent from his side. He could see the room as clearly as on the TV screen!

"Like on the line-up in police," Wesley said quietly.

Dan saw Sammy coming back from the shower, clad in his jolly summer pajamas. The boy's dark-red hair was so wet on the ends that the water dripped from it on the carpet. Sammy stopped in front of the vast bed that was occupying half of the room and took his toy. Dan watched how the boy stood cuddling the elephant for some minutes as if in a deep thoughtfulness and then put it in the bed on the corner of the pillow.

It was startling how much was his at once now, Dan thought. At home he didn't ever dare to look at Sammy when the kid was not fully dressed. Before sleep or on the beach he looked aside so deliberately because he knew what it would cost him if he showed his natural reaction. But now he could have all the hard-on he wanted. And, surely, he had it looking at the boy and knowing that he had nothing under the thin material of his pajama pants. But he also knew that soon he would have everything he wanted. Just everything.

Sammy climbed on the high bed. He lay there with the light for a little while - Dan recalled how the kid asked Therese to allow him to leave the night lamp on - but he, Dan, was against it and Sammy resigned. Dan almost laughed when he saw how the boy switched the light off at last. An obedient little slut, he thought. Well, it wouldn't help him.

"Be here," Wesley whispered. "The clients are coming."

The guys came to Wesley on the long black European car - Dan couldn't descry its mark watching from behind the curtain. Excitement was singing through his body. If only Sammy could know, he thought. Just several minutes and the kid's normal life would be over forever. He would become a faggot whore - just the same as Ray was - and the only thing he would see in his life from now on would be pain and humiliation.

Dan clawed the material of the curtain unconsciously. He saw the men walk to the house unhurriedly. They stayed downstairs with Wesley for a while, perhaps handing the money. Dan wondered if they knew that he would be spying after them. No, of course, not! As he never knew about the role of the picture in the room where he was taking Ray.

Never? An odd thought came to him. Perhaps he did suspect. Perhaps he knew somebody - Wesley or somebody else - was watching him. And he liked it. Didn't it make him behave even more cruelly, inventing even worse tricks to apply to the boy? He imagined himself being as lewd and brazen as Caligula. He looked at Ray. He could barely see the kid's face in the twilight room - but he knew the boy was not asleep. His dark eyes were like two ink stains on the white face. He didn't move. Suddenly Dan felt an awful desire to hurt him again, to make him jerk in convulsions. But no - he was for Sammy there - he had to be silent.

He heard the steps on the stairs - and Wesley's lowered voice saying something in German. He had to leave the clients alone after showing them the door. Dan pressed himself to the opening.

It was what he waited for so long. How often he wondered when thinking about it beforehand what Sammy would do, how he would react. Would he scream when being gripped by the strangers? It turned out he didn't. The men entered the room - one of them found the light-switcher - the light flashed up and Sammy could see them - but he didn't make a sound. He was a kind of frozen in the bed instead - rolled up in a ball, just with his enormous pathetic eyes staring above the blanket. The men came up to him, talking in their language in loud voices. They were both tall broad-shouldered blond men, of Aryan type, possibly father and son, as Dan thought. And even though they were so expensively dressed there was something certainly crude in them

Dan still waited for Sammy to scream. He wanted him to scream, knew how he would enjoy this moment. His palms were sweaty. He was panting. The boner stood upright between his legs.

The older guy took Sammy's blanket and tossed it away. For a brief moment Dan saw the boy's hands clasped tightly on his chest. Then the man took the boy for the forearm and raised him on his feet. Dan could see how Sammy was resisting but resistance was of no use, of course. Two flows of tears ran down the kid's cheeks silently. Dan felt vertigo. The men laughed. They spoke to each other - and this much he understood:

"Schon, sehr schon..."

It was somehow surreal, suddenly it struck Dan. As if he was watching some vanguard picture, partly talking, partly silent. He could hear the men - but the boy who had to cry just shivered silently in the firm hands that kept him upright on the bed.

Didn't he hope that anybody would come to his help, Dan wondered flabbergasted.

One of the men yanked down the fold on the boy's pajama shirt. The material ripped. And at the same moment another man pulled the kid's pants down.

Dan reached his hand to his basket hastily. His dick was painfully hot. He stroked it without taking his eyes away from the room.

The men laid the boy prone on the bed - now they handled him so firmly that there was no chance for him to challenge them. One of them fixed the boy's wrists together and raised them above his head while the other was holding Sammy's ankles. They were pulling the kid in the opposite directions - the sight was hypnotizing - the narrow small body stretched by two men whose hands were flickering on the boy's intimate places shamelessly.

Now Dan could hear Sammy. The kid's tender voice was pleading while the tears flooded his cheeks - so plentiful that they merged in two constant flows. His soft lips trembled pitifully.

"Please... please don't... please let me go!"

One of the men bent down and pressed his lips to the kid's mouth. Even the small sounds Sammy made were muffled now. Dan felt enchanted looking how the man was thrusting his tongue into the kid's mouth, stuffing it - while his thick fingers tried to tweak the boy's nipples that were so flat he couldn't take hold on them.

The boy sobbed. There was almost no voice in it, it was so weak that Dan hardly could hear it. A big palm of the younger man lay on the boy's crotch, covering it all, and twisted. That was when Sammy shrieked.

They laughed. For some reason - possibly for the same reason as Dan himself - they enjoyed it. The man twisted Sammy's genitals again - and at the same time his older companion gave the kid a cruel pinch on his tiny nipple. The boy was crying full-voice now. The older guy feasted his eyes on the kid's tear-stained face. His thumb caught the trickle of tears on Sammy's cheek and traveled down to the boy's trembling mouth, so tender that seemed misshapen when he cried. Dan watched how the man circled the boy's lips with his thumb, pressing and tugging harder and harder, until the kid moaned in pain.

"Fuck him!" Dan couldn't be silent. His scream was a whisper but he let it out. "Fuck the little bitch!"

At last he saw how the older man slowly pulled down the zipper on his pants. His cock was like a long dark sausage when he laid it across the boy's face.

Dan was jerking off madly.

"Yes, yes," he whispered, "stick it into him! Choke him on your meat!"

The man proceeded. Dan could see how Sammy tossed his head violently, horrified with the huge dick so close and trying to get away from it - but the man caught his hair and made him lie still. He rubbed the shaft against the kid's mouth, enjoying the feeling of his silky lips on the sensitive hot flesh.

Meanwhile his younger companion stood up and Dan saw that he had his pants off, too. The man got over the kid and brutally yanked his legs apart.

Sammy shrieked in pain. His face became chalk-white. Dan thought it even seemed to him he heard how something tore in the kid's groin. But the man didn't care. He didn't stop. His dick was ready - he just covered it with saliva before sticking it to the kid's opening.

Sammy screamed. His thin crying was awful. It seemed so piercing for Dan that it hurt his ears. But he didn't cover them - oh no! He loved it. It promised to bring him a gorgeous orgasm - just the same as the sight of the man's heavy member penetrating the kid's tiny opening.

It was not so easy - of course, Dan knew it wouldn't. The man was giving all he got pressing himself on the kid, squeezing his dick in with short plugging motions. He was tearing Sammy's legs up, using them for leverage - and still he was getting in just by millimeters. The boy cried desperately - while the other guy eagerly wiggled his dick over his face.

Dan came. He just couldn't hold back any more. The sight of the man's dick hammered inch by inch into the boy's asshole was more than he could stand. At first there was a very little progress in the man's advancement. Then something happened - and it went smoother. He tore him, Dan realized. He saw a jet of blood trickling into the kid's crack, so bright-red on his white skin.

Sammy's screams became forlorn. The guy pulled his dick out of the boy's hole and sent it back, to the very handle in just one motion. And at the same time the older guy stuck his cock between Sammy's lips. The kid gagged. The man started fucking his mouth - well, not really fucking but trying to push some of his dick in. It was not really successful - but somehow Dan thought it was not what mattered for the guy.

The man who fucked Sammy's ass changed to the long deep strokes, leaning with all his weight on the kid. Sammy sobbed feebly, giving out tearing moans when the guy was hitting especially deep or changing the angle. Dan admired the guy's manner. But he thought he would be able to do it even crueler. Oh soon he would do it!

The man speeded up again when closing on. Now he really battered the boy's ass, moving as a pile driver - and there was not much resistance to his motions any more. He broke the kid's cherry. Dan saw that his dick was covered in blood every time he retrieved it. He leaned on the kid when making the last frictions - and then fell over him, coming. And at the same time his companion shot in the boy's mouth making a long groan.

He kept his dick it the boy's mouth until Sammy gulped some of his juices. Then he took his member out and smeared the last string of his sperm over the boy's lips.

Sammy whimpered exhaustedly under them. His voice, never too loud, seemed hardly audible now. All his body was shaking - and he trembled more when the man took his nipples again and tweaked them.

They spent one hour of their two, Dan checked his watch. He didn't know if he wanted it to end sooner. The thing was he wanted to get hold of the boy himself - especially now when he saw him so broken and hurt. But at the same time he absolutely loved to look at the big Aryan guys stuffing the kid full of their cocks!

The older man kissed the boy's mouth again - while his partner sucked on the boy's little navel, tongue-fucking it. For the next half an hour they handled Sammy in this and that way, roaming their hands over his body, twisting and pinching here and there, amused when they made him cry. They were not rude, they were playful, Dan thought. At last the older guy prepared himself again.

Now they would change places, Dan thought. When they flopped the kid on his belly he imagine how the older guy would lay down on him while the other would use his mouth. But it happened in a different way. They both took the place behind the boy - and when the older man stuck his dick into Sammy's bleeding opening the other one started jerking off slowly. After several minutes of vigorous fucking the older guy took out his cock - his stiff cock - and his son replaced him.

They fucked the boy for half an hour shifting their places - without a moment of interruption. Either one or the other cock was plugging in Sammy's ass. Dan felt ecstatic thinking in what agony the kid had to be. Sammy didn't make any loud sounds any more. He seemed to be shattered completely. By the end he passed out and the men fucked him unconscious.

When they both came, one after the other into the boy's rectum, the younger man turned the kid on his back roughly. Dan was staggered seeing the paleness on the boy's face, his eyes shut and the eye-lids so blue-purple. The bruises were already darkening around his mouth.

The men exchanged some words - there was no admiration in them. They sounded tired and uninterested. The older man kneeled on the bed and took the boy's hair. He wiped his dick against it - while his son made the last pinches on the boy's soft swollen nipples. Then he bent down and took the toy elephant from the floor. It fell down while they were romping on the bed.

He twisted it in his hands and chuckled before throwing it back on the bed.

Dan shifted his place from the opening in the wall to the window and back waiting for them to leave. Anticipation became so keen that he could hardly bear it. He saw Sammy regained consciousness. The kid changed his position. He pulled his limbs together painfully. The elephant rolled away and he groped for it blindly.

Then at last the black car - Mercedes, he saw now - left and Dan heard how Wesley was coming up.

"I bet you can't wait to make the thing fait accompli, Mr. Byron," his voice said behind the door and Dan came out trembling. "Let's go?"

* * *

Sammy was curled in the foetal pose on the crumpled bed. His enormous eyes surrounded with black were shut and there were two flows of tears leaking from them. He seemed to be mortally tired to Dan who stopped on the threshold for a moment.

At last, he thought. At last.

Then suddenly the kid's eyes opened widely and caught him - in the incredible mix of feelings - recognition, hope, plea. The boy jerked up reaching his hands to Dan.

"Uncle Dan!" his thin voice flew up piercingly. There was such despair in it that Dan felt creepy. "Uncle Dan, please take me away from here! Please take me home!"

It struck even through Dan's clouded mind. For a split second he didn't know what to do. He was so close to turning back as he had never been.

Then Wesley chuckled behind him. And this small sound brought Dan to his senses. He made two short steps, automate-like, to Sammy and slapped the kid on the face with full force.

The boy gasped and fell back on the bed. His look became startled. He brought his palms to his face and the blood that ran out of his nose smeared his fingers.

Dan felt how his palm was seared with the sensation of the soft smooth cheek under it. It was so shocking - and at the same time so pleasant - somehow familiarly pleasant - as if he knew for all his life how it would be. And he knew one more thing, he thought briefly - he wouldn't relinquish it never in his life. If he wouldn't be able to do it again to Sammy - there would be Ray for him - or someone else. He would beat shit out of them, he thought in rapture.

He hit Sammy once more, with his fist now, wiping the shocked stare from the kid's face. The boy's lips were soft like the buds of the flowers under the knuckles of his hand. Blood splashed out of his mouth. Raging, Dan grabbed Sammy's moist soft hair and yanked him closer. Blood infuriated him. He slammed the kid in the back of the bed. The boy yelped shortly - and his stare became unfocused when he grew limp in Dan's hands.

"Hey, you are not to kill him," Wesley said.

"I won't kill him," Dan muttered.

He was insane with hatred and arousal. The boy was slack - not unconscious, just stunned by the blow. Dan let his hair go and saw the red strand of it left in his moist palm. He laughed. He made a fist again - and hit the boy in his soft unprotected belly. All the kid's fragile body shook. His mouth opened as if for a scream - but he was just catching the air with parted lips.

Dan felt his mind switching off. It was everything he wanted - and now there was nothing that could stop him - from having, mauling, smashing the little body. He braced himself over the kid. He hit him with both his fists in the chest, nearly cracking his ribs. Sammy choked.

"Yeah, slut, yeah, get it now!" Dan sighed out. His thirsty mouth leant to the kid's bruised lips. It was a furious kiss. Sammy thrashed when Dan sank his teeth in the corner of his mouth viciously. The salty taste was the one of the sperm of the man - and then it blended with the taste of the kid's blood.

"I'll have you all, shit!" Dan moaned digging his fingernails into the kid's shoulders. "You are mine, bastard!"

He felt how the kid trembled under him - he had to be crushing him, taking his breath out with his weight. He let the boy's mouth go - it was like a rumpled rose, so bitten and discolored, and there was a trickle of blood running down from its corner. Dan made a lick on it and Sammy moaned. He slowly let the boy go. There was blood on the tips of Dan's fingers, too - he clawed the stripes of raw flesh on the kid's shoulders.

With an animal howl Dan sank to the boy's chest, seizing his little tit between his teeth. The boy thrashed and wailed thinly and Dan sucked on the tiny nub with double force. The taste of the boy's body was salty with his light sweat and the smell was mixed with the scent of good cigarettes and toilet water of the clients. But Dan liked it even more. It was maddening him. He bit the kid's chest wildly sucking in as much of his soft tender skin as it was possible, chewing frantically. Sammy cried out bird-like.

Dan was carried away. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop now even if he wanted. But he didn't want, of course. He dug his nails into Sammy's other nipple, clawing it, plucking at it wildly - and he bit the boy's soft belly, right near his lovely blossom-like navel. He saw how his teeth marked the kid's white skin with horrible misshapen stains of red and purple, the marks of his teeth white and filling with blood. The boy sobbed hopelessly while Dan was taking more aims on his little belly, biting and sucking savagely.

"Let me some place," he heard Wesley's voice. It sounded hardly recognizable - and suddenly Dan understood that for the first time he heard the big man's voice in arousal. He eagerly shifted. He wanted Wesley near, sharing the abused body of his stepson with him. He looked how Wesley sat down on the bed and spread his legs. When he tugged his pants down Dan gasped in amazement. The size of the weapon between Wesley's broad thighs was shocking. It stuck at least for 11" over two horribly huge balls covered in thick fur.

"Here is a candy for your sweet mouth, boy," Wesley whispered raising Sammy's head by his hair. "Come on, eat it!"

Intuitively Dan twisted the kid's balls furiously, making him scream. And at the same moment the shriek was muffled by the head of the great cock sticking into his mouth.

"Choke on it!" Dan pressed Sammy's head down. The sound of retching was horrible. It seemed something was breaking in the boy's throat. Wesley inhaled sharply.

"Teeth!" he thundered angrily. Dan saw how he shoved his thick fingers in the boy's mouth around his cock, tearing soft thin lips of the kid.

"Make him swallow it!" Dan snarled.

Wesley nodded. He held Sammy's hair in a firm grip and a second letter he drove the boy's head down. Dan could see how the blood from Sammy's mouth leaked on Wesley's shaft. The boy's body was racked in convulsions.

"Stupid bitch!" he hit the kid in his side with the fist cruelly. The boy choked. Dan pinched him with both hands seeing how the boy's skin was bloating under his strong fingers. He wrung the kid's arm behind, on the verge of breaking it. He wanted to shatter these thin bones under the silky skin.

The boy was gagging continuously. The sounds that were coming out of his throat were like nothing a human being can make. His head dangled slackly in the hand of the man.

"You like it, bitch! Yes, you like it!" Dan sighed out. "I'll give you more!"

His forefinger found the boy's satin navel and stabbed there with frenzy. For a moment it seemed to Dan he could drive his finger deeper, right into the kid's belly. Sammy shuddered in this new pain and Dan felt the paroxysms of pleasure going through his own body.

When he looked at Wesley's cock emerging from Sammy's mouth he nearly orgasmed. The man was a specialist in it. Dan could hardly believe it but it was what he saw. Wesley was shoving his monstrous dick into the kid's mouth almost completely and the little slut was taking it all obediently.

"You were born for it, bunny," he whispered recalling the kiddy name Therese called her son. "You will die with a cock in your gullet!"

He laughed. It was almost hysterical. The truth of this phrase struck him. Yes, it will be till his death - cocks and cocks - forever. It was rapture to think about it.

Dan brought his mouth to the boy's genitals. They were so small that he could take both his cock and little balls in his mouth at once. He sucked the vulnerable abused parts, bit them viciously feeling how he was drawing blood. He wanted to tear the kid in pieces. Literally.

"Yes... yes... Mein Gott..." Wesley was panting. His hand that gripped Sammy's hair blurred. The sound of his balls slapping against the kid's chin was staggeringly frequent. Now his strokes were not full-length, just several inches of his cock came out of the boy's mouth. It was covered in bloody spittle practically completely.

But when Wesley came he raised the kid's head up - a dizzying sight of all the long log of his organ retrieved from the boy's mouth - and Dan didn't have to miss anything. White creamy fluid of the man's sperm spurted in the kid's destroyed mouth.

"Sweet one..." Wesley gasped almost lovingly and then pushed Sammy's head away. The kid fell limp on the bed and now Dan could see his face.

My, he did look almost unrecognizable. His face, wet in tears, was so wiped by agony that it seemed blank. There was a mess of colors where the unblemished whiteness was before. His bloodied lips were violet and there was something why his mouth seemed wider than it was before. Dan realized what it was. The boy had his mouth torn.

The thought about it made Dan sick - the same as the bloody snots running from the kid's nose. Then suddenly Sammy's body racked in the fit of wet cough and Dan saw how Wesley's sperm leaked back out of his mouth.

He was anything but beautiful now. In fact, he was horribly ugly.

"My dirty," Wesley took the corner of the sheet and wiped Sammy's face.

But whatever the kid looked like - there was nothing that could stop Dan from wanting him. He inhaled full lungs. He was about to have him.

"I'll assist you," Wesley suggested when Danholm took hold on the kid's ankles and raised them up. Sammy shrieked and flailed again with the pain in his torn ligaments.

It was just like in his dreams, Dan thought. Only never in his dreams he imagined that the boy's opening would be so ripped and gaping. The fluids leaking out of it were disgusting. Blood, shit and semen - and the ravaged place between the kid's ass-cheeks was not tiny at all. It did look as if it had accepted two solid cocks just an hour ago.

But Dan didn't care. It really didn't matter for him, it was the trick, how tight or loose the kid's ass would be. He was past it.

He took his dark cock out. It was certainly slimmer than Wesley's - but when he looked at it against the kid's body it seemed the same incredibly oversized. He caught how Wesley watched him - expectantly, with approval - and then he stabbed his dick deep inside the kid.

It was a crazy ride. The kid's brutalized insides melted under Dan's assaults. He battered and battered into the bloody core of the boy's opening, drowned by incredible sensations, numb to everything else. It was fantastic. It was bliss.

He thought his orgasm lasted for eternity. And then he simply flopped down on the kid's doubled body, worn out absolutely. The boy's scent and softness enveloped him. They boy was shuddering - and these shudders penetrating Dan's body transformed into shivers of delight for him.

Wesley let the kid's legs go but he was still wound up because of Dan lying on him. Then at last his legs braced apart limply and he sighed exhaustedly. Dan took his small pale face between his palms and French-kissed him. Sammy quivered. He had to have his mouth too injured - or he just reacted this way to Dan's touches.

Both Wesley and Dan seemed to be calmed down a little. The big man started playing with the kid's privates merrily, squeezing his little prick and pulling his scrotum down. Dan loved to look at it. He looked at it fingering the boy's nipples at the same time.

Sammy didn't cry any more. There were just deep unsteady inhales heaving his chest - but when Dan looked at his face he realized sharper than ever how much they messed him up. He was practically lifeless-white and the stare of his widened eyes was black and frozen, looking inside. Dan knew he felt pain, however - he still flinched and trembled after a cruel pinch.

Dan chuckled. The thought what they did was delightful. The same as the realization of his dream coming true. He wanted it for so long - and look, who would believe he could get it? But now Sammy was under him, broken and defiled - and Dan could have every bit of his ass and whatever else for his pleasure - and what? He would get away with it.

In a little while Wesley got hard again and they put the kid on his fours. They had to hold him firmly because he was sliding down. Dan watched how the huge organ of the man split the boy's opening brutally and started its relentless pounding. The thought of the agony Wesley's monstrous cock was bringing to the kid's ruined insides was breath-taking. Dan's own cock stood upright once more when he rubbed it against Sammy's slack bloodied mouth.

They exchanged places for the best part of the night, violating Sammy's ass and mouth, roaming their hands and lips over his body, reveling in his pain. By the end he was past shrieking, just whined when they were especially cruel to him. Half of his body was covered in the crusts of sperm and there were clots of sperm and blood coming out of his anus with every motion.

Wesley tried to make him lick their balls and ass-holes but the boy was too far out for it and Wesley said he would do it later.

"If only you could come again and try everything I will teach him to do!"

"I'll come," Dan promised. He knew he would be able to reason Therese to leave the boy at the farm till the end of the summer.

She wouldn't see him again, he thought. Funny.

When Wesley left Dan prepared himself for one more attack - but now he was very slow. He knew it wouldn't be easy to finish with all his orgasms today. He fucked the boy for so long that he lost sense of time - and eventually he didn't come. He fell asleep right on the kid's body, with his dick still tucked into.

* * *

Golden beams of the morning sun caressed Danholm's face. He screwed up his eyes, tossing and turning blissfully. All his body was in the sweet languor and the wide happy smile was spread on his handsome chiseled face when he recalled the past night.

He didn't hear a sound from Sammy but he could sense the kid even without looking. He reached his hand and found the boy. Sammy whined. It was a pathetic sound - so thin as if it was a new-born kitten making it. Dan turned on his side and rose on his elbow.

"Good morning, little whore," he whispered almost tenderly. He saw how Sammy started shivering.

The kid lay on his side, really tiny, and his misused body looked terrifying. There was practically no place without bruises on it and blood dried everywhere in the dark streaks. Sperm crusted on his hair and face that was bruised all over. His mouth seemed to be suppurating where it was torn.

Dan loved to look at the traces of their recent violence. He probably didn't feel the same rage against the boy - but the melting tugging feeling in his crotch stayed. He reached for Sammy and guided his dick between the boy's legs.

When Danholm descended to the kitchen Wesley had the breakfast ready. They exchanged the glances - satisfied, accomplice-like - and then laughed together. It was strange how the last night united them. The big man seemed like an elder brother for Dan - the one he never had. He lit a cigarette and this time his fingers didn't tremble.

"Sorry you have to leave soon, Mr. Byron," Wesley said. Suddenly Dan found a really simple means how to struggle with this irritating habit of Wesley to call him by his surname.

"Dan," he said.


"Call me Dan."

"Okay," the man smiled. "You are sure you can't stay for a day or two?"

"Our plane is tomorrow morning," Dan sighed. "I have to leave in... two hours."

"Well," Wesley dropped a glance on his watch. "Two hours is a nice time... Dan. What do you think about introducing Sammy to Ray?"

As much as Dan was drained out the thought struck the familiar chord in him. It was going better and better, he thought. It would never stop. He nodded eagerly.

Then Wesley said:

"Uh oh," and even thought nothing changed in his plastic-like face Dan sensed some tiny bit of concern in his voice. "Somebody is visiting us."

Dan got up. He didn't know what to think.

"You are waiting for the clients?" he asked hopefully. Wesley shook his head. "Then who is it?"

"Let's see."

They walked out to the yard and Dan squinted his eyes trying to discern the car in the train of dust on the road. It was a blue shabby van, he saw - and some seconds later he managed to read the sign "Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine" on its side.

"Nature friends," he heard how Wesley saying through his teeth. His voice was full of easy contempt. Dan looked at the man who stood with his arms crossed on his midriff - and intuitively took the same pose. The van stopped and five guys spurred out of it.

Well, four of them were guys, one was a girl, Dan realized. She barely looked at them, striving to his Buick at once - and in a moment he heard her piercing voice announcing:

"Here, we find it! Here is the blood! Just look at it!"

She was young, hardly twenty, a tomboy - the type Dan always hated. He acquired a very unpleasant feeling, as if he had to swallow something stale. He glared at her - which she apparently didn't notice - when one of the youths, a big coffee-skinned guy, said apologetically:

"We are from the environment protection organization. Try to draw attention to Maine's threatened and endangered species. We got the information that there was a lynx knocked down on 97th road..."

Dan thought he would burst out laughing. A lynx?! The fuckin' animal damaged the bumper of his car!

"It's you who did it, right?" the youth asked with a kind of compassion.

For a moment Dan felt concern. Was it something he had to pay for?

"Look, it got to the road right in front of me. I couldn't turn away. I had my son in the car..."

"Yes, surely, we understand," the guy said. "Nobody blames you."

"But it was a North-American Lynx!" the girl rushed forward again. "One of the rarest animals in Maine! You know how few of them still exist?!"

Dan didn't pay a glance to her. When the guy said nobody was going to blame him he sighed out in relief. Nothing else mattered.

"Silvia..." another companion of the girl tried to admonish her. Dan heard how Wesley giggled, clearly enjoying the scene.

"Actually," the colored guy interfered again, "we started the campaign for putting the warning signs on 97th. The sad fact that you ran over the North-American one can be very important for it."

His friendly gaze broke against the fierce stare of Dan.

"I am not going to sign anything," Dan felt how arrogance flooded him. He disliked them. He disliked the girl. He disliked the colored one - maybe, especially for his intelligent politeness - but, actually, he disliked colored people all in all. He wanted to show them all who was the boss there. "Lynxes! Do you think I have nothing to do? Waste my time for your campaigns! I have my work, my family!"

"Yes, sir," the guy who calmed down Silvia nodded lowering his eyes. "We understand."

But Dan didn't stop. He liked to feel as he felt now - so strong and confident, knowing that Wesley's approving eyes were on him. He was going to put them down.

"If you hope I'll pay some fees to your petty organization or whatever..."

"No, sir, no," the guy said. The suddenly the girl turned around and went to the car in silence. There was something strange in her walk and Dan thought with pleasure that the tomboy seemed really distressed. He managed to put her on her place! He watched how she got to the van, took the mobile phone and pressed the buttons. He grinned haughtily.

And then he realized that others didn't go anywhere. They were still standing in front of him and Wesley and looking...

Where did they look? It was not an understanding. It was a sudden flash of intuition - as it always happened to him. He turned back and when he saw he felt how his muscles slackened powerlessly. He looked at what the young guys were looking - at the doorway of Wesley's house.

Ray stood there, clasping the door-post, staggering - ghostly pale and thin - just a shadow of a human being. With nothing but the bandages on his chest and shoulder. Viscid gory blood covered the insides of his things and his glaringly swollen balls and penis. His deformed nipples seemed to scream on his chest.

It couldn't be happening. Dan heard his own helpless moan. It just couldn't. But it was. He saw it on the tight whitened faces of the young guys coming closer. He saw it in the eyes of the girl looking at them from the car. She finished speaking on the phone - and suddenly Dan understood he knew what number she was dialing.

"Ooh my God..." he whispered.

His horror overflowed him and suddenly leaked out with the trickle of piss down his leg. In the mute hope he looked at Wesley - the big man had to save them both, wasn't he a former legionary?! He had to take out his gun, kill them all. Uninvited guests.

But suddenly Wesley didn't seem big and strong any more. It was as if he became just an old man - even a senile one - his shoulders hunched, his back bent tiredly - and his small eyes darted almost pleadingly from one face to another.

It was all over. Dan wanted to scream. No, let me go, I don't want to have anything to do with it! But the boy who was standing shakily in the doorway suddenly swayed and slid down on the floor like a broken doll.

And at the same moment everything came to the motion - somebody ran to the kid, somebody was seizing Dan's arms and twisting them back. He felt tears washing his face.

And he could already hear the sound of the police sirens approaching.


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