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Original Fiction

I was sucking his cock. Wet and slick, it went down to my throat and crept out back like a thick snake. Then somebody knocked at the door behind me and it opened without a pause. I heard giggles and voices, half-embarrassed, half-amused.

"Sorry! It looks like we are at the wrong time!"

"Come in, come in!" I felt he waived his hand above me, while his other hand pressed my head to his crotch tightly. "Wait a minute, I'll finish feeding my bitch."

They took their places in the armchairs, laughing. On the minor changes in the rhythm I understood that he was close to cumming. I took the root of his cock just above his hefty balls in the ring of my fingers and massaged lightly. He burst into my mouth in three portions of thick slippery juice and I swallowed it hastily - he didn't like when I let it leak out.

He was my boss. Three months ago, in June, I graduated from our local college and faced the problem I knew I would meet. What I didn't know was that I would take it so sharp. I was a good student and my specialty seemed to be in demand. I worked when studying. But the owner of the company got in trouble with some tough guys from Siberia and blew up in his expensive "Mercedes" recently. So, I didn't have job, I didn't have references and I didn't have acquaintances to speak for me.

I was optimistic in the beginning - but by the end of the second month I was on the verge of nervous breakdown. I didn't get even a shadow of an employment so far - and I didn't have hope I would have it in future. I was running out of money swiftly and desperately. But the worst, probably, was the feeling that I was a failure.

I have to say, I was almost hopeless when my conversation with my future boss began. He was a solid burly man in his forties, rather stern and detached. He asked usual questions and his face didn't brighten for a moment. Then he asked if I was gay.

I got frozen. The thing was that some years ago I decided for myself that I wouldn't advertise my sexual preferences but if asked directly, I would tell the truth. Anyway, I think I have something in me that makes suppose I am not straight (I wonder if it was a part of my troubles with looking for job).

"Yes," I said.

"I do not mind," he said.

We spoke a little more and then he said:

"You know, for this money I'm going to pay I can take a specialist with years of experience."

I nodded. That was exactly what I heard dozens of times.

"The question is if you can offer me something more than simply good work."

You see, I didn't even understand him at first. Our talking was pretty sexless and even his reaction to my answer was absolutely cool. I looked at him in surprise. And then I for the first time saw this little smile on his lips and he said in a low voice:

"You know, like that," his hand was stroking his bulge through the material of his pants.

Look, I knew it was a usual way for girls to get the job. Almost obligatory if she was young and pretty. But I was a man!

Well, maybe, if he had urged me right then, I would have rejected and gone. But he said:

"Think about it. If you agree, the job is yours. You can come tomorrow at nine."

Back at home I thought it all over. I could start working! Even to imagine it was bliss: to have a job, to be secured, my parents don't ask me any more if I've found something... What's wrong, I thought. If girls can take it, so can I. I am not better than them.

Things started working out when I got the place. I borrowed money to drag myself to the first salary - now I knew I would be able to return it. I tried not to focus on my extra duties and most of time I managed it.

However, I still never got into the situation like that: I was on my knees in front of my boss' armchair and behind me there were two man sitting and observing me with derisive smiles.

I was so embarrassed that I didn't know how I would be able to stand up and turn my face to them. I lingered with the limp cock of my boss licking and cleansing it until he said:

"C'mon, get up," and pulled me up.

My face must have been bright-red when I looked at them. I even couldn't see clearly - but I knew who those two were. Arthur K., my boss' best friend and vice-president of a local bank, and another "new Russian" businessman, Georgy, didn't know his surname, a big muscled guy with thick dark mustaches.

"Do you know my computer manager?" my boss said holding me by my upper arm.

Arthur, a fat cheerful man, looked at me with a kind of benign smile - and Georgy said:

"The faggot? I wondered how he looked like."

The meaning of the words made me sick. So, he talked about me! I have to say, I hoped somehow that he would get bored with our sex and I would have to do only my direct work. But it looked like he took it much more serious.

I tried to free my arm from my boss' grip.

"I have to go," I mumbled. "I have work to do..."

"You didn't finish your work here," my boss said and pushed me back to his table. Three of us watched him walking to the door, looking out and saying to his secretary:

"Tanya, don't put me through to anyone."

Then he locked the door and put the keys to his pocket.

Seeing all these preparations made me feel creepy inside. That is, he hardly locked the door to have a confidential talking with us. But the thing was I couldn't believe it in my heart. I made sex with him - but three people are not one, right?

"Take your clothes off," my boss said.

I didn't move. The situation was tense - and still it was not what I expected. The two watched me in amusement.

"Take off your fucking clothes, you faggot slut!" my boss yelled. He reached his hand and pulled my shirt out of the pants.

I know, what I did next was shitty. I am shitty... But at that moment I didn't yell back at him: "Get your hands off of me!" I was in a kind of stupor - I couldn't move, couldn't say a word. My legs felt so weak that I was ready to crumble on the floor in a heap. I started trembling - vibrating, actually - as if I was going to piss and shit myself.

"Look what you have done," Arthur said to my boss. "You really scared the kid. Let him go."

"He will go when I say," my boss was exasperated. "He is paid for it! Either you take your clothes off..." it was to me, of course.

I managed to stop shaking. Well, I didn't have much choice - and so, I resigned. Well, what I had to do? To scream blue murder? They didn't even touch me. To tell them I don't play and fuck the job? Somehow it seemed stupid to me to start speaking about it - it was a kind of discrepancy, wasn't it? And I was not ready to fuck the job, you see...

So, I stripped. The two gazed at me with interest. My boss was not so interested - he saw it many times before. When I was done, he pushed me naked between the armchairs of his friends.

I made my mind to take it. Why to play virgin of myself? I was through it before. They hardly would damage me - so, I wouldn't be any the worse for it. Arthur took me by my waist in his big soft hands and turned me face to himself.

"Let's see what we have here," he murmured. He had a very pleasant voice, drawling but not husky, intimate even on the phone. He pawed my front. "Two little pretty tits. A scar of appendicitis. A lovely cock, soft. So far. And two smart balls," he cupped them in his palm. "Come closer," he pulled me to himself and shifted himself from the seat of the armchair to its broad elbow-rest. "What can we do with it?"

I was scared, I was cold, I was disgusted with myself. I didn't want him to do anything. But he embraced me with one his arm and put his hot mouth on my nipple.

He licked and sucked my nipples in turn while his other hand was massaging my balls tenderly. You know... he was so big and fat and, how to say, unthreatening. And I felt almost protected in his embrace. And his mouth was wet and warm. So, I got hard-on - as he wanted it.

"Lovely. Very lovely," he said affectionately. Suddenly he moved and lowered himself on his knees. This huge awkward man kneeled in front of me - and he took my erect cock into his mouth.

This way as I stood I was back to Georgy - and soon enough I felt his finger poking into my ass hole.

"He is not tight," Georgy said.

"He likes to be fucked," my boss answered. "He told me. He likes his ass filled with a big cock, the bigger the better."

I bit my lip. You know, this kind of conversation - you can't start arguing with it.

"Have you ever had sex with two?" my boss asked me.

"Yes," I said. He laughed.

"They fucked you in turns, I bet. Made a good ride. Fucked the shit out of you."

"No," I said flatly. "It was at school. I sucked one boy and the other sucked me."

Now Arthur was sucking my dick - and Georgy was getting his fingers into my ass. Two fingers were all right and even three I could take but when I felt he was trying to add the forth I looked around to him.

"Please, don't do it," I asked in a tight voice. "It hurts."

"No, it doesn't," he said casually and at once I felt all his four fingers penetrating me and his hand with the place where they were jointed. I flinched - and flinched again when he pulled it back.

"What are you doing?" Arthur looked around me, too.

"Check how much a whore he is," Georgy answered.

"Please, don't do it," I said again mechanically. By then I already got an idea what he was planning to do - and it scared me greatly.

"Look, you have spoiled everything," Arthur said to Georgy with reproach. The thing was I was not aroused anymore.

"Big deal!" Georgy shrugged.

"Please don't do it," I repeated. I seemed to be half-dumb - I couldn't think of any other words to convince them.

"Shut your mouth," Georgy snarled. "Help me!"

He said it to Arthur but it was my boss who threw me belly-down on the back of the armchair and pressed me tightly. Georgy kicked my legs wide.

"Please don't fist me!" at least I found the words. "I didn't do it before!"

"Look," Arthur sounded concerned. "He says he didn't take it before. Maybe, you won't do it?"

"He is lying," my boss said.

Georgy's merciless hand was working my hole. It already seemed to me more stretched than I ever had. And then he added his thumb and pushed all of it inside.

I felt as if he was tearing me, as if he was sliding apart the bones of my pelvis. The place where the thumb joints was the thickest - and then my hole clenched around his hairy wrist.

He was inside me! I never felt nothing like that. It was unnatural - not so much painful as frightening. He moved his fingers inside me. I almost threw up.

"Hey," Georgy said, "roll up my sleeve."

"You aren't going to push it farther, are you?" Arthur said.

"I don't know," Georgy answered. "It depends how much he can take."

He rocked his hand in my ass. It was so sickening that I swallowed and swallowed trying not to puke. Something was leaking on my legs, not blood, ass juices, I think.

"How does it feel like?" my boss asked with interest.

"Strange," Georgy replied. "Do you want to try?"

The question made me feel panicky almost to the point of fainting. All my insides contracted and my rectum, too.

"Oh, tight," Georgy said amused.

I had to stop myself from tensing, I reminded, or I'll harm myself.

I managed to do it partly by the time Georgy yanked his hand out of me. There were more liquids running on my legs and apparently Georgy's hand was filthy because my boss said:

"Take a paper towel."

Now it was my boss' hand trying into my hole. I think there were some minor splits around my sphincter because it hurt when he was going through it. But, actually, he did it much quicker than Georgy. He ran his fingers inside me for a while, touching me there, and went out, too.

"It's hot," he said. "Do you want, Misha?"

I was sobbing by then; every my breath was a sob.

"No!" he answered abruptly.

"Give him to suck, then," my boss suggested. "He will tighten meanwhile."

He agreed and my boss pushed me on my knees. When Arthur unzipped and pulled out his dick, I comforted a little. It was what I knew - sucking - and Arthur's looked really small, especially in comparison with his big belly.

I sucked it for a minute or two - I didn't deep-throat, actually, I couldn't even take it to my mouth entirely - his belly was on my way. But Arthur didn't mind and soon I felt several soft pushes of his abdomen - and he filled my mouth with his cum.

I was afraid of what would happen now, when I finished with him. It was so soothing to sit at his knees. But my boss got me up.

"You are lucky today," he said. "There is one more ready for you."

I saw Georgy had already taken out his veined massive dick.

"Bend down," he said to me.

After the examination they gave to my hole his cock slid there easily. It was pretty unpleasant when rubbing - but Georgy didn't last long. In about thirty thrusts he got a breath-taking speed and then cummed.

"Good ass," he said wearily, taking it out of me, and slapped me lightly.

"You can get dressed," my boss said in an official tone.

As much as I could I brought myself in order in the lavatory. When I returned to my working place, I didn't know what to do. It hurt to sit but nothing worse they didn't do. What I thought about was what a piece of shit I was. If I allowed this to happen to me, then there is nothing I won't allow to be done.

And what now? I could leave the work, of course, but, look, after all this was over - don't you think it would be ridiculous. I mean, if I had left before it... I thought then, maybe, I could speak to my boss, ask him not to do it any more, no more his friends... Well, I know it sounds idiotic.

Fortunately, I really had a lot of work then. It somehow distracted me from these devastating thoughts.

"Take it easy," Tanya said to me when we had a break. "Whatever happened. He is an asshole. He fired me a year ago - because he decided that a little cunt in mini would match his reception room better. I thought I would go mad, my husband was unemployed then. And in a week he took me back because the silly girl messed his appointments."

But you know what happened next day? Arthur called me and asked if I would like to work for him for twice bigger salary than there. Of course, I agreed. My boss - well, maybe, he minded - but Arthur was his friend and I was not a big deal to break friendship. He even paid me for a month I worked there.

I still work at Arthur's bank. We have sex from time to time - but it is always sex, never sex-serving. And I do not mind. I like him.

The End

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