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Synopsis written by Minorka (DreamCaptor@altavista.com)

Contains major spoilers

Volume 1

OAV I opens with Junya Mochizuki (the uke and main character) running up a flight of stairs to meet his Boss and "Mentor" Honma-kachou. On the train ride to a business trip, we learn a little about the uke, his career and his 'relationship' with his boss. Junya started at an opening level position in a prestigious computer firm in Tokyo 4 months earlier and in a matter of a couple of months found himself under the supervision of his current Boss. His Boss, Kazunori Honma, immediately took interested in him and so on a late shift (after office hours) Junya is surprised by his Boss who came in to check on his work... (apparently he's been making correction to a presentation he was scheduled to make the following day).

Boss asks Junya if he has completed the corrections... Junya replies not yet... Boss: guess we'll have to do them together... hovers over Junya, puts his hands on Junya's hands and tells him how much he likes his dedication and hard work and then proceeds to tell him how cute he is. In the meanwhile, his hands have found their way in Junya's shirt and he starts to kiss him. Junya accepts the kiss but then tells his boss that he's not a "homosexual". Boss is like "don't matter; if you want to make it far in this business you'll have to be more accessible to your superiors" ^^; Then he adds that it's up to him (Junya) how far he wants to go... Boss continues to kiss him and Junya finally caves in (no sex yet). (End of flash back)

Anyway, Junya is now in the hotel room and receives a call from his boss; Boss tells him not to work too hard and to relax and take and shower... ends with see you soon. After the shower, Junya is surprised by his Boss who somehow managed to get in his room without keys ^^; (actually his suite is connected to Junya's hotelroom ^_-) Boss ask him if he always carries his PJ on business trip; Junya replies that it's a habit and he doesn't like to use the hotel's complimentary bathrobe ^^ Boss tells him he prefers sleeping the nude and drops his bathrobe, then he tells Junya to get naked.... The two have sex (this is Junya's first time; Boss ask Junya if this is his first time with a man and tells him it will feel good once he gets over his inhibitions ^^; Meanwhile Junya is saying doing the typical uke things: moaning; blushing etc)

Next scene... Junya is back in his office place and is stuck in the elevator with a secretary who has a crush on him (as we learn later). She thanks him for being so kind to her and for helping her out with some proofreading (since she's new on the job etc.) Junya comments that it wasn't any trouble at all and reminds her that that practice makes perfect...Secretary says "wow, you sound just like Honma-kachou" Junya turns red (kawaii) Later Fujita enters the elevator (oooh he's the adorable would be seme ^_^ that looks very much like Tohru!) The secretary bids them goodbye and tells Junya that she and him should get together for some drinks soon (yeah right!) Fujita comments that Junya is pretty popular with the ladies and Junya blushes and says nah he's just being a nice senpai (he, of course, holds a higher position in the company)

We get a little background info on Fujita from Junya... Fujita graduated at the top of his class from the same university Junya and Honma graduated from (Fujita is a year older than Junya). Junya thinks Fujita will have a great career because he's a hard working and nice guy (as for him Junya, he wasn't much of a scholar and so he has a low self-esteem and that's why he admires his boss so much *well besides the sex ^^;* His Boss is charismatic, smart, handsome etc). Anyway, back to the elevator, Fujita reminds Junya about the company's annual tennis tournament coming up in a few days and ask him to be his partner (Junya agrees). The two head into Honma office; Honma tells Junya that he won't be able to participate in the tournament because some important one-on-one meeting with the vice-president of another company had come up (and Junya is asked to do a private presentation of the new computer models for the vice president ^_-) Fujita, interrupts and asked if the meeting would last the whole weekend; Honma (keeping his cool) tells him no that it would be over by Sunday. So Fujita tells Junya he can still make Sunday's tournament (Junya scolds Fujita telling him that's it's rude to interrupt senior members' conversation but Honma says it's ok).

Anyway, Junya and Honma leave the room and head for a private conference room. So Honma and Junya are alone in the conference room. Junya (being the naive guy he is) asked Honma why the vice president wants another presentation when he had already given a thorough one last week. Honma tells him that he's really naive... "the vice-president wants to take you to bed" Junya is shocked! Junya of course is a little upset but Honma reminds him that this business deal is very important for the company and millions of yens are at stake so he should be careful how he responds... (Wow! Junya the whole company is depending on you boy! hehehehe ^^) Anyway, Junya agrees for the sake of the company and his career that he will... Honma tells him he deserves a reward and french-kiss him... Then Honma asks him if he has learned anything from "their private lessons"... Junya says yes and asks him if he wants a demonstration... Honma says I've been waiting for that all day... Junya gets on his knees and gives him a blow job... then they're at Honma's desk fucking (Junya on Honma's lap ^^) Honma tells him to keep the noise down cuz they're at the office *___*

Ok next scene is in the Ladies's room (at the office). The secretary that has the crush on Junya finds out from two other female colleagues that Fujita has the hots for Junya! The secretary is like "NO WAY! and Junya is absolutely normal!" One female colleague tells her "haven't you notice how Fujita devours him with his eyes; when it comes to love there are no normals; no rules" Then they leave giggling...

Next scene Junya and Fujita go out to have a few drinks... They drink and make a silly bet on who can hold his liquor ^^; (who wins gets to do whatever he wants with the loser ^^;) Next scene they're in a taxi and Junya is completely drunk... Fujita tell him that he has a cute face and an adorable innocent expression; Junya replies: "you're talking as if I'm some girl"... Fujita apologize and tells him that it was the same thing he thought when they first met and makes a confession that he felt jealous after finding out that Honma and Junya would be spending the night in the same hotel (referring back to that business trip) but Junya is fast asleep (passout) and Fujita stares at his sleeping face and leans in for a kiss... but! Junya mumbles in his sleep "Honmakachou...not there..." (Fujita is angry now!).

Anyway, next scene, Junya meets up with the vice president (at the vice-president's house). The two are on a bed and he tells Junya that he's going to make him feel real good and ask him if this is his first time just before entering him from the back ^^; "Oh you're really tight; relax and enjoy" Junya complains he's hurting him but vice-president is too busy fucking his ass to care (poor Junya has some tears in his eyes hehehe)

Forward to next scene...Fujita has come over to Junya house to pick him up for Sunday's tennis game. Junya is happy to see him and goes in his bedroom to prepare his luggage (they're going by car) In the meanwhile Fujita asks him how the business deal went; Junya said it was successful and that Honma was pleased... Fujita comments that Junya works way to hard for the boss and asks Junya if he likes his Boss... Junya says he's a nice guy... Fujita tells him that's not what he meant! and that he should be honest and tell him that he's in love with Honma!!!! He tells Junya there's no use denying it and tells him what he heard him mumble back in the taxi... Junya asks him to drop the subject but Fujita tells him no! and that he's in love with Junya just like Junya is in love with Honma (ohhh how sweet)... He grabs Junya shoulders, and is about to kiss him when the phone rings... it's Honma just calling to congratulate Junya on closing the deal... Junya sounds kinda distant on the phone so Honma ask him if he has company... he says yes... Honma asks him if it's Fujita... Junya says how did you know. Honma laughs and ask him jokingly if Fujita has already confessed, then Honma adds: "Junya you really have an effect on men. Well, have fun with him tonight..."

Junya is embarrassed and tries to explain but Fujita is annoyed by now and leaves...Junya rushes out to stop him but too late he's already driven off in his car...(guess no tennis game ^^;) OAV I ends with Junya wondering whether he's paying too much of a high prize to make it up the corporate ladder...

Volume 2

The scene opens with Junya Mochizuki (the uke) thinking back to 3 years earlier. He states that it's been five years since he started his climb up the corporate ladder and cynically mentions that it had been a hard climb up but he managed to get a top level position in a prestigious Tokyo computer firm based on his abilities in bed ^^;;;;;;

Next scene Honma (the boss and main seme) tells Junya that someone had seen him going up into the vicepresident's suite and that this had reached the ears of company's president. Junya is shocked by the news but Honma assures him that the president Sawamura (sp?) is willing to overlook it if he (Junya) spends a night with him.

Junya is shocked by the proposition (you'd think he'd get used to it by now ^_-) Anyway, Honma makes a slight comment about President Sawamura SadoMasochistic hobbies and Junya: "what do you mean?" Honma: (blows the question off)

Next scene Junya is tied up in bed with with Sawamura who's busy torturing his "rosebud" with a vibrating dildo ^^;; Junya begs him to stop cuz ouch it hurts! Sawamura tells him that he likes seeing the tortured/scared/defenseless expression on his face cause it excites him. He then adds that he has to open up his "rosebud" cuz it keeps closing up so fast ^^;; Sawamura asks Junya: what are you thinking about? I bet you think about your boss when I'm doing this to you right?! Junya: No I'm not really! Bell rings: it's room service... Junya begs Sawamura not to let the bellhop in (he's naked and tied up quite embarassing ^//^) Anyways the roomservice guy is no other than Honma (came to rescue his little pet ^^) He offers a bottle of bourbon/wine (wink wink) then he starts to untie Junya telling Sawamura to go easy on Junya since he will have to report to work the next morning. The President complains that Honma is spoiling his fun and is that his concerns are that of a lover, etc. Anyway, Honma takes Junya to the otherside of the bed and starts to fuck him and Sawamura gets excited and joins in giving Junya a blowjob (nice ^_^)

Next Scene: Junya is out with Fujita and that annoying secretary from episode 1 -_-; They're celebrating/lamenting Junya's departure for Boston (he's getting transfereed). The secretary is off in the ladies room and Fujita tells/begs Junya to refuse the transfer. Junya tells him he can't because it's a direct order from the Top management. Fujita then adds that how convenient that also Honma will be transferring to Boston leaving behind his wife and child to have fun with his lover ^^;; Junya tells him to keep it down and adds that he and Honma will barely have time to see each other since the workload is gonna be plenty ^^;

Junya leaves for the veranda and Fujita is left alone with the drunk secretary who complains that Fujita has been monopolizing Junya all evening and then she burst in tears because Junya is leaving her behind *__*

Fujita leaves her and goes to the veranda where Junya is standing. A moment of silence....Fujita: can I kiss you ? Junya: nods. They kiss. Fujita: do you feel the way I feel? Junya: .... Fujita: that's ok. I'll wait...because someday you'll love me the way I love you Junya: that day may never come...

Next Scene: Junya is now in Boston and has been assigned to an important project and his partner is John/Joe Nimmi a top expert Japanese-American Engineer. John takes an immediate liking to Junya and asks him to come over to his house under the pretense that he wants him to try out the new video game he had programmed.

Naive Junya accepts....The following weekend he goes to Joe's apartment. After offering a drink to Junya, John comments if Junya will miss Honma (by the way Honma had to leave for a week to Japan) since the two seemed so close. At that point Junya gets up and tells him that it's getting late and he has to leave. John puts a towel over his mouth a smothers him until he passes out.

Next scene Junya is tied up butt-naked in bed and John has this skimpy workout suit on *_* He ask Junya if this is his first time Junya: NO but I bet you wished it was! John starts to insert his fingers up Junya's ass and Junya starts to whine that it hurts and for him to stop... John ignores him and continues b/w his thighs John: yummmy it looks good enough to eat and starts to give Junya a blowjob...he then starts fucking Junya while the camera rolls! (ummmh kinky kinky)

Next day at work....John pass by Junya's office but Junya give him the cold shoulder talking to him on a formal level John: what's with the formality...after what's been the two of us...Junya: shut up! John: anyways, I expect you at my house tonight and don't be late! He leaves: Junya looks in the desk draw and stares at the tape John is using to blackmail him...Junya worries about what his boss would think when he finds out that he acted so stupidly....

Next scene: Junya is sitting on a bench and John drives by in his BMW, he throws the keys at Junya and reminds him: see you tonight pretty baby! He then leaves...camera moves to a shadow behind a tree (the face of the man is not shown but you can bet it's Honma back from Japan).

Next scene: Junya is preparing a drink while John tells him to hurry up and come to bed he can't wait to get his hands around him. Once at the bed John embraces Junya and starts kissing him telling him that once the deal with Buick computer firm is through he will resign and Junya will have to do the same...with the money he would make from the deal they could live comfortably without for life and have plenty of time for SEX! Junya gives John his drink (via a kiss) John gulps it up and then suddenly his vision get hazy and he passout...

Next scene: John is in the hot seat! tied up with legs wide open. Junya is by the bed staring at him... John demands that he untie him NOW! a slide door in the bedroom opens and out come Honma! with a video camera all set up and ready to roll! Honma tell him that it's his turn to for questioning and informs him that he knows all about his plans to sell company top secret information to the Buick. John barks out: untie me now if you don't want the world to see Junya's little homemade porn tape! Honma tells him that won't happen because they would be too busy looking at his porn tape (John notice the camera aimed b/w his legs hahahah) and Honma adds that he will have his ass fired in a flash if he doesn't return the original tape he made of Junya (the tape was done in a way that only Junya face and voice could be heard as John raped him). John finally gives in and agrees. However, Honma won't let him get off that easily and continues to pour the bourbon down his ass...Honma: I bet you like that...strange when you were fucking Junya I would have sworn that you've been bottom...then Honma shoves the bottle neck up his ass. Junya (sweatdrop). Honma asks Junya if he want to take turns torturing John... Junya (will pass on that one ^^;;) Honma: you're too gentle that's the great thing about you in bed but when it comes to business you've got to be aggressive ^^;;; Anyway, Honma pulls out the infamous *corn cob* !! it's drenched in bourbon and he ask John: Now lets see if you like this too...since you seem to get off on the bottle neck I bet you'll like this too....Shoves the corn up his ass and John starts to slobber at the mouth from the pure pleasure ^^;;

Next scene: Junya is out near a pond thinking: Honma is happy only when he has the utmost power; his aggressiveness and leadership skills is one of the many things that attracts him to Honma..maybe he's not cut out for this managerial position but then again who know....(End volume 2) Volume 3

Junya Mochizuki has finally agreed to spend a week with Fujita in Hawaii and he's looking forward to it since he's tired of Boston and hopes to find some comfort in Fujita's arm. His boss finds out about the planned vacation and although he doesn't show it is quite jealous. He tells Junya that he would have liked to spend a few days in the sun with him in the Canary Islands (Caribbean) but of course since Junya already has other plans that's out of the question. The two, however, spend a night in a hotel were the boss does what he does best screwing Junya until he passes out.

The following day Junya is having a conversation with another employee when a group of women approach them. The news of the vice president of a huge bank is brought up. This blondy is apparently hot stuff and swings both ways so the women are all over themselves about him. Junya seems to be impressed too. Later he learns from his boss that the guy wants to meet him to discuss some business ^_- The boss tells him that this is an important assignment that will bring the company millions of dollars but there's a catch... the schedule meeting date falls on the same week Junya is supposed to be heading for Hawaii to meet Fujita. Junya is not too happy about this but can't pass up this opportunity and finally decides to call off the vacation with Fujita. He calls Fujita and explains the situation... Fujita is very disappointed because their trip had been planned for months but he understands...

Anyway, Junya meets the Blond millionaire playboy. His name is Bill and he tells Junya that he has been wanting to meet him for the longest time. Well Bill isn't the shy type and gets down to business...telling Junya to get naked and join him in the pool ^^;; Junya is a little self-conscious because he suspects that Bill's body guards are around. Bill then suggest they move to another part of the pool room (quite a huge indoor pool ^^;) The two head for a private spot and start screwing on a bench. During sex Junya learns from Bill that Bill had asked Honma to meet Junya a month earlier but only got a response the week before (exactly a week before Junya was scheduled to go to Hawaii).

Junya is extremely pissed off and heads to Honma's office to confront him. Honma admits that what Bill said was true and that he did it to keep him in Boston and prevent him from going to Hawaii. He tells Junya that he loves him (just like he did the night they had sex in the hotel) Yeah he loves him even though he wouldn't hesitate to sell his ass to the highest bidder ^^ (that's what he said in lame terms). They have sex in the office and Junya heads home.

Junya is surprised to find Fujita at his apartment. Fujita tells him that since he couldn't make it to Hawaii he decided to come to Boston instead. Junya is happy to see him and starts making small talk and asking him where he would like to visit in Boston. Fujita then interrupts him asking him about his visit to the English embassy; he told him that he stayed until everyone left the suite (which had been rented out to Bill the English millionaire ^^;). Fujita tells him that everyone left but him (Junya) and he demands to know what was going on there. Junya tells him he was with a client taking care of some business ~_^! Fujita is relieved and says: oh thank goodness I was thinking all sort of weird things... Then Junya adds: this business deal requires that I do certain favors for the client including having sex with them.

Fujita is horrified and ask him why on earth would their firm force their employees to prostitute themselves to close a business deal! Junya said he does it of his own free will (no one is twisting his arms to do it). Fujita is furious and tell him that Honma is using him for his own gains and that this is Sexual Harassment and should sue him. But Junya tells him again that everything he has done has always been on his own term just like the kiss he's about to give him. They kiss and then Junya goes to draw the curtains and adds...I didn't realize this at first but I love that man (Honma) to death....


//Well, it's the end of the series but apparently not the end of the book. Here is a short info on what happens in the book after that, again from Minorka://

The second half of the novel takes place six months after the events in Boston. Junya and Honma return back to Tokyo after the end of their 3 year transfer. Nothing has changed... except that Fujita now knows that Junya has been fucking his way to the top yet he's willing to overlook his past and begs him to leave Honma for good...At last Junya being the dumbass he is refuses to leave Honma let alone sue him for sexual harassment. Anyway, Fujita has made up his mind and plans on quitting his job at the computer company to start a new business venture with a friend in America. He tells Junya that he's willing to wait until the day Junya decides that enough is enough and comes running to him (how romantic *sigh*) By the way Fujita and Junya never slept with each other in Boston (only because Fujita didn't want to use him like the other men have done ^^;;) That's all I've got so far....

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