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Title: Forever Yours
Author: Juxian Tang
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: James Potter/Sirius Black
Rating: R
E-mail: juxiantang@hotmail.com
Site: http://juxian.slashcity.net
Summary: James wants to get some payment. Sirius is happy to do it.


He looked striking when he knelt on the floor like that - his tilted up face pale and fervent, dark hair falling over the bright blue eyes that burned with anguish and hope. Even with his lips compressed in a nearly colorless line Sirius Black was inarguably beautiful.

James shook his head, banishing this thought. Why was he thinking about it right now? Looks were unimportant; what mattered was that Sirius was an irresponsible fool, and his latest 'prank' could have gotten them all into the biggest trouble in their life.

He saw Sirius sigh and lick his dry lips with a pink, quick tongue.

"I'm so sorry, Prongs."

"It's not me you should beg for forgiveness, Padfoot, it's Moony. You know it."

"Yes, I know." It was wonder how Sirius managed to look so desperate and so handsome at the same time. Long eyelashes fell and rose casting shadows on the prominent cheekbones. "But he's at the infirmary now. And you, Prongs... you saved us all."

It was true. James had saved Snivellus (the bastard wasn't grateful, but what else could one expect from a slimy Slytherin?) He had very likely saved Remus from being imprisoned or put down for killing or biting a man. And Merlin knows what would Dumbledore have done to Sirius had the shit hit the fan.

The thought of saving the day was quite pleasant. James even felt like relenting towards Sirius a little. But Padfoot probably needed a lesson anyway, to keep him from repeating his reckless actions. James scowled in reproach. Sirius looked up at his face with the pleading eyes and added nearly inaudibly:

"I owe you, Prongs. I'll do anything for you."

A shiver ran through James' body. It was Sirius' way, he reminded himself, just his usual passionate way. Sirius was obsessive at everything he did - quickly lighting up to a prank, quickly repenting. There was no reason to pay such attention to these words - these words that sounded so much like a promise.

Besides, how would James collect his debt anyway? They were friends, they would do anything for each other simply like that, without keeping counts, right?

They were good friends; especially when Sirius managed to rein his temper. And Hogwarts belonged to them - to Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail. Especially to Prongs and Padfoot. There was little James and Sirius couldn't get if they wanted. Popular, handsome, clever, rich, sportive... Every girl at Hogwarts could be theirs... well, apart from that stubborn Lily Evans who still refused to have a date with James, no matter how many times he asked.

And Sirius... Sirius never paid much attention to girls, didn't he?

The thought struck James as he looked at his friend's upturned face. Bright blue eyes stared at him, with hopeful, hungry and nearly defiant expression - so intense... so... familiar.

Yes, he recognized this look. It was how girls looked at him, hoping he'd choose them for his next date. An inviting look.

But no... It couldn't be true. Sirius wasn't a girl! And he really couldn't feel like that about James, could he? It was just his imagination.

But Sirius kept staring at him, and his tongue ran over his lips again, quickly. And suddenly so many things made sense, the way Sirius sometimes gazed at him in the locker room, and short, casual, too brief touches, as if touching James burned him... and a painful frown trembling between his eyebrows as he looked at James trying to court Lily.

It was... it was flattering.

James shivered. Something dark and hot was rising in his chest, spreading through his body, making him feel dizzy and desperate.

Everything was so quiet around; no one knew they were here, in an empty classroom. He cast a brief look at the Marauder's Map. The dot with Remus' name was moving from the infirmary to the passage to the Shrieking Shack as the second night of his transformation started. Peter's dot was in the Gryffindor common room, James had told him he needed to talk to Sirius in private.

And another dot, with the tiny letters saying 'Lily Evans', was far away, in the girls' dorm.

It wouldn't mean anything, James told himself. It would have nothing to do to his feelings to Lily. Like it had had nothing to do with them when in summer his father had taken him to Knockturn Alley, and a prostitute with soft, silky mouth had helped him to lose his virginity.

Her lips had felt so tight and hot sliding over his shaft...

James' hand rose, almost without his will, reaching to Sirius' face. He saw something flicker in the blue eyes, akin to disbelief. And then, when James' thumb pressed to the corner of Sirius' mouth, disbelief changed to joy.

Joy, and need, and hope, and acceptance...

"Do you want to pay your debt now, Padfoot?" James whispered, pulling the corner of Sirius' mouth slightly.

And Sirius turned his head, his lips parting, and the thumb slid into his mouth, and James felt a hot, moist tongue lapping on it, teeth gently nibbling on his skin.

He gasped and closed his eyes, and felt careful hands opening his robe, fumbling with the front of his pants. His head fell back when the moist, velvety mouth enveloped his shaft, a gasp barely stifled in his throat. He reached and crumpled Sirius' hair in his fists, pulling him closer, entering his mouth deeper.

Sirius was not as experienced at the Knockturn Alley whore - maybe not experienced at all. But it didn't matter. His mouth was still hot and accepting, and as James pushed deeper and deeper, he could feel Sirius' throat resist the intrusion, heard choking, gagging sounds.

He knew it wasn't something he would ever do to Lily - not something a decent man would ever do to his wife. And this realization of the utter *wrongness* of what he was doing made heat rise in his belly, made him batter his hips forward even more frenziedly than before.

And when he came, pulling Sirius as close to himself as possible, silky strands of hair wrapped around his hands, he heard words falling from his own lips, despite his will:

"You're mine, mine, you'll always be mine, forever..."

He finally let go, and Sirius slid back on his heels, his face turned up to James, flushed and moist - and looking in James' eyes he answered, smiling, wiping his mouth against the back of his palm:

"Yes. Yours."


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