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Title: Think Of England
Author: Juxian Tang
E-mail: juxiantang@hotmail.com
Site: http://juxian.slashcity.net
Fandom: Hornblower, movies, The Duchess and the Devil
Pairing: De Vergasse/Horatio
Rating: R
Summary: What if de Vergasse's interests were somewhat unusual?
A/N: Written for Naval100 community, "a character is cross-dressing" challenge


"It's insane, Colonel!" Kitty's eyes flashed with anger. "Leave the boy alone. We, two consenting adults, can solve it between ourselves..."

"My regrets." De Vergasse bowed slightly, both respect and irony in his voice. "Neither a duchess nor an actress enchants me. As a matter of fact, I don't find women attractive at all."

Flames of candles danced in front of Horatio's eyes, fading and then growing huge and bright again. He'd never thought it was so difficult to breathe wearing a corselet. Kitty's face was like a pale stain swimming in an uneven light.

"Enough of it. Or do you want your young friend to be hanged as a spy and your pretty head to fall to the basket under the guillotine's blade?"

Even when de Vergasse talked to Kitty, his fingers still slid over Horatio's cheek, reached for the ribbon holding his hair.

"Leave us, Madam."

Horatio realized vaguely that Kitty had given him a sympathizing stare, before leaving the room. The heavy scent of perfume coming from the dress was suffocating. He didn't want to wonder who had worn this garment before him. I have to do it, he repeated. I have to. For Kitty. I will endure it.

"You look dazzling in this burgundy-red." De Vergasse's whisper touched his temple while the fingers pulled the ribbon, until it slid off, letting Horatio's hair spill over his shoulders. "It complements your beautiful dark eyes so well, my little Englishman."

The burning hot lips covered his mouth. Horatio flinched and gripped de Vergasse's wrist, feeling how the Colonel's fingers caressed his face.

"Close your eyes," de Vergasse whispered almost tenderly. "Close your eyes and think of England."


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