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Original Fiction

This story is for Markus

As soon as the door to the basement was open I felt the wave of cold air. It was late autumn and the heating system was out. I reached my hand for the light-switcher and turned it. The electric lamps under the ceiling hummed softly flashing. Now I could see him. He had to be conscious because the light evidently bothered his eyes; his lowered lids were fluttering but I didn't know if he tried to look at us. I went down the steps slowly while Del was locking the door behind us. Not that we apprehended an intruder - but it these things it was better to be on alert.

The man was naked. I looked at his pale body, stretched and twisted, while coming closer. He was bound to the wall. His arms were driven behind his back and raised - so that his palms could lie on his shoulder-bones. But they didn't, actually. His wrists were fixed together in the rings fit into the concrete - and that's how he hanged. I saw how his own weight made his shoulders stick forward unnaturally and it seemed I could even notice how his overstrained muscles trembled in exhaustion.

Well, he probably would have his joints already dislocated - if he were not attached in another way, too. His legs were lifted in the way that practically doubled him up - and then spread beyond the limits. There were two other rings in the wall locked on his ankles. I was easily able to imagine his screams when Del and Ronny pulled his limbs open to fasten him. It was several hours ago. Now he didn't scream. The pain must have been too lingering and dulled a little. It just didn't let him even a moment of oblivion.

His pelvis looked awfully. So turned inside out. And I knew he had to have some tissues torn there, unlike in his shoulders, because there were dark and purple stains on his white skin around his groin.

He was blonde. His pubic hair was soft and curly above the base of his limp cock. It didn't seem too big - but, maybe, it was just shriveled in the cold and with the fear. Anyway, I was not supposed to find out how long it could be while erect, I thought. His balls were quite impressive, however, covered in the thinnest down of light hair. And it was amusing - it really made me chuckle - in this position his genitals were the lowest part of him.

I could see my guys had already worked on his privates. Cigarette traces on his balls. The round soft head of his cock was bright-scarlet and covered in blisters. His face was battered. By the time I was near he managed to open his eyes - and now he watched me with a mixed expression of anguish and fright. He recognized Del and Ronny and he had to know I wasn't going to bring any good to him.

His face was blue and black with bruises and very puffy. Now I wouldn't even be able to say if he had been handsome before. His eyes were red, his left one so blood-shot that it looked scary. And there was such intensity in his stare that despite myself I shivered. A trickle of bloody spittle was leaking out of the corner of his mouth and it became thicker when he tried to speak.

"Please..." his voice was very hoarse, almost a whisper. I didn't know if his accent was perceptible in the everyday life; now I heard it clearly. His terror resounded in every word. "Please let me go. I don't know anything! I told you..."

"Yeah, you told us," it was Ronny and I stepped away letting him come closer to the man. "Word perfect, cocksucker!" he was mocking - and at the same time I could hear an open threat in his voice. "We were tired to listen. We just thought you became a bit more clever - we gave you time to think, bitch!"

He hit him when putting the exclamation mark in his phrase. He raised his leg in the turn and kicked the man to the belly with his steel-heeled boot. The man choked with the cry. His intestines made a strange squelching sound. I wondered how many times Ronny had already made this before to him. The man's abdomen, washboard flat before, was slightly bloating by now and had the whole discolored area under and above the navel.

Then the man's head sagged but he continued to groan. Ronny looked at him with a savage expression before kicking him once more. Now the cap-toe of his boot grounded at the man's perineum - or, maybe, his anus - from underneath.

"Yes, pig, squeal!" he laughed when the man cried out desperately. Now I noticed a stain of gory blood on the floor right under the man's asshole - as well as the streaks of blood on his thighs. It made me chuckle again - I knew their origin.

"Let me go on, Louis," Ronny turned to me with his eyes still full of menace. I could bet he had a couple more of interesting aims for his boot on the man's body. He was one twenty-five years old, my Ronny, but he had experience in the things like this; it was his lawyer who saved him from long years of maximum security with the charges he had. I shook my head.

"Later. Let me speak to him."

He surrendered with a shrug while I made the last two steps towards the man.

"Hi Markus..." his wide, horror-filled eyes were very close now - and I looked directly in them taking his swollen face in my palms. I didn't try to hurt him - I knew, however, that even my touch was enough. His skin was very taut - and it seemed to me his tissue was mashed under it. His cheek was slightly moist. Was it because he was sweating with fear, even despite the cold? Or was he crying? I didn't know. I passed my fingers over the minute roughness of his chin. "Where is she?"

"I told you!.." his broken voice dropped; he cut himself short, perhaps realizing how dear these words cost to him such a short time ago. I didn't hit him. "I don't know! She didn't tell me! She just left the note..."

"No doubt," my fingers slid over his jaw, patting lightly. I could sense it was hurting him but he didn't moan - this kind of pain must have been insufficient for him now. Even though he couldn't imagine what awaited for him in future. "Your beloved wife, your Belinda, left you without saying a word. You hope we will swallow it?"

"Why don't you believe me?!" there was almost hysterics in his voice.

"Don't lie to us. Don't," I let his face go - and at the same moment I slapped him. His hear jerked. I slapped again. The sounds were very loud and I liked it. I liked how his head moved limply under my blows. I liked the feeling of his warm cheeks under my palms - it was almost electrifying. I belted him again and again. Until my palms got sore.

"Fuckin' dirty German slut!" Ronny was cursing behind me. "We'll make you eat your balls!"

I noticed that my ring gashed Markus' lips and they were bleeding now.

"You think you have any chance?" I caught his hair and made him face me. His lids dropped down - as if he was passing out - but I opened them with my fingers. I wanted him to look at me. He didn't dare to look away! "We'll kill you when you tell us, it's true. But it's true, too, that until you tell us we'll torture you. We'll torture you so much that you'll plead us to let you die. To kill you. Do you understand?"

I didn't see any reaction on his deformed face with the blood dripping from his nose - but the truth was that he almost couldn't show any facial expression now - and I knew my words penetrated his mind.

"Where is Belinda?" I asked again. He kept silence. I dropped his hair and walked away. Now it was Del's turn to try.

I knew Markus loved his wife. I also knew that he was aware where she was hiding. The thing was she had seen something she didn't have to - and then she informed the authorities. They seemed to promise her their protection - but don't you know what their protection is worth? She left. She left - but he knew where. And I was going to make him tell it.

Just the work to be done, isn't it?

"You use the knuckles on him?" I asked Del when he stopped in front of Markus. Del was older than me and Ronny - and older than Markus - he was in his forties already, a huge man, a former marine, who killed a guy in the drunk fight with his bare hands. "Didn't you?"

"Nah," Del sighed. "Just fists and boots. Before clipping him to the wall."

"Good. Try them now."

"Ugh... okay," there was a bit of reluctance on his face when he looked for the knuckles and put them on - he was a left-hander. "Where?"

I hesitated a bit.

"On his belly," I could see how Markus' eyes became wild with terror when he heard it. Well, it was the price he was going to pay for his love to Belinda - and he knew it. "But don't kill him."

He didn't implore us to stop. He just waited - and when Del's fist, heavy with the brass knuckles, drove into his stomach he made a short sharp cry. The sound of the blow itself was blunt, smacking.

"One," Ronny said behind me. He giggled. I knew the game he was going to play but I didn't join him.

Del let Markus about half a minute of rest to catch his breath - and hit again. The same place. Del was careful, I knew it. He wouldn't rupture his spleen or liver and let him die of inner hemorrhage. It was going to go as long as possible. He punched once more.

"Three," Ronny counted.

The fourth blow went higher and it made the man retch excruciatingly. He would curl in the ball with the pain - but he couldn't, of course. He could only take it, one blow by one. His head was slack and dangled from side to side as if he was a doll. Then I heard him saying something. It was a whisper - no, perhaps he spoke in the full voice but it didn't have sound at all. He repeated.

"Five... Six..." the same as Ronny said. I wondered why. Did he set some definite number of blows he could stand before breaking? Or he just was amazed how far it could without killing him?

"Nine... Ten..."

Del beat and beat him, slowly, with these half-minute pauses between the blows. Ronny didn't guess right - it was not a blow - it was right in the interruption with them when the man's bladder slackened and the stream of piss hit the floor under him.

"Done!" Ronny laughed clapping his palms.

Was he humiliated? I couldn't see it on his face. Or was he too gone into pain to react for the things like this? Three more, I showed Del my fingers. Markus made only very muffled sounds by now, as if he couldn't breathe. After the last blow Del sank his palm into the man's very soft bloated belly around the navel, checking if its stem was going to come out. He nodded. The man was okay. Well, not okay to be well ever again - but okay enough for us to continue.

"Markus!" I knew he was here, with us. His blackened face could seem listless - but I heard his broken gasps coming out of his gaping mouth. "Do we need to beat you more? We can make you shit yourself."

He sobbed. A long shiver went through his body when I touched his belly. The smell of piss was very strong and I had to be careful not to step into the puddle.

"Where is Belinda?" I asked.

"I don't know," something gurgled in his throat. "I don't know."

Oh come on. He was going to give us more fun. So it would be.

"Hey guys," I turned to Del and Ronny. "I see you already fucked the shit out of him, didn't you? Was he a virgin?"

"Yep, sure," there was a mean smirk on Ronny's face. "His pussy was so tight that I couldn't put my finger there at first!"

"But is no more," Del added calmly.

"I want you to fuck the slut again," I said. "Screw him all over and make him piss himself once more!"

They wanted it. What I ordered to them went very nicely with their own desires. I didn't know why it was turning them on. Because the stripped man was so vulnerable? Or it was just the indraft of the hormones? I wondered if they could see my own stiff cock hidden in my pants. But they didn't ask anything.

When Markus understood what was going to happen he thrashed. He didn't react so much even when Del was going to mangle his guts! Surely, he couldn't stir much - and too soon he realized that every his motion added to the agony in his joints - but he couldn't be still.

I felt a little bit sorry that I was not there when they were breaking in his cherry. They must have enjoyed themselves, I judged over the blood on the floor and the long stripes of ripped flesh on his flanks where they stuck their finger-nails into him. One of his nipples was as usual - small and dark - but the other one was almost twice bigger and very scarlet.

Then Ronny unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

For the next hour and a half they raped him. Both Ronny and Del featured an enormous endurance in these things, I knew it - and now it seemed they wanted to outdo each other. Or Markus' opening was simply too tight and they enjoyed battering it too much to finish it soon.

They used only his ass, not his mouth - naturally, with the position he was tied in - and I knew that a significant part of the process was the pressure they applied on his body while plugging him - the pressure that was tearing his shoulder muscles and turned his thighs out. He didn't cry out. He just groaned continuously, tossing his head from side to side in pain that went on and on. At the very first moment when Ronny stuck his cock into him the man started bleeding again. They had to tear him savagely during the previous session. And soon I could clearly hear how Ronny's cock was slapping in blood in Markus' rectum. I could see this blood leaking on the floor - and when Ronny withdrew his organ it was all covered in the glistening red film.

Ronny cummed and started again, without taking his shaft out. Markus' moans became excruciating when he understood there was no relief for him. I didn't know what I felt looking at it. It was almost un-erotic. I was still very hard - but my hand didn't feel like reaching to my own basket to rub it. It looked as if Ronny was using some special device to torture the man - some device that only by chance had a human nature. But it was the purpose - we tortured him. We needed to know where Belinda was, right?

Ronny sawed and sawed while his hands dug into Markus' flesh - first on his thighs, clawing the stripes of raw skin there - then coming to his genitals. When he twisted the man's balls Markus shrieked. His red-rimmed eyes went very wide and black - and then his scream stopped; just his mouth gaped as Ronny continued to maul his balls cruelly.

"I can tear them off with my bare hands," I heard him whispering. He was speaking to the man. I didn't know if Markus was able to understand him - his stare was misted with pain - but, maybe, he was able because he shuddered violently hearing it. "I'll tear them off and make you eat them, you dog's-meat!"

When he cummed for the second time he yanked the man's balls so madly that it seemed to me he really ripped something there. Markus coughed and shrieked, it looked like he was going to black out. But he didn't.

He had to accept Del, too.

Well, Del was not so aggressive - or so it seemed to me. He simply pushed his horse-like cock into the man and started pistoning. I heard a loud slap of his groin against Markus' crotch every time when he plugged in. And he got his nipples. Now I could say that it was Del who sucked or bit his right tit so much that it swelled almost frighteningly. The man flinched greatly as soon as Del touched him there - but it was of no hope.

"Just look at the pig writhing!" Ronny laughed again. Well, the man couldn't writhe really - not with the huge penis of Del in his rectum, splitting him urgently and infinitely. My guy's thick fingers seemed to crush the little scarlet nub of the man's nipple between them, twisting and tugging it savagely, as if he was going to tear it off really.

Markus was very soft when they finished. Fully conscious - we even didn't need to bring him into his senses. But his head was bowed as if he didn't have any spirit in himself - no more. His dirty-blond hair fell on his forehead partly hiding his face - but I still noticed how the tears ran slowly from under his lowered dark-lashed lids.

That's all, I thought.

"You will speak, won't you?" I asked almost mildly. Markus was motionless. He was like that for so long that it tickled inside me. We broke him. He was going to tell us.

But then, very slowly, his head rose and he shook it faintly.

"I can't... Please... I can't."

"Fuckin' son of bitch!" Ronny exclaimed and it seemed to me I heard a note of amazement in his voice. But then he simply drove his fist brutally against the man's out-turned ass-hole. As Markus whimpered feebly there was more blood hitting the floor.

"Yes," I said to Ronny looking at his hand at the man's anus. "Fist him!"

"Fist him?" he laughed. "I'll pluck his colon out!"

"Oh my God..." it was the only thing Markus could say before Ronny hit him in the anus again. He cried thinly - like a bird - making my heart clench sharply. Now Ronny didn't stop at the entrance. He just hit again and again, increasing the pressure. I understood what he wanted to do - he was not going to send his hand into finger by finger. He thought they battered the man loose enough to stick the whole fist there. Maybe, they did. If not - I knew he would do it, anyway.

Markus was making these horrible bird-like cries while Ronny's pitiless fist was smashing his torn anus. And then it happened - he was in, right to the wrist. A long cramp went over Markus' face before he slackened in the bonds.

"Bring him back!" Ronny said. "I don't want to get out! Bring him back!"

We used sal ammoniac to make Markus regain consciousness - and Ronny started again. I looked as his hand and then forearm submerged into the man's rectum and thought that he was ruining his sphincters definitely. He would be shitting himself involuntarily for weeks - if we could leave him alive, of course.

It was going on for quite a while and when Ronny extracted his blood-covered arm it was Del's turn to ravage Markus' hole. I wondered how much damage he had already taken by then. His bleeding was very severe - but not serious enough to let him die with blood loss in the nearest hours. I stood and looked - while Ronny was ransacking the room behind me in the search of some other means to hurt the man.

"I want to plug him something real," I heard his voice muttering the words - but when after some minutes he appeared in front of me even I was shocked with the thing he had in his hands.

It was a baseball bat.

"Look what I am going to feed into his shit chute!" Ronny's smile was almost delirious. Del turned to him abruptly, yanking his fist out of Markus' hole and making the man shriek desperately.

I didn't know what to say.

"You won't be able to," Del shrugged. Unfortunately, it was the best way (the worst for Markus) to make Ronny do something.

"Won't I?" his eyes were lunatic-like when he approached the man holding the bat. "I'll do it, I swear. But first of all I want..."

Suddenly he brought the bat on the man's twisted forward shoulder. Markus screamed. His voice almost didn't have sound by now - and what we heard - much louder - was a great "pop" of his shoulder joint dislocating.

He sagged in the bonds lopsidedly at once, continuing to make these faint shrill cries of a dying sea gull. Ronny lowered the bat for a while, taking Markus' deformed shoulder and twisting it more. His face had a strange mesmerized expression while he wrung the destroyed joint back and forth, listening to Markus' cries.

For a moment I thought about stopping it. I could come up and ask the questions - for some reasons I was sure Markus would answer me now. But then I decided against it. I just watched how Ronny knocked out his other shoulder and then mashed the joint in the pulp for quarter an hour more.

"Where should I hit to dislocate his hip bones?" he asked turning back to me. I shook my head.

"Don't do it."

"Why?" he couldn't think it was pity driving me.

"He might die."

It was already too much. I could hardly believe that the body of a man could be forced to take such an awful twisted position. Markus hanged on his disjointed limbs and torn ligaments like a broken doll. And still he was alive and responsive.

"Then..." Ronny declared putting the thick end of the bat against Markus' opening. "Here it goes!"

He did it. Eventually he did it - even though I doubted all the way while he grind the bat against the man's incredibly brutalized anus. But then it came in - and when it passed the bat's thickest place it was easier. He pushed and pushed it inside, inch after inch, and Markus didn't scream any more. Well, he tried - but he didn't have any voice - so, it was going on just in the accompaniment of his wheezes and the dull sound the bat was doing when destroying his rectum.

"Look at this!" Ronny whispered almost in awe stepping back. It seemed he couldn't believe he did it.

The sight was something. It made me sick in my stomach - but at the same time I couldn't take my eyes away. The bat was sticking out of the man's anus - straight downwards - buried deep inside him! Its handle was slimy with blood - but now the bleeding stopped. The bat shut the leaking.

"Ooh shit!" Del breathed out. "I've never seen anything... like that!"

"Will the whore die?" Ronny asked me. I didn't know. I didn't ever see the things like that, too.

"Step away," I asked him and came to Markus myself.

Now he almost didn't look human any more. His swollen face darkened with suffering and the angles of his limbs were monstrously unnatural. His was breathing noisily, with a frightening sound. I didn't know where to touch him. I touched the bat.

"Do you want us to fuck you with it?" I asked. I was not sure my words were reaching his mind - not at all - but I went on. "It will turn your rectum inside out, as a glove. You won't survive it, you know. Or, maybe, you don't want to survive?"

Markus' bloated lips moved minutely. I didn't know what he wanted to say. Yes? No? Did he pray? I felt how much I wanted to push my tongue into his destroyed mouth right now.

"It's too soon for you to die," I said hitting him with the back of my hand across his face.

"Shall we castrate him now?" Ronny asked.

"No, his tits first," I said.

My own palms felt singing when I came to the man and put them on his chest. It let me sense how big and inflamed his formerly tiny nipples were - and at the same time I knew it brought a new wave of indescribable pain to his torn muscles. I rubbed his tits in a parody of caressing, listening to his moans.

"Bring me the screw-driver," I said to Ronny. "It is in the case behind the table."

And here it was - heavy and with black handle wrapped in adhesive tape. I reached my hand for it without taking my other hand off Markus' chest.

"I am going to hurt you again, you know," I whispered. He didn't move. He could not, perhaps. And he didn't speak. For a moment the thought came to me - he knew it was useless. He knew we would go on torturing him even if he betrayed Belinda. Because we liked to do it.

I clasped the screwdriver. It lay in my palm very conveniently, almost habitually. I put my fingers on Markus' so very injured right nipple and rolled it. He drew his breath in. I rolled it more, until I was satisfied with how hard it was. Nobody was saying a word. Then I pressed the sting of the screwdriver to his chest and turned it.

"Oooh!.." now I heard him. He gasped. I turned the screwdriver as if I was twirling a bolt. It went through his skin. The blood trickled down. I turned it more, deeper into his nipple, right in its center. The nub was twisting slightly with my movements but as the hole became looser it stopped. Now I already was in his muscle. I stepped back then and looked at Ronny. I knew he could hardly hide his impatience.

"Your turn," I said. I couldn't resist a sneer.

Ronny laid his palm on the screwdriver's handle and turned it more. He applied more pressure, I could see it, and I could also see how it submerged for a fraction into Markus' chest. His head flopped up and down. I was fascinated with the sight - and with the thought that haunted me. We still could hurt him. Even after everything he still reacted! Ronny turned more - and Markus' feverish breath became an uncontrollable, voiceless moan. Ronny was digging as deep as the bone was.

I saw Markus crying again. Well, I didn't suppose he registered these tears washing his misshapen face. They just leaked because he was all broken. There was blood dripping from his tit. It was stunning how little was left of his nipple, even though both I and Ronny were careful. More blood was making the screwdriver's handle slippery. Markus' lips were distorting continuously in ugly cramps and there were small coughing sounds escaping him. I knew Ronny was going through his rib-bone now. Then he yanked the screwdriver back and I heard a repellent sound of it tearing out.

It was when Markus passed out again and we needed more ammonium chloride to revive him. A part of his nipple hanged down his chest, attached by a string of skin. I saw how Ronny reached his hand to tear it off absolutely and I stopped him.

"No, don't," I said in sotto voce. "I like the sight."

There was one thing clear for me, however. Markus was leaving - and swiftly - and if we wanted to go on we needed to hurry up. The thought about the last set of tortures made me dizzy. But everything was prepared for it. I told Del to bring me the box from the table - and when he did it I opened it and showed them two metal vices.

New and still oily they were - the ones you usually attach to your joiner's bench in the workshop. I didn't suppose Markus was able to appreciate their sight - even if he was fond of hand work some time - but when I placed one of them on his balls and drove it tight he came to life.

"Turn it," I said to Ronny, "I'll hold it."

Ronny liked it, I knew. He was shaken - but, maybe, there was nothing he wouldn't like being done to the man. He span the lever eagerly until I understood that I could drop the vice and it wouldn't fall down. I dropped. The man groaned faintly. The vice bumped at the handle of the bat.

It was when I took his small cock in my hands at last. The feeling was stunning. I didn't want to part with it. But I put it inside the jaws of the second vice and tightened it, too.

"And what now?" Del asked almost in a whisper.

"Markus!" I called the man. I needed his attention - maybe, for the last time. It seemed futile. Then Ronny handed me a lighter. I nodded. I lit it up and brought it to the man's other nipple - not to the mutilated one. He jerked. His eyes flashed the whites and shut again. I continued to hold the little flame against his pec. His nipple blistered and bloated - and then became black, the same as the skin around it. It smelled. It smelled horribly. But I just stood and burned. When all the area around his nipple became livid and the skin cracked I took the lighter away at last.

"I don't care if you hear me, Markus," I said briskly. "You have the last chance. Tell us where she is - and we won't crush your manhood down!"

But I was almost laughing myself saying that.

"Won't we?" Ronny asked with disappointment. He was always a little bit stupid.

"Tell us," I repeated. I waited. Then I realized that Markus' breath changed. Now he was making little short gasps. He must have heard me. "Crush them, guys," I said.

Ronny took the lever of the vice that was locked on Markus' balls - and Del took the one on his cock. Then they simply turned and turned. I stood and listened to the inhuman rattles made by Markus and looked at the blood glistening so shiny on the concrete floor beneath.

It was not easy work for my guys. But not too hard, too. The flesh they were destroying was resilient but soft. Then I heard two sources of click or crackle almost at once. I knew what it was. These juicy sounds. And the vices in their hands went loose.

"Ooh holy shit," Ronny groaned looking at the instrument in his hands - it slid down - there was nothing to hold it on any more - and then at the result of their efforts. Suddenly I heard how Del dropped his vice and threw up irrepressibly.

I looked. The rough surface of the vice peeled almost all the skin from the man's cock - from the object that was his cock - because now it was just a mess of crushed flesh, bright red and skinless. I would never jerk him off, the thought came to my mind. And then my gaze dropped to his balls.

I gagged. Yes, it was a sight. His scrotum looked asymmetrical; the left part of it like a stretched empty sac, several inches longer than the other one. And I knew if I would touch it I wouldn't find any elastic testicle inside it - just mushy consistence. Yes, his left ball burst - his other still had some contour but I didn't know how much damage it took. I didn't want to know, it was more exactly.

Now I had to kill him. There was nothing else I could do to this wreck of a man we created with our own hands for only several hours. It was merciful to kill him. I touched the bucket of my belt and released it.

I knew Del and even Ronny looked at me in stunned silence. The belt slithered out and I would its ends around my palms. I looked at Markus' frightful face for the last time and then I tossed the belt around his neck, crossing my hands.

"Yeah, kill him," somebody breathed out behind me.

The body convulsed. A short jet of red liquid hit from the tip of his crushed penis - and then it was all.

"Over," I said in a flat voice - looking up to the video camera eye in the corner of the room. "Thank you, guys, you can go."

Del left without saying a word - but Ronny stepped to Markus once more before going - and kicked him to his mutilated groin for the last time.

"The bitch doesn't feel no more," he shrugged and spat on the floor.

* * *

When I stopped hearing their cars I walked out, too. I ascended the stairs - to the next floor of the house. I pushed the door and it opened slowly. And then Belinda turned back towards me.

"Dear, it was incredible," her tender pale lips whispered. God, she looked so stunningly young without make-up! A teen girl. And the expression on her face was childish, too - glowing with delight and amazement. the kids look at Santa-Klaus' gifts with this expression.

Only Belinda looked at the video screen where her husband's dead body didn't move any more.

"I never..." she broke, "never thought I could feel something like this! Oh Louis... It was gross... It was beautiful... It was..."

"Okay, little sister," I bent to her, kissing her soft baby-smooth cheek and feeling the smell of her fluids she must have been leaking so generously. "Don't explain. I understand."

"Thanks for everything," her cat-like eyes screwed up in delight while she kissed me back. "You are the best brother in the world."

"I know it," I laughed. I mildly wondered how Markus could not recognize me. When he looked at me like that at first I was sure he knew who I was, even though he hadn't met me before. We were twins with Belinda, she was just fifteen minutes younger than me - and didn't I have the same red hair and long slant anthracite eyes?

"I can't wait to see this tape again," she whispered as if somebody could hear us. "Louis, ooh, you know - I even didn't suppose he wouldn't betray me! I thought how you would justify torturing him after he would say where I was to hide!"

"He loved you," I said calmly.

"I love... I loved him, too," her schoolgirl-like face became very serious suddenly - and then lit up again when she handed me a heap of smeared napkins. "I never orgasmed so many times for all my life with him!"

I smiled softly. Then she recalled.

"Oh Louis, here is the money!" she reached me the tall bunch of banknotes. Her laughter was apologetic. "I am so sorry I made you do this to earn it. I had to give it to you unconditionally, as a sister must help a brother, to do you a favor! Please forgive me!"

"You have done a favor to me," I said.

I understood her. She wanted it too much - and every means seemed appropriate for her.

"Anyway, I'll compensate this money when they find Markus' body and I get the insurance. You'll pay your friends..." suddenly she became concerned; her mood was bouncing - she was on the verge of nervous breakdown. "By the way, where did you get them?! Such thugs!"

"Our hospital carries on the rehab program for the nearest penitentiary," I explained. She nodded eagerly, then got up.

"Well, I have to go! I can't wait to look the tape once more! Over and over again."

"Yeah, go," I said.

At last she left. I waited for several minutes - just to be sure that she was not going to be back - and then went to the basement again. I thought she was too over-excited; it could be dangerous. Would I have to kill her? I didn't want to occupy my mind with it now.

The heating system worked and, thanks God, it was not so damp here any more. I went to the man's body quickly. It was in the same position I left it - with the loop of my belt around his neck. I took the belt off and pressed my fingers to his throat under his jaw. His pulse was very faint and his breathing almost imperceptible. Even Del and Ronny who were so near didn't notice it, not to mention Belinda who could see everything only from a screen of TV.

I risked, of course. I didn't strangle him - I just covered Markus' carotid artery to switch him off - and at any moment he could be back writhing and groaning in the monstrous pain. But it didn't happen. And now we were alone.

"My beautiful," I whispered the word aloud. Yes, he was beautiful - with his slim muscular body, his soft fair body fur, his angular face with high cheekbones - and these startling eyes that could be green or grey . I always wanted to say him about it. Now I could.

I opened the rings and he flopped down. His bare ribs impacted against my arms. I hardly could hold him - he was very heavy - but I dragged him, glad that he didn't feel it - to the table and on it. My medical kit was near. Needles, medical alcohol, painkillers - everything I needed.

It was not going to be easy, I thought. His cock would have to go... I would never take it in my mouth. And one of his balls, too. Would the other one work? I hoped so. His torn rectum... the bat slid out of it when he passed out and all his muscles relaxed. I'd be able to sew it. Maybe, I would have to remove some of his pec muscles - if the tissues were affected too deeply with the burning - and I was afraid it was the case.

He would be able to walk and to use his hands after I'd locate his wrecked joints back. Not so well as before - oh no, not so well. And his insides would cause him a lot of pain till the end of his life.

But still he was going to be beautiful for me. Even if after a while I could decide to change something more in his body. I didn't want to think about it now, however. Right now I loved him how he was.

Broken physically - and mentally. He would be broken mentally when I'd show him the tape with his wife masturbating wildly over his agony. Yes, that's how I wanted him.

I recalled how I saw him for the first time, on Belinda's wedding photos - and how I understood he was everything I wanted for all my life. It was a long way. I had to bring it home for Belinda that she was unhappy with him - and that he didn't satisfy her sexually - and that the only way to satisfy her was to see him dying. Stories, pictures, movies - I used everything. She was just a na´ve girl, my Belinda. She didn't even notice it was I who drove her to the idea. She thought she was revealing me her deepest secret when she told what she would like to see being done to Markus.

And then I asked her for that loan.

Well, I needed this money. Markus and I were going to need it. For the life I was going to build for us.

The End

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