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Original Fiction
For Phillip with all my love

ADEN 1965

Part 2 of 2

"Hey, comrade, look - didn't he finish yet?" Abdel asked loudly and the Sergeant Major saw how Musa came up and smirked glancing at the Corporal's anus.

"Seems this shitty ass was never so clean! Oh I wish he could clean my ass like that!" he said in a joking voice.

"Ah, comrade, don't say foolish things," Abdel shrugged with a contemptuous expression on his face. "You wouldn't want these dirty dogs to lick you and smear you, would you?"

Ugh-ghu, the Sergeant Major thought gloomily, you don't feel smeared when you work with the knife. Abdel walked around the table with his arms crossed on his chest again and looked down at the Corporal. The Englishman met his gaze with wide startled eyes. Abdel took his chin to make the Corporal stare right at him and said:

"Do you like when your ass is rimmed, you cunty? Why don't you get hard again?"

"It doesn't depend on me," the Corporal said quietly.

"But do you feel thankful to your Sergeant Major? He tried to make an awfully good job for you, huh?"

"Yes," the Corporal said.

"Then you'll probably won't mind to bring him off? Look how hard he is after licking your shit!"

The Sergeant Major stood with his eyes down. It was the truth - his cock was still rock-hard, sticking out obscenely - and he could do nothing to hide it. But even though he didn't feel easy with it at all - he didn't feel awfully bad. He felt sad when he realized he was not really ashamed. With everything what happened during last hours his priorities changed. Now humiliation meant less for him. At least it didn't hurt - neither him nor the Corporal.

"I'll do it," the Corporal said and Abdel clapped his palms.

"Untie him!"

Jalil and Hashim cut the ropes on the wrists and ankles of the Corporal and pulled him up. The Sergeant Major could see as his knees gave up and the men shook him before pushing him on the floor towards the Sergeant Major.

"Then start sucking," Abdel said.

The Corporal licked his lips before taking the man's cock into his mouth and sliding down the hard shaft. When the Sergeant Major's cock-head reached his throat he pulled up.

"Fuck!" Musa said to Abdel looking how the Corporal's blond head bobbed over the Sergeant Major's crotch for a while. "It seems these cunts will just smile and say thank you to everything we'll tell them to do."

"Never mind," Abdel smiled to his comrade and added. "Let them finish with it - and we'll see something what they will definitely like much less," he leant to Musa and whispered something in his ear.

"Do you think the blond whore will do it?" the other man asked.

"We always can ask himŁ nicely," Abdel chuckled.

The Englishmen barely heard this conversation. They were kind of zoned out with what they were doing - the Sergeant Major with the sensation of the Corporal's soft tender lips moving up and down his member - and the young man was focusing on the warm hard shaft he sucked with diligence. He could sense the pleasure the man was approaching and it filled him with strange joy. The Sergeant Major could feel the Corporal's long slim arms enveloping his thighs as the young man pressed him closer trying to let more of the man's cock into his mouth. The thing was that the Corporal found something consoling in feeling the firm body of the man so close to him. The Sergeant Major raised his hands and put them on the Corporal's sticky soft hair as his cock butted in the back of the young man's tongue. The Corporal didn't take it into his throat - and he probably didn't know how to do it - but his lips were wrapped tightly around the Sergeant Major's hot steely cock.

The Sergeant Major felt the swell of pleasure rising in him. He pressed the Corporal's head to his crotch tighter involuntarily and felt the young man gagging. The reflex of his throat around the head of his cock was enough for the Sergeant Major - his balls shrunk shooting out the gush of sperm. The Corporal made a short gasp through his nose when he felt the fluid getting to his throat. He swallowed and the Sergeant Major shivered slightly in delight when the grip around his ejaculating cock tightened even more. He let go the Corporal's head, stroking his hair with both palms, but the young man still didn't let the man's cock out of his mouth. The Sergeant Major felt as he licked along it, cleaning it of every trace of cum, flickering his tongue in the piss-slit. He continued to run his hands over the Corporal's hair softly, feeling mild wonder and a kind of tenderness. The Corporal was all in what he was doing. With amazement the Sergeant Major felt as he reached his tongue to one of his hefty balls and licked it gently. His hands ran over the man's thighs, caressing. Then he took the Sergeant Major's ball to his mouth and sucked it. The Sergeant Major gave out a small sound. The Corporal couldn't take both his balls in the mouth at once - but he changed them, sucking one and then the other, as the Sergeant Major continued to smooth his hair.

For quite a while - the Sergeant Major was amazed for how long a while - nobody interrupted them. He saw that the insurrectionists watched them as if hypnotized, only Miri's eyes were absent and wandered over their heads. Then Abdel's lips curved in a bad smile and he said:

"Well, enough fun! Now it's time for serious things."

He nodded to Musa and the man, with his frozen grin on the face, walked towards the Englishmen. Seeing his expression, the Sergeant Major helped the Corporal to stand up. He couldn't help having his hand in a kind of protective gesture around the young man's shoulder - and when Musa saw it, he went furious.

"Stop groping him! Can't you behave like a man, not like a whore, at least for once?! Don't worry, I'll sort you out. You'll be what you really are - a fuckin' nothing when I finish with you!"

The Sergeant Major looked at his eyes directly when Musa hit him on the face with smashing force. He had a bit of steel gripped in his fist - a sort of knuckles-duster adding weight to his hand. The Sergeant Major felt as if a fire flower exploded in his head and jets of blood immediately ran down from his nose. He swayed on his feet while Hashim and Jalil grabbed the Corporal, who gasped in shock, and dragged him from Musa's way. The insurrectionist looked at the Sergeant Major with predatory expression before sending his heavy fist into the man's solar plexus. The Sergeant Major doubled grasping his stomach agonizingly and Musa brought his fist in his side with a loud exhale. The man fell down on his knees. Pain curled him in a ball and he could see blackness floating in front of his eyes - and then Musa drove his boot into his kidneys from behind.

The Sergeant Major already had his kidneys badly hurt today - and now it was as if Musa stuck a knife there. He felt savage pain spreading through his body in heavy hot waves. It was so terrible that he couldn't make a sound - not with defiance - but his throat was shut, he felt choking. From very far away he heard the Corporal screaming:

"No! No, please, leave him alone!"

And Abdel had to smack him on his face saying with the voice full of hatred:

"Shut up, prostitute. You'll have your own fun soon!"

Musa beat and beat in one place with sadistic accuracy, his heavy boot smashing hard into the Sergeant Major's kidneys bringing horrible surges of pain there. The Sergeant Major didn't feel it but everybody in the room could see how his bladder slackened and a stream of piss leaked on the floor. The Corporal made a gagging sound when he saw that it was red.

Musa stopped at last. He stepped over the man's curled body and squatted in front of his face. His hand slid in the air before he touched the Sergeant Major's blood-smeared face, turning it up. The Sergeant Major's head flopped lifelessly and it was visible that he tried to open his eyes and couldn't.

"Just think about it," Musa said slowly, striving so that the words reached the man's mind. "You are pissing yourself like a baby or a crippled man. I bet you would be a cripple now - if we were going to leave you alive. But don't worry about it - you'll die soon."

"Not too soon, mind you," Abdel added but the Sergeant Major didn't hear him. He managed to raise his lids at last and his eyes were terribly black when he looked at Musa.

"Oh yes," he whispered almost inaudibly with his parched bleeding lips. "You can do it."

Even though there was very little expression in his voice, Musa managed to eavesdrop the note of sarcasm in it.

"You'll see what we can do," he said flatly standing up. "Miri!" he said something in Yemeni and the girl took out her handgun and pointed it at the Corporal as Jalil and Hashim left him, walked to the Sergeant Major, raised him from the floor and threw on one of the chairs. Musa quickly tied his hands and ankles in already experienced position.

The Sergeant Major couldn't keep his head tilted up. A thin trickle of dark blood continued to run from the tip of his cock and his face was washed in blood, too. Musa stood in front of him, rolling from toes to heels slightly, and bent his mouth in a jeering smile.

"What a sight!" he pointed at the man's cock without touching it and looked back at everybody as if inviting them to join the laugh. "Hey, Sergeant Major, what's wrong with your cock? Why is it dripping, huh? Maybe, you need some medical help? We can provide it. Let's see!"

Meanwhile Abdel took Miri's handgun that was pointing at the Corporal and slightly pushed the young woman to the table. She appeared to know what to do. There was a rag parcel there and she put it on the table to unwrap it. She took something out of it and showed it to Abdel as if asking something. He nodded.

It was medical pincers, narrow and about 12" long with the handles. Actually, the handles were the rings, like the scissors have, and driving them aside opened the pincers in the same manner. The pincers didn't look shiny and new as medical instruments do but were covered in rust and stains that apparently could be dried blood. With her fingers in the rings of the pincers Miri walked towards the Sergeant Major.

"You are going to have unforgettable minutes, English bitch," Musa promised with a smirk, stepping aside.

The Sergeant Major tried to keep his head from falling as he looked at the girl. He still couldn't see clearly, red clouded his eyes. Miri's face had any emotion no more than when she chopped the Corporal's fingers off. She kneeled down. It was a kind of obscene movement, as if she was going to give the Sergeant Major a blow-job. Well, it was the last thing she was going to do, of course. She took the man's penis in her hand tugging it away from his body significantly - and then set the tips of the pincers against the entrance of his piss-slit. She waited.

"Yes, Miri, my girl," Abdel said gently.

The young woman pushed the pincers inside the Sergeant Major's urethra. The man held his breath. At first it was not particularly painful - just the sensation of a cold foreign object stretching the walls of his urethra. The pincers were thick enough to deform it around their shape - but they didn't tear anything yet. Only they were getting thicker with length. The Sergeant Major clenched his teeth as Miri continued to push. Soon she had to apply more force when driving them in. The trickle of blood stopped leaking because it was covered with the pincers stuck in. On the place where the pincers were jointed the Sergeant Major's piss-slit ripped.

He didn't make a sound - he looked and knew when it was going to happen and gritted his teeth to stay silent. His blood-covered face looked like a frozen mask with white lips and huge black eyes. Miri wiggled the pincers uncomfortably because the blood made the rings slippery - and it sent a spike of pain through the Sergeant Major's body. She pushed more, groping her fingers on the man's penis to hold it tighter.

She was tearing his urethra. The Sergeant Major felt it very distinctly. With every millimeter down his shaft she tore it more. Now the entrance of his piss-slit looked horribly deformed as the pincers continued to saw down farther. There was about four inches of the length of the pincers to the rings left outside when they stuck.

It was where his urethra joined the bladder, the Sergeant Major realized. Horrible scorching pain all down his shaft ended with dreadful pangs where his cock jointed his body - and this pain grew to immeasurable sharpness when Miri shoved the pincers deeper forcibly.

The Sergeant Major was still silent - with some enormous strength of will he managed to hold the screams - but nobody in the room could be deceived what it cost him. Sweat washed his face and the cramps were making his lips white and ugly. But if the Corporal watched it with his heart stopping in misery - then Musa and Abdel wore mean satisfied expressions on their faces.

Miri pulled out the pincers - and as a couple of inches of bloodied steel were driven out of the Sergeant Major's urethra. The man gave out a low animal-like scream. His head flopped back and all his body arched in the chair - but he was fixed really tightly with the ropes. The girl shoved the pincers back with enviable composure. The Sergeant Major screamed again when the pincers went into his bladder.

For a moment Miri stopped. The Sergeant Major's cock was a blood-chilling sight, with only two rings of the pincers sticking out of it. The man didn't cry - but his head dangled and he muttered something in a voice that changed from too low to high-pitched and broken.

Upon Abdel's nod Musa stepped to the man and slapped him on his cheeks.

"Hey, bitch, don't leave us! We just started the fun!" as it didn't help much, he brought the phial of sal ammoniac to his nose and the Sergeant Major came round with a gasp.

Meanwhile another drama was on between Abdel and the Corporal who fell on his knees in front of the insurrectionist. He sensed that the NLF leader had a kind of fascination about him and now he pleaded him desperately to stop torturing the Sergeant Major. For a little while Abdel didn't answer, visibly enjoying the young man's pleas. Then he said contemptuously:

"What do you want from us?"

"Please don't hurt him," the Corporal repeated in a frantic voice. "Don't you see you are killing him?! Oh why don't you kill us straight away?!" he cried out in suffering.

"Kill you straight away?" Abdel's thin dark face became even more disdainful. "Is it what you, British sons of bitch, do when you with the government troops capture the NLF people? Or do you make them rot in prisons and suffer indescribable things? Miri knows what you do!" he exclaimed.

"Please," the Corporal continued his entreaties almost hopelessly - and then Abdel's face changed a bit. But it was not mercy, of course, it was cold interest.

"So, you want us to stop torturing this faggot whore?" he asked. "Do you? And what can you offer us instead of it?"

The Corporal looked in despair, not knowing what the man meant. His lips trembled and he bit them hard. Abdel looked at him for several moments and then stepped back to the table. Almost without looking, he groped something in the rag parcel and showed it to the young man.

"You can save him, Lance Corporal," he said in a mocking tone. "Only I am not sure you'll want it."

He had another medical instrument - scissors - in his palm - the ones with long handles and short rounded blades. For a change they looked unstained - but not without rust, however, dully shining grey steel. The Corporal looked at them with wide lost eyes.

"Do you know what the ugliest part of you, white bitch, is?" Abdel asked chuckling softly. "I bet you know. Why didn't your parents take care of it when you were tiny? Didn't they love you? Did they want you to live your life as filthy scum?"

The Corporal's features sharpened as he listened to it - but he still didn't get where the insurrectionist was leading. Abdel shrugged.

"I mean this dirty meat that covers your cock. I want you to get rid of it."

The Corporal looked down at his cock involuntarily what made Abdel laugh generously.

"Yes, I speak about it! If your parents really loved you - they would do it for you when you were born. But now you'll have to take care of it yourself."

He handed the scissors to the young man. He didn't risk - it was not a weapon, nobody could get hurt with their tips. The Corporal accepted them with mesmerized, frozen look. He seemed to be still unaware what Abdel wanted.

"Come on," Abdel said. "Start doing the thing. Cut it off. And the faster you do it - the more your Sergeant Major will be spared of pain. If you didn't change your mind, of course," he added with a sly look.

The Corporal made a short gasp when he realized what he was supposed to do. The insurrectionist wanted him to circumcise himself. It was the price he demanded for stopping the torture. All color was gone from the young man's face. His darkened eyes rushed around the room, then he stopped them on the Sergeant Major.

The man was listless on the chair. The rings of the pincers stuck out of his urethra without moving but Miri continued to hold his cock in her palm. His head was hanging on his chest and a trickle of blood spittle leaked out of his mouth. He was half-conscious - and the pain occupied all place in his consciousness that was still lucid. The pain that racked his abdomen as if a hot rod was pushed there and turned round and round.

"What?" Abdel asked. "Do you chicken out? Your Sergeant Major's suffering is not worth of your precious foreskin? That's you, Englishmen, in all your beauty! And just think - little babies go through it without as much as a whimper. But if you don't want - it's okay. Miri, go on."

The girl spread the rings of the pincers. For a moment the Sergeant Major's eyes grew huge as he perceive an incredible sensation inside him. Then she pulled the opened pincers out.

The Sergeant Major made an inhuman cry. The insides of his urethra were tearing out. At the same moment the Corporal cried out in horror:

"No, stop! Stop! I'll do it!"

"A couple of moments earlier," Abdel shrugged indifferently. The flow of blood was streaming out of the Sergeant Major's cock as Miri tugged the pincers out. She had to apply great force doing it, even her knuckles became white. The Corporal repeated in despair:

"Stop it! Please stop! I'll do what you want!"

"Do it then," Abdel said with a slight nod. "And think - do you know what about? What would your Sergeant Major feel if we heat the pincers."

The deepest misery was shown on the Corporal's face as he clasped the scissors. He had to hold them in his left hand because his right hand was good for nothing now - a stump of bloodied flesh without fingers. He had to use it, anyway, to raise his cock and he bit his lips with the pain. Horror singed through his head as the Sergeant Major continued to make these dreadful wheezing sounds. Miri pulled out the pincers completely - and they went out, with the blades spread on 1" distance and covered with blood leaking from them freely.

"No more!" the Corporal pleaded as he brought the scissors to his cock. He was in such state of mind that his misery was worse than his fear. For a split second he looked at the rounded tips of the scissors - he couldn't pierce his skin with them - and then he cut the skin between the blades.

The pain was startling. It was as if a scalding water was splashed on his cock - but he didn't let it stop himself. He cut his skin where the foreskin was joining his cock, around the head. He didn't realize it at once - but he was making short yelping sounds with pain.

The scissors were sharp enough - but the problem for the Corporal was that he was strongly right-handed. And when he had too use his left hand, inevitable happened - the scissors were turning flat and chewed the skin instead of cutting it.

"He doesn't look like he really tries to do it," Abdel said to Musa scornfully. "Just pretends he is doing it. Let's stimulate him a bit?"

"Sure," Musa nodded. The insurrectionist's face was glistening with sweet as he watched the torture of the Sergeant Major and his mouth was half-opened. But now he regained composure and tapped Miri's shoulder slightly.

The girl closed the pincers for about half distance - but not completely - and shoved them back to the man's urethra. The Sergeant Major's scream was heart-breaking. The Corporal pleaded desperately as tears of pain and woe leaked on his face.

"I am doing it! Have mercy, I am doing it!"

By now he separated, maybe, one third of his foreskin. Blood ran freely on the floor under him and the stumps of his fingers started bleeding, too, with the pressure he applied. Miri submerged the pincers the same deep as for the first time and even deeper, because now the head of the Sergeant Major's cock was torn open and she could push the bottom part of the rings into there. Then, holding the man's cock in her hand firmly, she turned the pincers around.

With a blood-freezing cry the Sergeant Major passed out.

"Bring him back," Abdel ordered immediately - and Musa raised the phial of sal ammoniac again. The Corporal felt a tiny bit of hope in the black misery he was in - but what kind of hope it was! He thought, maybe, it would take a little while to make the Sergeant Major conscious again - and then he'd have time to finish the circumcision. He sawed the scissors through his skin desperately, shrieking in pain - but this pain seemed to be separate from his mind that was all in the agony for the Sergeant Major.

"I am doing it!" he cried out again. The ragged bit of flesh now hung from the tip of his cock attached just with a string of flesh. With a shriek he cut it off finally and the room swirled in front of his eyes. He nearly fell but stiffened himself. "Abdel, Abdel," he called for the insurrectionist. "I have done it!"

The Yemeni man's eyes looked at him coldly as he measured the kneeling man. Both Corporal's hands were covered in blood - and it dripped in a generous flow from the skinned head of his cock. A bloody piece of flesh lay on the floor under his knees. Abdel kept silent for several seconds. Then he said:

"Okay. I see. Miri, take it out."

Either the girl didn't understand him - or she knew too well what he meant. Because when she pulled them out, the pincers were not closed at all. The Sergeant Major convulsed so wildly that Musa had to hold his shoulders or the heavy chair would fall down. The bloodied instrument came out not in the same gashes as before - but cross-like - and a new flow of blood streamed with them. The Corporal watched it horror-stricken. Rending pain spread through his body from where he mutilated himself - and he saw with despair there was not much he achieved with it. The Sergeant Major's eyes rolled up and he went limp on the chair.

Then Abdel paid attention to the Corporal again.

"Tie this slut to the other chair," he said and added the same in Yemeni for Jalil and Hashim.

Two men picked up the Corporal and threw him on the chair. He felt as the rope dug deeply in his wrists and then his ankles were spread and tied, too. He still was shivering. His cock lying over his balls between his opened thighs was a pitiful sight. Its skinned head looked absurdly red and was glistening in blood. It was still bleeding freely, even though not dangerously for his life, and the trickles of blood leaked over the seat of the chair and dripped on the floor.

Abdel's face twisted with loathing when he stepped towards the Corporal who tensed greatly and seemed to try to move deeper on the chair.

"What fuckin' smear you are, English waste!" he exclaimed. There were the same bloodied scissors in his hand. "I have an urge to clean it for you once and for all!"

He stabbed viciously the blades of the scissors to the head of the Corporal's cock. The young man shrieked in pain and new waves of shudder quaked his body. Abdel pulled the scissors out calmly and opened them, then pressed them to the base of the Englishman's cock.

"How long do you think it will take me to cut it off?" he asked. The Corporal seemed to be almost fainting as he looked right in the man's eyes. "I guess a bit longer than you fiddled with your dirty meat."

He drove the blades together, enough to cut the skin but without much force. A dribble of blood ran along the Corporal's shaft mingling with other blood - it couldn't really make his cock more smeared. Abdel giggled seeing the Corporal's deadened face and dropped the scissors on the floor.

"I'll do it," he said. "later. Now let's have a break, comrades. I think the dinner is ready."

He added the same in Yemeni and wrapped his arm around Miri's shoulders in a gentle paternal gesture. The insurrectionists walked out of the room.

The Corporal closed his eyes when they left - and at last his nerves let him down - two flows of tears trickled down from under his lids.

The Sergeant Major moved slightly on his chair. The stunning pain he had to go through was leaving him now little by little, changing to dull burning in his cock and lower abdomen. He was lucid again. When Abdel was toying with the Corporal's cock, the Sergeant Major watched it with his blood-shot, awfully weary eyes - and now he looked at the young man in pity and sorrow.

"What did you do to yourself," he whispered. When Miri was tearing his urethra with the pincers, he heard indistinctly Abdel's voice coaxing the Corporal to cut himself - but then the Sergeant Major was just too gone into pain to protest against it, even to say a word. And now he felt his heart collapsing in distress as he looked at the Corporal's bloody injured cock.

The Corporal flinched when hearing the Sergeant Major's voice. His eyes opened and he looked at the man with heartbroken expression.

"I am sorry," he muttered and more tears ran on his cheeks. "I am sorry I was too late. If I didn't hesitateŁ Oh I am so sorry, sir!"

"Call me Charles," the Sergeant Major said; he made his voice sound steady even though it was quite faint. "And what is your name?"

"Stephen, sir."

"Don't trust them, Stephen," the Sergeant Major said with as much strength as he could muster. "Don't you see? They are not going to play fair with us. Whatever we do - they will be hurting us more and more. For God's sake, don't give them pleasure by doing it yourself!"

The Corporal nodded obediently. Tears still leaked soundlessly on his face when he said in a small voice:

"We will be rescued, won't we? We just need to get through till then. People already search us, right? Somebody had to suspect that the operation was given out - and remember what he told about that Captain? If they checked him - he, maybe, knows this place!"

The Sergeant Major really doubted it but he didn't say anything. He tried to turn his wrists in the ropes, checking their tightness, pulling his hands out - and the effort nearly made him faint. The pain is his destroyed urethra was like a soldering iron stuck there and it spread all through his body in shock waves. Blood was seeping from the ragged head of his cock and his cock itself was dark-purple and started swelling badly.

"You know," the Corporal said suddenly and his words brought the Sergeant Major back. "They did horrible things to us - but everything you did to me, sir... Charles... it was good. I just want to say it. It was really good."

The Sergeant Major glanced at the young man who flushed even through the paleness of his face.

"I felt so wonderful with you," the Corporal went on boldly. "I have to tell you about it. I thought it would kill me, when you had to... do it to me on the floor. But it was so good! I could never imagine something like this could be good!"

"Never mind," the Sergeant Major said with a bit of smile.

"Look," the Corporal's face became worried. "I didn't hurt you when I had to do it to you, did I? Was it okay for you?"

"Yes," the Sergeant Major nodded. "Sure it was."

"Do you think me a slut or a faggot?" the Corporal asked with fear and hope. "I am not! I swear! It was just the first time for me when I did it with a man. I... I liked it so much to do it with you, Charles. Do you hate me for saying it?"

"No," the Sergeant Major felt sad and warm at once; after a little pause he added. "I have to tell you something. I am gay."

The Corporal was silent.

"A faggot," the Sergeant Major said, "as you put it. I thought you might have guessed."

"Do you mean," the Corporal asked quickly, "that you did it... before?"


For several seconds they both didn't say a word. Then the Corporal said evenly:

"Then I will be a faggot, too. I loved everything we did with you, Charles. I want to be with you. Again. And always."

For a while the Sergeant Major said nothing - and the Corporal continued to look at him with serious determined eyes.

"Do you want to be with me, sir?" he asked.

"I do," the Sergeant Major said.

"Then we'll be together when we get out of here," the Corporal said firmly. "I know we'll have to keep it in secret while in the army - but we'll think of something, right?"

"Of course," the Sergeant Major said.

* * *

The door opened and the group of the insurrectionists was back with Abdel leading it.

"What, bitches, did you speak enough?" he proclaimed stopping between the Englishmen and darting his eyes from one to the other. "Good! Because soon you are going to be unable to speak any more. One you is going to lose his tongue now."

For some seconds the NLF leader enjoyed the effect his words caused and then he added:

"You will tell yourselves who of you it will be. And don't forget," he continued with a chortle, "that the other one is going to lose his balls."

Musa laughed in exhilaration when hearing it. Other Yemeni had to know what was going to happen because Jalil and Hashim had somehow satisfied, fascinated expression in their dull eyes. Even Miri seemed to be not so flat as always.

"Scared? Shit scared?" Abdel stepped to the Sergeant Major and belted him on the face. "You should be. To lose your tongue will be scary. Although less than to lose your balls, maybe. You won't die with losing your tongue. You will go on... Like Miri does," he added suddenly.

For the first time the girl flashed a strange brief smile. Abdel didn't look at her. He looked at two Englishmen who were silent. Then he said:

"Miri, show them."

With her dark eyes glimmering, the girl made a step forward and opened her mouth. She even leant towards the sitting men for them to see better.

"That's what the government troops and you, British dogs, made to her so that she couldn't tell what you were doing to her when you captured her," Abdel said. "Now it's your turn to experience how it feels!"

The girl had no tongue in her mouth - just badly healed scar tissue around its root.

Abdel watched greedily the expression on the Englishmen's faces waiting for them to speak - but they didn't. And indeed - what could they say? He turned on his heels and came up to the Corporal.

"What, blond cunty," he asked raising the young man's head by the hair to see his eyes. "What will you prefer? To have your tongue cut out - or your balls smashed?"

The Corporal swallowed hard looking right in Abdel's black glistening eyes but said nothing. He didn't doubt that the insurrectionists would do to him one of what they said - but he couldn't choose, of course.

"Or, maybe, you already don't have your tongue?" Abdel faked bewilderment. "Then what do I ask you about? Show me your tongue, let me see that we have a subject of conversation!"

The Corporal just looked at him with widened eyes. Abdel slapped him smartingly and then quickly reached his hand to Jalil. The man put the knife in his palm.

"Let's check it," Abdel murmured and forced the tip of the knife between the young man's teeth. He cut his lips when doing it and blood trickled over the Corporal's chin as he moaned in pain. At the next second the Sergeant Major spoke up:

"Leave him alone, you! Do both things to me and leave him alone!"

"Ah," Abdel moved quickly as a snake towards the Sergeant Major. "At last one started speaking! Then you'll tell me, shitty cunt, who will say farewell to his tongue and who - to his balls."

"I told you," the Sergeant Major said in a low even voice. "Do both to me."

"Huh!" Musa shrugged.

"Oh how bravely!" Abdel rolled up his eyes and turned to the Corporal. "Your Sergeant Major seems to have some guts, doesn't he? Do you agree with his suggestion, blond whore?"

The Corporal shuddered. His eyes looked like mere pupils on his white face. Then he said:

"No. Do both things to me."

Abdel laughed.

"Isn't it cute? Two fairies in love. You look ridiculous, British scum. And I repeat my question: who will lose his balls and who will lose his tongue? One thing - one of you, the other thing - the other one. No more bullshit. If I hear 'do both to me' again - I'll do both things to both of you - is it clear? Now let's try. Who and what?" he hit the Sergeant Major in the face once more.

The Sergeant Major was silent. How could he say anything? Both things were horrible - even after everything else they had to experience! He couldn't stand bringing one of them on himself and the other one on Stephen. He shook his head. He couldn't.

"Answer," Abdel ordered. The knife flickered in his hand. "Answer."

Suddenly he stuck the tip of it into the man's left nipple. It was burnt badly and covered in blisters. The Sergeant Major gasped and choked the sound. Under the knife the blisters tore and clear liquid seeped from them. Then, when Abdel stuck it deeper, blood appeared.

"Answer," he said in a cajoling voice.

The Sergeant Major's lips whitened as he tried to be silent when Abdel twisted the tip of the knife deep in his flesh. He could feel as it stuck against the bone. Blood crawled softly down his chest.

"No, please, no!" the Corporal didn't stand it. "Stop doing it please!"

Abdel moved to him again, with bloodied knife in his hand.

"You are going to answer? You are welcome!"

The Corporal shivered hopelessly and made small sobbing inhales.

Meanwhile Musa came up to the Sergeant Major who was regaining his senses and looked down at the man's bruised exhausted face.

"Well, bitch," he asked meeting the Sergeant Major's pain-filled wide eyes. "Why do you doubt? Don't you know what is better for you? To have your tongue cut off clearly with a sharp knife - or to have your balls smashed slowly into pulp, blow by blow?" he spoke clearly so that his words reached the man's pain-clouded mind. "Can you imagine what kind of pain it will be when your balls get flattened, then burst out, then turn into mash? You will have to choose this or that, you know it. Even if we'll have to cut you into pieces before it."

At this moment Abdel brought the knife to the Corporal's face and hissed in utter impatience:

"Answer me!"

The young man stayed silent - and with the next motion the insurrectionist drove the tip of the knife from the corner of his mouth over his cheek, pressing deeply. Blood ran in a wide jet from the awful gash as the Corporal shrieked in horror and pain.

It was when the Sergeant Major broke.

"Stop it!" his voice almost failed as he cried out. "Stop it! Don't torture him! Cut off his tongue! And smash my balls!"

His voice died away. For some seconds everybody was silent. Then Abdel nodded with affirmation. There was the smile of satisfaction on his face.

"You should have done it earlier."

The Sergeant Major looked in rue and distress at the Corporal's face that was marked with a terrible gash now. Blood still leaked from there making his face a bloody mask. The Corporal's dark eyes looked back at him with sadness; he moved his lips - it pained him but he managed to whisper:

"Thank you, sir."

"Well, cunt," Abdel said to the Sergeant Major, "you will have what you ask for."

"Let me do it, okay?" Musa stepped forward with a savage smile.

"Sure. And then Miri will trim the blond pussy's tongue."

With the same wide grin plastered on his swarthy face Musa walked to the Sergeant Major and bent to him.

"I hoped you'd say it, shit," he whispered almost intimately. "It's what I wanted you to say. I will love making jelly out of your balls, English faggot. I know you are a faggot, don't think I didn't notice it!"

The Sergeant Major lowered his eyelids. His lips were pressed firmly and he breathed evenly - nobody had to know what effort it demanded from him. Musa showed a roll of adhesive tape in his hands.

"That's will do," he said tearing a bit of it. "I don't want your filthy peter on the way," he informed the Sergeant Major taking his cock and raising it. The Sergeant Major felt like blacking out with pain in his mutilated organ. Musa fixed it with the tape to the man's belly and tore another stripe. "And it will help to keep your dainties in place," he commented sticking the man's scrotum to the seat of the chair. He applied the tape above his balls pushing them down in the ball-sac a little. One more piece of tape he fixed between the balls to separate them. Then he straightened looking at the results.

The Sergeant Major's scrotum was pressed to the seat of the chair firmly - and his big balls bulged in it, clearly visible under taut skin between the tape stripes. His bloodied cock was driven up and didn't hinder the access to them at all. Musa sighed with satisfaction and briefly patted the man's ball-sac with his palm. Then he walked across the room and picked the axe from the floor. The same axe the Corporal had his fingers chopped off with.

The Sergeant Major felt his head spinning; he was about to lose consciousness as he looked at the insurrectionist coming up to him. Sweat was trickling on his face and body and his jaw was clenched so tightly that his teeth ached. Musa twisted the axe in his hands.

"Nope, English cunt, it will not be with the blade," he said with a soft giggle. "Not so easy. It will be with the butt," he showed. "Good and heavy - and no blood."

The Sergeant Major looked at it with his chest heaving. His eyes didn't blink - in fact, he had a frozen stare of somebody on the verge of breakdown. But he didn't make a sound. Musa raised the axe.

At this moment Abdel stepped to the Corporal and grabbed his hair.

"I want you to look at it, whore," he said bringing the knife to the young man's face. "Look how you precious Sergeant Major is going to become a castrate. Won't fuck your ass so sweetly any more, right? Look - or I will poke your eyes out before I deal with your tongue."

The Corporal was pale like a dead man but he did look at Musa and the Sergeant Major. Blood leaked slowly on his cut face.

"I like you, Sergeant Major," Musa whispered to the man, leaning closer to him. "You know if Abdel didn't mind - I would make you suck my dick until your jaw got sore. And you would rim my ass and eat my shit as much as I could give you. And then I would fuck your guts out of you. But at first I would burn the insides of your faggot ass in blood and blisters - so that you could feel every my thrust."

He grinned and added:

"But smashing your balls is the second best for me, really. How do you prefer me to do it? Slowly like this?" he let the axe fall with its butt on the man's left testicle just with its weight. The Sergeant Major bit his lips desperately trying to stay silent. "Or like that?" Musa raised the axe high above his head.

The Sergeant Major breathed out with effort and whispered:

"Do it quickly. Please do it quickly if you can."

Musa smirked - and at the next moment he broke the axe's butt of the Sergeant Major's left ball. The sound was dreadful. As if something succulent popped under it. The skin of the man's scrotum burst and blood spattered on the seat of the chair and on the floor around it. Musa was wrong - there was blood.

The Sergeant Major's body arched in agony. His scream rose wildly and then broke as the man made small pain-racked sounds, trying to get some breath. His head flopped up and down madly.

The Sergeant Major's ball-sac was deformed. His right ball still was prominent in the scrotum - but instead of his left one there was a flat lump and this part of it looked like a long bag of skin - almost 2" longer than the right side. Of course, the tapes couldn't hold the scrotum in place now - and Musa reached his hand and smoothed it on the seat again. The Sergeant Major convulsed with pain.

Musa bared his teeth in a grin seeing it.

"Sergeant Major," he called. "Sergeant Major! Remember what I told you? You are going to become nothing before you die. Do you fell sorry you can't die a man, huh?"

At this moment the Sergeant Major's terribly pained eyes opened and he looked straight at the insurrectionist. Then his bitten discolored lips moved and he whispered clearly:

"I am a man. You know it. I will be a man, no matter what."

Musa raised the axe again and smashed it down - on the same ball. The Sergeant Major screamed horribly. The pain was monstrous, even though the blow couldn't possibly bring more damage. The Sergeant Major's face was dreadful, wax-white and wet with sweat; his features became haggard as if he got older for years at once.

Musa got the axe up again and crushed it on the man's right ball. Again blood spilled around and the Sergeant Major shrieked in inhuman pain.

"Well, the last time - just to be on safe side," Musa said and hit again on the same ball. Now the Sergeant Major passed out thankfully.

"Good work, comrade," Abdel said as Musa put the axe away. The Sergeant Major's scrotum didn't look like it any more at all. Flat and long and torn it was, with blood and bits of flesh spilled around. Musa gazed at it for some seconds as if hypnotized, licking his lips, then he stepped closer to the chair and brought his knee on the lumpy bag of skin. He mashed it for a while but the Sergeant Major couldn't feel it.

"So, now we can sort out the other scum," Abdel said with a smile and turned to the Corporal. "Are you ready?"

The young man was sickly pale and despite everything he couldn't tear his eyes away from his Sergeant Major's limp body. Abdel struck him on the face to make him more attentive and then turned to the girl.

"Miri, my dove," he said in the sweetest voice. "Your turn now."

Meanwhile Musa felt he didn't finish with the man. He made the Sergeant Major go through hell - and still he was not satisfied. The Englishman was too deeply unconscious - so, even when the insurrectionist brought sal ammoniac to his nose - for a while it didn't work. Then at last the Sergeant Major flinched and his eyes opened. The first thing he saw was a simpering face of his executioner.

"Let's continue," Musa almost sang and in one motion tore the adhesive tapes that still were stuck to the man's genitals. "I have one more idea. About your cock, namely. It is not good enough for me yet, you know. You are not going to die with it attached, I promise you."

He walked around the chair cutting the ropes on the man's wrists and ankles. The Sergeant Major stayed slack and with his head just raised weakly. But he came to life when Musa grasped his pulverized ball-sac and rubbed it in his palms.

"Get up," the insurrectionist ordered and pulled the man's scrotum up. "More fun to come - you see."

The Sergeant Major moaned bitterly when he felt the excruciating tug on his scrotum. Musa pulled with such force that he had to either tear it off or to make the man stand up. The Sergeant Major's limbs didn't obey him - but at last he got on his feet. He swayed and Musa grabbed him more tightly.

"That's it," the insurrectionist hissed through his teeth. "Now I am going to fuckin' saw your dirty dick in halves!"

The Sergeant Major felt the man's hand seizing his cock and a shot of pain went through him. And at the next moment another, much worse pain swept him. He felt the blade of the knife cutting though his shaft. It went though the cock-head, separating it in two and then gnawed deeper and deeper. Blood leaked in hot waves on Musa's hands and splashed on his groin - and the insurrectionist moaned in pleasure when feeling it.

It was the moment when the Corporal had to lose his tongue. Abdel walked around his chair, stood behind his back and pushed under his jaws to make him open his mouth. Miri had the knife in her hand. A smile flickered on her lips softly as she reached to the Corporal's tongue. Abdel smiled, too.

And at this moment the window in the room jingled shattering and a hand grenade fell on the floor. It span round and round - and for a split second everybody just looked at it mesmerized. Then Abdel yelled:

"We are betrayed!"

It exploded. The blow was deafening - it still sounded even when it was over - drowning the crackle of gun-fire that started immediately after that. The glass in other windows was smashed out. It was just a blink before the explosion when the insurrectionists threw themselves down on the floor. The chair the Corporal was tied to crushed on the floor when the grenade blew up.

Musa got on the floor together with the Sergeant Major; his knife continued to shred the man's cock. But as soon as they got on the floor the Sergeant Major grasped Musa's hand and twisted it backwards, aiming the insurrectionist's belly.

"English bitch!" Musa sighed out in amazement feeling how the knife slid along his side. The Sergeant Major's face was distorted in a wild grimace as he struggled against him. Musa punched him in the face with his free hand but it was futile. They rolled on the floor wound together and struggling madly. "You are dead! You are fuckin' dead!" Musa yelled.

The room was showered with gun-fire. Behind it the voice speaking in English was barely heard:

"Surrender! You are encircled!"

But the insurrectionists didn't pay any attention to it. As soon as the smoke of the explosion thinned, Miri, Hashim and Jalil crawled to the windows with the handguns in their hands and started shooting from there. The girl was wounded with the grenade's splinters - there was a long sheet of blood leaking from her thigh across the room.

Only one man was seen nowhere - Abdel. He knew about the secret door in the back of the room - and he managed to reach it quickly. He was going to get out on the roofs of the neighbor buildings while his comrades had to cover his escape. He knew they would fight till the very end - and no British military would come into the room until at least one of them stayed alive.

As the insurrectionists continued to fire looking briefly out of the windows, Musa and the Sergeant Major led a mortal combat on the floor. The insurrectionist's clothes soaked in blood that the Sergeant Major was losing from his mutilated genitals - and with his blood he was losing his strength. His hand weakened on the knife - and what he did now was not to try to stick this knife in Musa - but to keep him from sticking it into the Sergeant Major's body. And then the insurrectionist suddenly drove his knee into the man's wounded groin.

With a gasp the Sergeant Major let the knife go.

"I told you I'd fuck your guts out of you!" Musa wheezed shoving the knife into the man's belly.

The Sergeant Major went white. His eyes glazed as Musa continued to push the blade deeper into him - and then turned it round in his intestines. The insurrectionist grinned with pleasure as he looked at the man's face that was frozen in agony.

Suddenly the bloodied hand of the Sergeant Major raised and he had the scissors in it. The same scissors the Corporal used for cutting himself. He stuck their blades into Musa's left eye with all the strength he still had left.

Musa howled. The scissors went into his head to the very handles - only dully shining rings of them were outside - and blood and clear thick liquid was leaking over them. The insurrectionist's hand clasping the knife went slack. He jerked several times wildly - and then tumbled down dead over the Sergeant Major.

They lay together, still intertwined as if they continued to struggle - and for a while it seems that they both were dead. Then the Sergeant Major moved. He pushed the heavy corpse covering him away. This effort nearly made him faint. He was in a terribly bad way, it was obvious. The floor under him was gleaming with blood - and it was his blood; more of it poured out quickly from the ghastly wound on his belly and his pearly pink and purple intestines could be seen through it. They started slipping out when he turned.

The pain couldn't possibly be any worse than it already was, he thought. But he found out he was wrong when he tried to get on his fours. He caught the slippery tubes of his guts falling out and stuck them back. He couldn't even scream - he just didn't have strength for it. All his strength was directed on staying conscious. He looked around the room.

By this moment only Miri and Jalil continued to shoot. Several seconds ago Hashim gurgled dying as a bullet hit him in his throat. Then the Sergeant Major saw what he looked for - the turned down chair of the Corporal and the man still tied to it. The air blast had to throw him on the floor - and it looked like the splinters did get him - there was a pool of blood on the floor and for what the Sergeant Major could see the Corporal's left arm was bleeding badly.

He didn't know if the young man was alive; he could be dead very well. When the Sergeant Major thought about it, an awfully seducing idea overflowed him: not to move - to lay down and let the blood slowly leak out of him together with his life.

But he couldn't. Not until he would see if the Corporal was dead or alive. The Sergeant Major reached his hand for Musa's bloody knife and clasped it. He nearly fell face down but managed to stay on his fours. He knew if he fell he wouldn't get up again. Then he moved towards the chair slowly.

In the noise that the gun-fire made in the room nobody could hear the horrible hoarse sounds the Sergeant Major made - and he didn't realize it himself. Every bit of his mind that was still lucid was guided to moving forward. His intestines slipped out again and he didn't notice it. They trailed after him on the floor leaving a bloody slimy trace.

The Corporal was alive - the Sergeant Major met the young man's dark huge eyes widened with pain. His left arm was literally shattered with the splinters - white fragments of his bones and torn tendons could be seen in the wounds. One more splinter got in his side and blood leaked out of there in a thick flow, too.

He was silent; just his eyes stared at the Sergeant Major getting closer to him.

"It's okay, Stephen," the Sergeant Major wanted to say but he found out he couldn't speak at all. The contours of the things blurred in front of his eyes. He got to the legs of the chair and raised the knife. Half a ton it seemed to weigh and the ropes were as if made of steel. He cut through them until he had the Corporal's ankles free. Now his wrists. For a moment the Sergeant Major thought he wouldn't be able to do it. His vision got completely black. Then he heard the Corporal's voice calling him:

"Charles? Charles? Oh God!"

The Sergeant Major moved some inches more and cut the knife through the ropes around the young man's hands. The Corporal's voice was breaking in horror:

"Charles! My God!"

Now the Sergeant Major could fall down. He felt the floor under him - solid and hard and soothing - and he knew there was not so much to wait until the pain would pass forever.

The Corporal's voice continued to sound in his ears.

"Sir? Charles! Do you hear me? Please, oh please!"

The young man moved. His left arm was like a lash and he wrapped his right arm around the Sergeant Major trying to move him. He couldn't. He looked in a maddened way at the tangle of intestines hanging to the floor from the man's belly. Some of them were bleeding - the Sergeant Major had to step on them with his knee and tear them when crawling.

"Please!" the Corporal looked lunatic when he hugged the Sergeant Major and called for him. "Please! You won't die! No! Not now! Not when we are almost safe!"

He was right - by then Jalil was dead, too, and only Miri continued to shoot. She was badly wounded again - in her chest and shoulder - but she didn't give up.

The Sergeant Major made a deep breath and opened his eyes once more. The Corporal's grief-stricken face lit up.

"You will stay with me! Please! We'll be together from now on!"

"Oh no," the Sergeant Major whispered and the Corporal saw his eyes getting dim.

He wanted to scream but he didn't. His sorrow was too deep to get out like that. He just sat with his arm around the man and looked at his pale bloodied face that was turning into a gyps mask of death. His finger-less hand caressed the Sergeant Major's cheeks absent-mindedly. Then he put his palm over the man's eyes to close them.

At this moment Miri stopped shooting. She didn't have cartridges any more. She turned around and saw two of her comrades dead on the floor, then, deeper in the room, the dead body of Musa. Then her eyes stopped on Musa's automatic gun lying on the floor at the table.

It seemed the room was a mile long - but Miri knew she had to reach the gun. Then she'll be able to kill some more British dogs before they take her life. She threw her body on the floor towards the table.

But a moment earlier the Corporal's eyes fell on her. His look was glassy when he gazed around the room - but he saw Miri's sight and he guessed what she was going to do. He didn't know how he made himself move. Agonizing pain pierced his side and arm as he climbed on the floor to cross her way. Their bodies crushed against each other and they rolled on the floor. They both were so badly wounded that their strength was approximately equal. The Corporal tried to push the girl away. His left arm was helpless and he could do almost nothing with his right hand. He struck her face and the girl made a low animal-like sound with her throat. She grabbed his hair and slammed his head on the floor. The Corporal felt his vision blackening. The slams were not powerful - but he didn't need much. His hand slid over the young woman's chest and fell limply. And at this moment Miri's grip slackened.

They both didn't hear the shots. Miri just felt as if steel bees stung her back and pierce through her body. Blood poured out of her mouth on the face of the Englishman and then she fell down. The British soldiers walked in the room with their guns pointed.

The Corporal lay unable to move feeling how the blood of his enemy washed him. The dead girl's face was very close and he could still fell its warmth. Then somebody pulled the insurrectionist away and stunned huge eyes of British militaries looked at him.

They don't recognize me, he thought, I have to tell them. And feeling blood overflowing his mouth, he said:

"I am Lance Corporal Davis."

The End

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