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Original Fiction
For Phillip with all my love

ADEN 1965

Part 1 of 2

There were five Yemeni in the room. One of them, a broad-shouldered man who bared his white teeth in a grin, sat on the table with his legs crossed and an automatic gun lying leisurely on his lap. His name was Musa and he was clad in the green stained uniform - the same as three other his comrades. Near to him, at the table, a young tall man stood with his arms wound on his chest. His longish jet-black hair was brushed back from his forehead and smoothed carefully. He was the only one in civilian clothes - black pants and a white shirt with open collar. He was Abdel, one of Nation Liberation Front leaders - the man whose portraits hung all around the city promising the award for his capture.

Two other men were older than the first two - with rough faces of peasants and unrelenting eyes. The last of the insurrectionists was a young woman, with a long braid of black hair and in the fatigue. She stood leaning with her back against the wall.

There were two other men in the room, however - two English. One of them was in the rank of Sergeant Major and the second was Lance Corporal. Their hands were tied behind their backs and there were stripes of adhesive tape covering their mouths. They looked at the insurrectionists with wary grim expression.

The operation they took part in was disastrous. Their detachment was ordered to capture Abdel - at the request of the government and upon the information they got from an allegedly reliable source. In fact, it was a set-up. They had to see how their fellow-soldiers were killed - in the fight or later when the NLA men finished off the wounded.

These two were practically untouched. The Sergeant Major had a couple of teeth knocked out and a long scratch on his cheekbone. He also felt slightly groggy - he was stunned with a blow on his head during the fight. The Lance Corporal was overpowered and tied by two men in the beginning of the commotion and was not injured at all. He was a young man of 22-23, with very fair straight hair and hazel-brown eyes.

The Sergeant Major was about 29, a man with short brown hair and dark eyes that seemed really black now as he looked at the insurrectionists who captured them. His nostrils flared when Abdel walked towards them casually.

"So, it's me you wanted to see," he said in English; he spoke almost without the accent, he was said to get the education in England in his time. "Here I am! I wonder what so important you wanted to say to me."

Musa - he was probably the only one more Yemeni in the room who understood English - laughed. His fingers caressed grey steel of the gun absent-mindedly.

"Well, let's listen," Abdel reached his hand and tore off adhesive tape from the Sergeant Major's and then from the Corporal's mouths. The stripes of tape were slightly bloodied where they glued to the captives' lips. Abdel waved them in the air squeamishly before throwing on the floor. "I hope we'll hear a lot of interesting from you both - otherwise it wasn't worth dragging you here."

"We are not going to say anything," the Sergeant Major said dismally. "You can do whatever you want - you won't get any information from us."

Abdel chuckled. He exchanged the looks with Musa and then said:

"Oh! Information! Yeah. You suppose we are going to torture you for information? Do I have to understand your 'do whatever you want' as a euphemism for torture? But don't worry - we are not going to do it. Actually, there is little or nothing you can tell us that we don't know. We get this precious information from first hands - from one of your seniors. Captain..." he pretended to recall the name. "Doesn't matter. Anyway, it's funny how a man can sell everything for a pinch of cocaine."

Both British militaries appeared to be astonished hearing about the betrayal but tried to pull themselves together.

"Never mind," Abdel said with an easy smile. "We'll have something to do with you even without this mess about getting information."

"You dirty colonial pigs," Musa proclaimed jumping down on the floor. He left the gun on the table but put his hand around the hilt of his heavy peasant knife he had stuck behind his belt. "You came here to cover the ass of the criminal government that fattens on blood of working class of this country! With your arms you keep the people of Yemen in fear, supporting the anti-popular dictatorship of marionette rulers. But soon it will be over. Soon you, British mongrels, will go home in zinc coffins and Yemen will be free!"

"Yep," Abdel said nodding his head. "That's right, comrade."

The Sergeant Major managed to keep a contemptuous expression on his face. He already heard his share of these nation-liberation dregs, even though never in the situation so murky as now. And it was really murky, he realized it very well. They were in the secret place of the NLF, it was the most possible that nobody of their seniors had any notion about it and, especially, about them being brought there. He didn't doubt the intentions of the insurrectionists. Musa worked himself into the state of cold rage that could be clearly read on his dark face with flashing whites and teeth. And Abdel, for all his outside tranquility, was even more dangerous.

"You, British, really overfilled the cup of the patience of Yemeni people," Abdel said cutting the air with his palm. "You won't see any mercy from us. You don't deserve any mercy."

He stopped abruptly. Now he looked right in the widened eyes of the Lance Corporal. The Corporal's face was not so firm as the Sergeant Major's and his shock and distress could be clearly visible.

"Are you scared?" Abdel said to him. The Corporal didn't answer. "Speak with me when I ask, blond bitch."

"I'll make him speak," Musa eagerly moved forward and slapped the Corporal on his face scathingly. The Sergeant Major made a step towards them and at once two other men - Jalil and Hashim - surrounded him and grabbed his twisted behind arms.

"What sharp movements!" Abdel smiled. "So, are you, Lance Corporal?"

"No, I am not," the man said in a low steady voice.

"Too bad. You should be. But I suppose we'll remedy it soon. Let them go," he ordered and nodded to Jalil and Hashim. They released the Sergeant Major who looked at the insurrectionist defiantly. Then Musa took out his knife and cut their ropes.

It was no use to try to bolt. There were four men around and Jalil and Hashim took out their handguns quickly, clearly suspicious about the Englishmen. Besides, both the Sergeant Major and the Corporal had their hands tied behind their backs for the whole night and now they just could rub their wrists wincing with the pain when blood current resumed.

"If you are so brave - I think you won't mind to do what we are going to tell you," Abdel said with a smile.

"Listen here, you white scum," Musa hissed walking around the men. "We want you to start stripping from your stinky British uniform - now!"

"Fuck you!" the Sergeant Major said immediately. Abdel giggled. But Musa didn't find it funny at all. He hit the man from behind with such ferocity that the Sergeant Major gasped and stumbled. As if a hot poker pierced his kidneys.

"Do what we tell!" Musa breathed out with another blow. The Sergeant Major would fall forward but Jalil caught him there and smashed the handle of his gun on the man's cheekbone. It sounded as if it was cracked. The Sergeant Major felt at once how his mouth filled with salty blood. Red circles danced in front of his eyes as he tried to stay on his feet.

The Corporal's eyes went wide when he saw it. The other man, Hashim, kept him on gunpoint, so, he could just watch what was happening.

"Please," he said in a faint hope that they would listen to him. "Please stop!"

"Yeah?" Abdel asked. "You are going to do what was told?"

The Corporal didn't nod, however. He was terrified with what they did to the Sergeant Major - but he was far from broken. He was not going to humiliate himself, he thought. Abdel said peacefully.

"Okay. Do you think we can't persuade you?"

Immediately Musa came up to the Corporal and grabbed him from behind, wringing his arms back, and Abdel slowly reached his hand to the young man's crotch and squeezed it around his balls.

"Well, it seems your clothes don't hinder me too much," he noticed.

The Corporal got pale. The pain was really bad at once and grew much worse as Abdel's hand around his scrotum tightened more and more. The Sergeant Major could see how the Corporal bit his lips desperately to keep silent as Abdel twisted his balls round and round.

"You'll do what we want you to do," he said. "Soon you will be surprised how obediently you will do everything."

The young man gave out a hard stifled cry. He felt as if his balls were about to burst out of his scrotum. Abdel's hand was like steel vice pressing harder with every instant, even though the Corporal barely could believe it was possible to press harder. The pain was so vicious that the Corporal felt faint. The Sergeant Major broke in.

"Stop it! Leave him alone!"

"As soon as he agrees to do what we want," Abdel said quickly. "As soon as you both agree," he looked at the man intently and added. "What? Perhaps you'll order him, Sergeant Major? Is he your subordinate? Make him obey you, then. Or do you feel like watching how we castrate him with our bare hands? If I get tired of mashing his treasures, Musa will replace me."

The Sergeant Major's lips became a thin line. There was blood running down his face where Jalil slashed his skin. He felt throbbing pain in his cheekbone and his kidneys seemed to grow numb. But he was ready to go through it and much worse things - if they were to touch only him. But he couldn't look at one of his men suffering.

Actually, the Sergeant Major and the Corporal didn't know each other too well - the Corporal was moved to Aden just a couple weeks ago. But he was one of the Sergeant Major's men - now the only one of his men who stayed alive - and the Sergeant Major felt he just couldn't let him go through this agony if there was at least some chance to avoid it.

He clenched his fists. He didn't know what to do. They could defy the insurrectionists and get tortured and killed - he knew it, he had seen enough corpses of British militaries left by the NLF insurrectionists. As for the chance for them to get out - the Sergeant Major didn't believe there was any. And yet he had to try.

"Corporal Davis," the Sergeant Major said steadily. "We'll do what they want. It is the order."

"Excellent!" Abdel said.

The Corporal's face was still very white, even though Abdel's hand was gone from his crotch. He looked at the Sergeant Major with pain-widened eyes and didn't move.

"Do it," the Sergeant Major said again through his teeth as he started unbuttoning his uniform jacket slowly. The Corporal didn't move but the insurrectionists' attention was drawn to the Sergeant Major now. He pulled his jacket off and let it slip on the floor.

"Yes, cunt, show striptease to us," Musa said with a wide sneer.

The Sergeant Major took off his shirt and put it on the floor, too, then bent to unlace his boots. He moved slowly in the silence. With his boots and socks gone he started with his pants. It was when Abdel recalled the Corporal again.

"And you?" he turned to him. "Are you going to make your Sergeant Major reap all laurels? Aren't you going to join him?"

It could be seen how the Corporal licked his lips in agitation. He knew pretty well that the Sergeant Major made this order to save him from the pain - and he was scared of the pain, he didn't want to go through it again, never in his life. But he just couldn't make himself start stripping.

"There is a woman," he said hardly audibly.

"What?" at first Abdel pretended he didn't understand. "A woman? Who? She?" - he pointed at the girl standing at the wall. Her dark lean face could seem attractive if it didn't have this stony stern expression. She didn't move when Abdel turned to her but her eyes flickered when she looked at the insurrectionist. "Don't worry about her," Abdel said. "Your filthy English dicks won't scare her."

The Sergeant Major stripped to his undies now and stopped. He looked nowhere in front of himself, with his face having straight nonchalant expression.

"Take off everything, scum," Musa ordered. Without changing his look the Sergeant Major took off his undies.

He was a slim well-built man, with some curly brown hair on his chest and a trace of down going down from his navel to the thick bush of his pubic hair. His nipples were fairly big and pale-brown, soft now. Abdel and Musa measured him with their eyes unhurriedly, stopping at his limp genitals. His balls were like two heavy spheres covered in wispy down and his cock was about 6" long and quite thick, slightly darker than the Sergeant Major's body, with soft round head. The Sergeant Major was circumcised.

"A rare thing," the insurrectionists exchanged the remarks. "Mostly these lousy British pigs used to keep their cocks in the films of stinky meat. Okay!" Abdel ordered to the Sergeant Major. "Go and sit on the chair."

There was not too much furniture in the room - just a couple of chairs and a table. The Sergeant Major went to one of the chairs and sat down on it.

"Hands behind your back," Abdel said. Musa came up to the Sergeant Major and tied his hands behind the back of the chair, making the Sergeant Major's shoulders twist forward. "Spread your legs!"

The Sergeant Major's face was frozen. He would never do anything of it if he had been alone! But now he had to obey. Musa didn't wait and spread the Sergeant Major's ankles aside himself, tying them to the legs of the chair tightly. Now the Sergeant Major's private parts hanged obscenely between his legs over the seat of the chair. He clenched his teeth trying to appear tranquil. Well, he knew his face didn't deceive the insurrectionists - but he tried his best.

"Well, one is ready!" Musa exclaimed. "And you, dolly?" he looked at the Corporal. "Are you going to buck again?"

The young man made a short inhale. His thoughts were in a mess. He had to see his Sergeant Major doing what the insurrectionists demanded - to save him - and he had a strange feeling that it would be wrong if now he tried to deny it again. He knew it was a stupid thought or something - but he felt he couldn't let the Sergeant Major down. He started stripping with his eyes cast down.

"Aghh," Abdel said. "The sweet blond bitch is going to reveal his secrets to us!"

The Corporal's face was pink as he took off his clothes without looking around. He was a thin-boned man, with a boyish figure - clearly visible ribs and pelvic bones sticking out. His body hair was very fair and he didn't have much of it, anyway. He tried to keep his hand over his groin half-consciously when he took off his undies. But he had to stand upright after that and everybody could see his light-pink cock with its head covered with foreskin and his discolored balls that were visibly swollen after the twisting Abdel had done to them.

"Huh, look at this one," Musa giggled. "His hair looks like baby down! And is it a cock? Do you think he calls it a cock?"

"The Sergeant Major, that's who has a cock!" Abdel supported him. His eyes laughed. "But I bet this blond beauty is quite cherished by his buddies. They have to have somebody who replaces their girl-friends in the barracks. This one is exactly what they need!"

The Corporal flushed bitterly. He knew, of course, that all this was said to humiliate him - but the words still were scalding.

"Guess they enjoy these pretty tits?" Musa asked Abdel while stepping to the Corporal and pinching one of his flat pink nipples. The young man flung up his hands and at the same moment Jalil and Hashim grasped him. "Fuckin' cheap British whore," Musa said. He twisted the Corporal's nipple in a brutal manner, with his nails stuck in, until some drops of blood showed under his fingers. "And what about this mouth?" he raised his hand and wiped his fingers on the Corporal's lips. "Do they like it?"

"We can check it," Abdel suggested quietly and Musa laughed. "Well, Lance Corporal," the NLF leader said. "Look at your Sergeant Major's cock. I know you adore it. I can bet it is one of the cocks you worship at night. Tell us - is it a good cock?"

The Corporal flushed when he involuntarily dropped a glance at the Sergeant Major's flabby member and kept silent. The Sergeant Major's face was still set expressionless.

"You again try to ignore me, bitch?" Abdel punched the Corporal in his face with the fist. The young man's head dangled and some blood could be seen between his lips. He still didn't say anything - and really, what could he say? Was he to find the male genitals appealing? Abdel backhanded him again and again until the Sergeant Major spoke up:

"Leave him alone, for God's sake! What do you want from him?!"

"Don't you call your God's name here!" Musa thundered making a step to the Sergeant Major but Abdel stopped him with a wave of his hand.

"I just want him to answer. Didn't anybody tell you that you have to answer when you are asked?" he grasped the Corporal's hair and pulled his head back to look in his eyes. "So, I presume you like the Sergeant Major's cock?"

"Tell him something," the Sergeant Major ordered; he was afraid the Corporal would keep silent again and run into trouble once more.

"Yes," the Corporal said in a quiet voice.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, it is good," he said.

"That's right," Abdel let his hair go. He looked at his hand wrinkling his nose - as if he defiled himself by touching the man. The young woman stepped from the wall and handed him a handkerchief at once. He wiped his hands thoroughly. "Then you, surely, won't refuse to show us how much you like this cock. You will caress it... with your mouth. I know you used to do it - don't try to say 'no' to me!"

The Corporal's nostrils whitened and he pressed his lips tightly. The Sergeant Major shook his head slightly in disbelief.

"Do it, you white slut," Musa shouted but Abdel cut him short again.

"Are you sure you don't want to do it?" he looked with intent interest at the Corporal's pale and pink face. "Let's see if we can make you change your mind somehow. I can't believe that you will reject to use your precious mouth on your Sergeant Major's cock even if your refusal is going to be the reason why he will be hurt. Hurt really bad, I mean," he added.

The Corporal looked confused and at the next second Abdel took a heavy brass lighter out of his pocket and snapped off the lid. The small flame danced jolly as he firmly brought it to the Sergeant Major's chest. A few hairs on the man's chest crackled burning when Abdel passed the lighter along and stopped under the Sergeant Major's left nipple. The tender skin of it bloated and blistered almost immediately as the Sergeant Major tossed his head back in a vicious pain. He clenched his teeth together not to give out a sound and it could be seen how the veins on his neck stood out. His burning nipple, very scarlet, got covered in white blisters swiftly.

The Corporal gasped and the words rushed out of him:

"Please, please, stop! I'll do it! Jesus, I'll do it, please don't hurt him!"

"I told you about swearing," Musa growled and punched him in his belly hard. Abdel pushed the lid of the lighter down and looked at the Sergeant Major's deformed nipple that was almost invisible under the blisters now.

"Don't you think, Lance Corporal, it would be cheaper for your Sergeant Major if you didn't argue with us? Mind the lesson, okay?"

The Corporal's breath was unsteady and he was afraid to look at the Sergeant Major. He felt terribly ashamed that the man was hurt because of his foolish stubbornness.

"You don't have to do it," the Sergeant Major said.

"I'll do it, it's okay."

Hashim and Jalil pushed the young man on the floor on his knees towards the Sergeant Major in the chair. Since the Sergeant Major's ankles were spread wide there was enough place for the Corporal between his legs.

The Corporal looked at the man's impressive penis lying lopsidedly over his heavy balls. His mind was overfilled. He felt awfully miserable that he made the man suffer - and at the same time he found it very hard to put up with what he had to do. He tried to tell himself it was just a cock, nothing more, and he definitely could take it in his mouth.

In fact, when he thought about it, he didn't really feel revolted. That is, he knew he had to be - because it was one of the worst things a man could be forced to do. But it was what he knew, not what he felt, for some reason. He could sense the spicy smell of the Sergeant Major's crotch and smell his sweat but it was not bad, just normal male smell. There was some smegma around the Sergeant Major's piss-slit. The Corporal took the man's cock with his hand tentatively. It was warm and silky by touch. He opened his lips and took the head of it in his mouth.

"Come on, swallow it, cock-sucker," Musa jeered. The Corporal enveloped the Sergeant Major's cock-head with his lips and tried to suck. It was not really awful, he realized, not awful at all. Slightly bitter and salty taste was gone very soon and now the Corporal could only taste the Sergeant Major's soft warm skin. He licked his lips to make the sucking smoother and he licked along the shaft, too.

At that moment he felt as the Sergeant Major's cock throbbed minutely. It was not very obvious then - but the Corporal could feel how the Sergeant Major's cock grew a bit with the blood filling it. He was taken aback. He didn't expect it. Well, the insurrectionists didn't tell them what cock he had to "caress", hard or limp - but he supposed it would be just a show, just a sign of their degradation.

But it was natural that the man's cock reacted to the sucking, he told himself at once. He knew the Sergeant Major had to hate it the same as he did; it was just a reflex of his body. He continued sliding his lips along the man's shaft sensing how it hardened more. It was good 2,5" thick when hard and now the Corporal started finding it difficult to accommodate it in his mouth. Actually, he didn't take it all, just its head and some more, having his hand around the shaft - and somehow instinctively he also slid his palm up and down it.

"Look at these two white faggots," Abdel said to Musa with his voice full of contempt. "They really enjoy themselves."

"I wonder why they had to play this comedy with resisting at first," Musa commented.

The Corporal tightened in shame when hearing it but he knew he couldn't stop doing what he did. He heard the Sergeant Major faint sigh above him, full half with embarrassment, half with pleasure. The man wished he could resist his subordinate's gentle accepting lips but his body didn't obey him. His cock needed more sensation and it made the Sergeant Major push it up involuntarily, deeper to the Corporal's moist hot mouth. They went on like that for several minutes when Abdel interrupted them suddenly.

"Well, enough!" he dropped. "This is getting a bit boring. We want to look how you do other things, English whores."

The Corporal let the Sergeant Major's cock out of his mouth and sat on his heels. He didn't look up at the man; he felt ashamed that he did more than just yielding to force and was not definitely disgusted but took some pleasure in sucking the Sergeant Major's cock and having it in his hand. The Sergeant Major's member remained hard even now - a massive thing, dark with blood and glistening in the Corporal's spit.

"If you enjoy fucking the mouth of this slut so much," Abdel continued, "then you'll probably enjoy fucking his ass-pussy even more, Sergeant Major."

The Corporal flinched and the Sergeant Major made an angry sound.

"What? Do you dare to argue with us?" Musa hissed savagely leaning to the man on the chair. "You don't want to do it, huh? Then I'll cut your filthy cock off and solve this problem forever!"

He unsheathed his knife and drove it to the Sergeant Major's member.

"No, please!" the Corporal started hastily raising his hands between the knife and the man's genitals. "He will do it! He will certainly do it!" he looked pleading at the Sergeant Major. "Don't let them maim you, sir. Do what they want!"

The Sergeant Major looked at the young man's distraught face and kept silent. Musa smirked.

"Good boy," he said mockingly. Suddenly he pressed the tip of his knife to the Sergeant Major's ribs and dragged it down. He didn't really apply any pressure but his weapon was so sharp that it cut the Sergeant Major's skin deeply all the way from his mutilated nipple to the bottom of his ribcage. The Corporal gasped and the Sergeant Major hissed through his clenched teeth. At first the red line drawn by the knife was almost invisible - but some moments later blood welled up on it and ran down the Sergeant Major's chest in trickles. His cock softened but not completely.

"You'd better work it up again, cunt," Abdel advised coldly. With the next movements of the knife Musa cut the Sergeant Major's ropes.

The Corporal was put on the floor on his fours and the Sergeant Major was pushed behind him, between his legs. The young man's head was lowered and his lips were pressed firmly. He was badly scared, even though he implored the Sergeant Major to do it himself. It was a sordid and nasty thing they were going to go through - the worst one that could be - and he also could hardly imagine getting something as big as the Sergeant Major's cock up to his opening that was not supposed for it at all.

He winced when he felt the Sergeant Major's hands on his ass-cheeks spreading them wide. He was ready to clench but made himself not to. He knew it had to be done and he didn't have to make it more difficult for them both.

The Sergeant Major looked at the young man's virginal ass. His anus was closed shut and very tiny, just a bit darker than his skin and without any hair there. He hoped he would be able to make it in an easier way for the Corporal, that he would be allowed to. The Sergeant Major licked his forefinger and pushed it inside the young man. He felt immediate resistance. The Corporal could have all the good intentions but his body reacted involuntarily to the invasion. The Sergeant Major spat on his fingers and applied it around the Corporal's shut entering.

His gentle movements made the Corporal relax somehow - and wetting helped, too - and when the Sergeant Major tried again his finger pushed inside the young man's anus to the second knuckle at once. The Sergeant Major spat again and rubbed more saliva in, spreading some of it on the Corporal's tight anus ring. Now the things went easier. He could stick his whole forefinger in and turned it around trying to loose the young man.

Neither Abdel nor Musa interfered. They looked at two militaries with a lot of amusement of their dark faces, exchanging grins from time to time. The Sergeant Major added his second finger and pushed them both into the Corporal's ass. The young man didn't resist any more; he realized it was bearable, he could stand it - and he let the Sergeant Major do what he was going to do.

He bit his lips, however, when the Sergeant Major added his third finger. It was not painless any more but he tried not to show it. The Sergeant Major had one of his palms on the young man's smooth thigh as the fingers of his other hand worked up to his ass. At last he thought he had done what he could and he saw some signs of impatience from Abdel and Musa. He removed his hand and took hold of his cock.

During his efforts with the Corporal his cock lost its hardness only slightly. As a matter of fact, he focused on keeping it because he knew he would have to use it soon and because it helped him to distract from the pain of his burnt nipple and of the cut on his chest. The blood on it coagulated a little but it started bleeding again with any awkward movement.

The Sergeant Major wetted his cock with saliva generously, set its dark round head against the Corporal's anus and pushed. His cock was thicker than three fingers and when it pushed wide the muscle of the young man's opening, he heard his short painful sigh. The Corporal coped with himself, however, he didn't want the Sergeant Major to feel bad with what he was doing; the man did his best for them both. Slowly the Sergeant Major pulled out his cock and pushed again, a couple of inches deeper now. The Corporal tried to be completely silent. The pain of the man's big cock was significant but he could bear it. He felt the Sergeant Major withdrawing once more and then sending his cock back again. This time his thick shaft went inside for 5", more than half its length.

The Sergeant Major had both his hands on the thighs of the young man, stroking him slightly when moving back and forth, as if trying to compose him like that. He pulled out again and on the in-ward motion his cock slipped all through up to the Corporal's ass. The Sergeant Major could feel his balls touching the young man's perineum.

"Fuck him!" Musa ordered sharply. "Fuck the shit out of him!"

The Sergeant Major pulled out and pushed again, with comparative ease now. After a few strokes he felt with enormous relief that the Corporal stopped trembling. Precum, mucus and ass-juices made the sliding much easier and the Sergeant Major speeded up a little.

The waves of pleasure went through his body. He would do anything not to hurt the young man - but his cock was up to his ass, in a tight velvety glove - and the thrusting made his head spin with pleasure. His breath became faster and uneven. And at that moment Abdel made them stop.

"Are you going to cum?" he came up to the men locked together on the floor and kicked the Sergeant Major's side with irritation. "Nice, isn't it? Going to cum up to his comrade's ass! And what about him? Did you think about him? What will he have when you get your pleasure?"

The Sergeant Major kneeled behind the Corporal, with his blood-engorged cock sticking up obscenely, and looked at Abdel. His eyes were grim, not because he was interrupted but because he could see clearly that whatever they were going to do with his fellow-victim the insurrectionists would always find some fault in it.

"We can take care about it," Musa said with a false smile. "Make it good for both of you. Miri!" he called the young woman and she came up at once with a bit of thick wire in her hands. She squatted at the Sergeant Major and wrapped the wire around the base of his cock. He felt dead with shame when the woman touched him. He didn't know why it was worse than if any of the men did it - but it was. Well, she didn't reveal any emotions on her flawless but cold face. She touched his cock as if it was any other object that had to be handled. The thick wire was turned around and its ends were twisted together.

"Now you can fuck your friend until he gets his pleasure, too," Musa said smiling. The Sergeant Major cursed under his breath. He understood what they meant. They demanded him to make the Corporal cum - and until it happened he had to fuck him with his wrapped cock. Which meant indefinitely - because how much chance was there that the Corporal would cum? He was in barely bearable pain by now - and it was going to get worse when he ass got sore.

He saw how the Corporal turned to him. The young man's eyes were black with expanded pupils. Abdel kicked the Sergeant Major again, in his belly now.

"Do it, sir!" the Corporal breathed out. The Sergeant Major put his palms on his flanks again and pushed in. The twisted ends of the wire were located very inconveniently, getting between the Sergeant Major's balls and the Corporal's perineum when his cock was driven inside. It didn't take time at all for both of them to be scratched. However, it was not what really bothered the Sergeant Major.

He tried to make slower, lighter strokes. He knew he couldn't cum all the same with the wire trapping blood in his cock - and the only thing he could do was to spare the young man as much as he could. Despite anything, as he moved, he felt the pleasure rising in him once more almost to the point of orgasm. But the wire around his shaft served its purpose.

Suddenly he felt as the Corporal shivered under him. It was not with pain, he could tell it for sure. It looked more like a shudder of pleasure. The Sergeant Major looked down and noticed that the Corporal's cock was not soft any more. Indeed, it stood up quickly almost parallel with his body, stiff and extended. The cock-head of the Sergeant Major massaging the young man's prostate did the trick. The militaries heard the insurrectionists laughing and exchanging sarcastic remarks in Yemeni.

"Two fairies," Abdel said contemptuously. "That's the real face of British Army. Fuck each other like dogs in heat in front of everybody's eyes!"

The Sergeant Major hoped with all his heart that the Corporal wouldn't pay attention to them. And the truth was that the Corporal felt the keenest physical pleasure now. The thick cock of the Sergeant Major didn't inflict pain to him any more - but raised him to the peak of delight. On each stroke the pangs of pleasure spread through him. The sensation was something he didn't know before - the same as the feeling of being stuffed full with something inside him. The Corporal tossed his head from side to side, panting, and it was clearly visible that he pushed back trying to get the Sergeant Major's cock deeper into him.

At last, with a loud gasp, he shot his load. The Sergeant Major felt as the young man's anus clamped on his cock when he spurted his white cream all over the floor under them. This sensation would be enough for him to cum - if his cock had not been held so tightly by the wire. The Corporal's chest heaved as he was trying to return his breath. The trickles of sweat could be seen on his expanding ribcage.

Two men froze for several moments, still linked together with the Sergeant Major's cock up in the Corporal's ass. Then Abdel spoke up:

"So, what's wrong with you, bitches? One of you cummed - the other didn't. Go on till he does!"

It was a mockery. It was clear that the Sergeant Major wouldn't be able to ejaculate. He turned to their tormentors with the rage in his eyes and saw how Musa unsheathed his knife again. He showed it to the captives adding:

"Do you want me to cut off this spunk-covered cock of your precious Corporal? Corporal Davis, right? He will be Corporal Eunuch then, huh? You know I will enjoy doing it."

"Do not defy us," Abdel added.

The Sergeant Major pulled out and thrust back again. It couldn't be fun for the Corporal any more. Even though the Sergeant Major tried to be careful - after more than half an hour of fucking the young man's no more virginal ass was quite raw and every stroke of the Sergeant Major rubbed his anus sore even worse. But nothing could be done with it, anyway. They had either to go through it - or to suffer much worse.

For the second time the Sergeant Major felt the rising that couldn't bring any relief to him. And suddenly the Corporal's cock started hardening again. Musa saw it at once.

"Looks like the blond bitch is going to get it twice!" he laughed. "And what about our Sergeant Major? Perhaps the thing is who is on the top? What do you think if we make them change the places?" he asked Abdel.

"It's what I meant," the other man said.

"Listen, you white shit," Musa stepped to the militaries who kneeled on the floor. "We want to see how you do it the other way round. Understand, you pussy?" he slapped the Corporal on his face. "Get it up to your Sergeant Major's ass - and no delicacies any more. If your cock doesn't get up to his ass in two thrusts - I'll cut off everything what will be outside!"

The Corporal got pale. It was weird but it was easier for him to be in a submissive position taking what the Sergeant Major was doing. He dropped a glance at the man's face and saw that the contour of his jaw became white. The Sergeant Major felt the Corporal was looking at him and nodded him slightly.

"We can do it," he whispered. "Yes, you have to do it."

He turned on his fours with his ass towards the Corporal. The young man had a strange feeling at that moment. He knew with his brains that what he had to do was disgusting, a man would do it only under the threat of death - as they did. But at the same time - in a way - he wanted to do it, too. And not just to find a hole to stick his cock up to - but the thought about shoving it up to the Sergeant Major's ass aroused him. He looked at the Sergeant Major's firm slim body, at his balls hanging between his legs and at his wrapped cock pointing up and very dark-red and his heart sank. He really wanted it.

He got behind the man, in the same position as the Sergeant Major was behind him several minutes ago. God, they make us copulate as animals, the thought went through the Corporal's mind - but he deleted it. The Sergeant Major's darkish anus was visible when he spread his legs wider giving the Corporal more place. The Corporal quickly wetted his cock with spit - as the Sergeant Major did it for him - and pushed his cock inside the man's anus.

It didn't go in smoothly. Even though the Corporal's cock was more slender than the Sergeant Major's but the man's passage was not loosened at all. The Corporal pushed deeper and the Sergeant Major had to hold his breath with pain. He didn't want to make any sound. As they both knew they'd better do it as soon as possible, the Sergeant Major tried to push back to the Corporal. The young man withdrew his cock a bit and then drove it in with a powerful thrust. The Sergeant Major's lips whitened but he kept silent - and they both felt that the aim was achieved - the Corporal was inside him to the hilt.

The young man stopped for a moment, letting his senior to get accustomed to the feeling. He felt really overwhelmed with the sensation himself. The grip around his cock was incredibly tight. He felt almost as if his cock was wrung out when he pulled out. He thrust back. He really hoped with all his heart that the fucking would become pleasant to the Sergeant Major as if became to him. His strokes went smoother after a little while.

Then he realized that no matter whether it was going to be good or bad for the Sergeant Major - nothing would change because of it, anyway. With the wire on his cock he wouldn't be able to cum.

A weird thought came to his mind - that the insurrectionists just forgot about it. He turned to them thinking about asking - and met glazed eyes of Musa, Abdel and other men. Jalil and Hashim rubbed their palms wildly against their crotches.

The Corporal made his mind. After all, he thought, they would let him know if he did something wrong. Tentatively he reached his hand to the man's cock and found the ends of the wire. He felt as the Sergeant Major winced minutely with surprise. The ends of the wire were covered in dry blood where they both scratched with them. The Corporal unwound the ends and released the man's cock from the wire.

Neither Musa nor Abdel seemed to notice anything. The Corporal felt as the Sergeant Major sighed out in relief and his heart jumped with joy. He put his hand around the man's shaft. He told himself that he was not sure if the fucking was enough and wanted to be on the safe side. But the truth was he enjoyed to feel the Sergeant Major's thick and burning-hot member in his hand and to slide it back and forth along it.

The man made a low sigh of pleasure and the Corporal started shoving his cock in with greater speed while his hand stroked the Sergeant Major's penis in cadence with his movements. The Corporal's balls slapped against the man's groin with every stroke. Both men were moist with sweat and breathed open-mouthed. The insurrectionists who watched them couldn't stay indifferent, too. Two of them - the peasants - already took out their cocks and now jerked off in earnest looking at two Englishmen on the floor. Two militaries were reaching the orgasm quickly and simultaneously - and at the same moment when the Corporal felt how the Sergeant Major's heavy cock pulsed in his hand, he spurted his load up to the man's ass. He made several more thrusts as the last drops of his juice were squeezed out of his balls and then he stopped with his hands around the man's belly.

For several moments nobody said a word - just a couple of insurrectionists shot their loads with wild cries. And then Abdel clapped his hands mockingly.

"A great show! Thank you! Who could think you both are such stinky faggots? You look like normal men at the first sight," then he came up to the Corporal and suddenly kicked him with all his force in the stomach. The young man's face got waxen and he doubled up retching. Abdel kicked him again. "But who allowed you to use your hands? You fuckin' slut! Did I tell you that you could do it? Did Musa tell you?"

One more cruel kick made the young man fall on the floor. Abdel stepped over him and put the sole of his boot on his belly.

"I'll make you shit out your guts," he hissed.

"Hey, I have a better idea," Musa said coming up and whispered something to Abdel's ear. The man laughed.

"Yes, that's good, comrade! That will teach the slut a lesson!"

They nodded to their men and they picked the Corporal from the floor. The Sergeant Major saw how they dragged him to the table.

"Which hand did you use?" Abdel asked. The Corporal raised his right hand slightly - and at the next moment Hashim and Jalil pressed his hand to the table tightly, palm down. They drove it to the wooden surface so strongly that the Corporal was unable to move it for a millimeter.

"Miri," Abdel nodded to the young woman. She got from her place again and the militaries with horror saw the shiny axe she picked up from the floor.

The Corporal went white. His eyes became huge and black and he bit his lip desperately because he felt he was about to cry out in horror. The Sergeant Major's face got a tormented expression as he watched all this. He looked up at Musa and Abdel seeking any signs of mercy in their faces and finding none.

"Please!" at last he didn't stand it. "He is not to blame! He did it for me! Do what you want to me but leave him alone."

"Sorry, white trash," Abdel shook his head implacably. "Now I am going to really get this blond wise guy. But, well, don't think we are so blood thirsty! We could hack off his whole hand, right? Just shut up and watch!" he growled and showed Musa to point the gun at the Sergeant Major to prevent any excesses.

"Accurately, Miri, accurately," he said to the girl almost tenderly then. The men who held the Corporal spread his fingers. In fact, at first they just set his forefinger separately. Miri came up and raised the axe over her head. She made a mighty exhale when bringing it down on the Corporal's finger.

The young man made a horrible cry. The axe was so heavy and the girl sent it down with all her force. The sound it chopped the man's finger off with was huge and wet. The blade went through the bone like through a twig of wood, severing the finger and sinking deeply into the table's board. Blood jetted from the short stump that was left on the place of the Corporal's finger.

Abdel took out his lighter and opened it. Jalil and Hashim raised the Corporal's hand for him as he took the lighter to the wound. Blood hissed boiling and the Corporal convulsed again. His cry broke and he caught the air with open mouth, making desperate sob-like inhales. Sweat and tears leaked down on his face. The Sergeant Major looked at it deadened. He would better be in the place of the man - but there was little he could do about it.

The men put the Corporal's hand back on the table and pulled out his second finger. The Corporal froze in terror - now he knew exactly how agonizingly it had to be. Miri broke the axe down. The Sergeant Major didn't know what was worse - the low loud "thud" of the blow or the agonizing scream of the man. He saw how the Corporal swayed on his feet and he would fall if the men didn't hold him.

"Please no more!" the Corporal asked when they prepared his next finger after Abdel had cauterized the new wound. His voice was high and broken and it made the Sergeant Major's heart drop down. Abdel looked at the young man's face closely.

"No more? Do you really want it?"

The Corporal didn't answer. His pain-widened eyes were desperate; he already knew there could be nothing good he should expect from the men.

"Okay," Abdel said with a shrug, "after all you are not the only one to blame in what you did. If your whorish Sergeant Major didn't ask you for it you would never do it, right?"

The young man looked very sick. He stood unsteadily but the words of the insurrectionist reached his mind.

"He has nothing to do with it!" he said quickly. "It was my fault. Don't touch him!"

The Sergeant Major realized what Abdel suggested, too, and interrupted the young man:

"Yes, it was me who started it. Please deal with me and leave him alone!"

It was not that he was absurdly brave. He saw everything clearly enough not to doubt that the pain was really shattering. But he was ready to spare his subordinate even on the account of his own suffering.

Abdel looked from one of them to the other and flashed his white teeth in a smile.

"What a tender attachment of two faggots! Hey, you cunt," he grabbed the Corporal's jaw and turned his face to himself. "One more time I ask. Should I go on with you - or do you want a break?"

The Corporal looked as if he was fainting when he said in a tiny voice:

"Go on with me."

"Okay, your choice!" Abdel said.

The Sergeant Major tried to say something and Musa hit him with the handle of the gun over his face. Blood dripped from the man's split lip.

Jalil and Hashim moved the Corporal's third finger separately - and Miri raised the axe again. When it fell down, the young man's eyes showed whites. His muscles slackened and a trickle of piss ran down out of his cock. Everybody but Miri laughed. The young woman's face stayed dark and expressionless. She looked like a machine when she raised the axe again.

There was bloody foam on the young man's lips as he looked on the axe. He swayed so much that the men had to struggle holding him upright. The blood covered the table on the area of several feet and three whitish bloodied shapes that had been the young man's fingers lay in the red puddle. The Sergeant Major shut his eyes in misery when he saw the axe going down - but he couldn't cover his ears not to hear the harrowing scream of the Corporal.

When it stopped, he opened his eyes. The Corporal went limp in the hands of the men and now Miri held the phial with sal ammoniac at his nose. He made a sobbing gasp when coming round and the Sergeant Major felt his heart burning in sorrow and anger. At least they could let him to get a little rest.

"Well, just one finger left," Abdel announced happily. The Sergeant Major could see something awful instead of the Corporal's hand - something covered in blood and of horrible ugly shape. The men pressed his hand to the table again and Miri made the last blow. His thumb was chopped with a juicy cracking sound and the Corporal jerked like in a fit.

"Hey, hey, stop it!" Abdel slapped him on his cheeks bringing back. "Come on, it's over! For now, at least."

They pushed the Corporal on the floor, towards the Sergeant Major and the man caught him in his arms. The young man's face was so pale that it looked ashy - except for dreadful dark circles around his eyes. His lids were lowered and his eyelashes sticky with tears. The Sergeant Major pressed him to his chest, feeling his moist with sweat, trembling body. The Corporal's right hand looked like a claw of some strange animal, bloody, burnt and finger-less.

Pity and despair flooded the Sergeant Major's heart. He awfully wanted to help the young man, to save him from suffering - but he was the same defenseless against their jailers as the Corporal was.

"Come on, stop cuddling him, you queer!" Abdel ordered. "Put the blond slut on the table."

The men raised the Corporal who was half-unconscious and moaned heart-breakingly; his head sagged. His hair was not fair any more, it got sticky with sweat and darkened. The men threw him on his back on the blood-covered table, shaking his separated fingers on the floor at first, and tied his wrists under the table board. He jerked when they bothered his destroyed hand.

They placed him with his ass on the edge of the table, raised his legs up and over his head and tied by the ankles to the legs of the table. The pose was awfully indecent - with his genitals hanging limp over his crack - and his anus, still open after the Sergeant Major's cock, was raw and pulsating slightly. The Corporal opened his eyes and looked up to the ceiling with drained out expression.

"Sergeant Major," Abdel hailed. At his snap Jalil and Hashim grasped the man and tugged to the table. "I could see you enjoyed tinkering with the hole of your Corporal slut very much. Now you have a chance to do it some more."

The Sergeant Major looked at him with a bleak expression. It was weird - the chopping the fingers of the Corporal took probably just quarter an hour - but it seemed the whole eternity passed since then. The Sergeant Major hardly could recall the moments when he was on the floor and cumming with the hand of the Corporal around his cock. Frankly speaking, he couldn't feel less sexually now.

But, of course, Abdel was not going to care about his moods. He smiled brightly and continued:

"Only now I want you to stick up to the whore's ass something more significant. What do you think about your fist? I can bet your Lance Corporal will be out of his mind with happiness."

The Sergeant Major blinked exhaustedly. He was not going to do it. In no way. There was where he was going to draw the line. If he could put up with fucking because he hoped to make it in the least painful way - then fisting was another thing. And he was not going to hurt his man even more, no matter what Abdel and Musa were going to say.

"Well, you can start right now," Abdel coaxed him and the Sergeant Major shook his head. "No?" Abdel repeated. "No? Don't you know we don't accept this word as an answer?"

The Sergeant Major swallowed hard. His mind was in a mist. He was ready to go through anything - but the insurrectionists already showed that they could deal with the determination of two militaries. Abdel even smiled with a visible enjoyment.

"So, you won't do it? Well, we'll see."

Still smiling he reached his hand to Musa and the other man provided him with the knife. The Sergeant Major felt dizzy when seeing it - but he hoped with all his heart that whatever Abdel was going to do he was going to do to him. Well, of course, it was futile hope.

"You, white pussy," Abdel said leaning to the Corporal slightly. "What do you think about your Sergeant Major's obstinacy? Some people never learn, huh? Okay, we'll with you try to be patient teachers."

The Sergeant Major saw with terror how the knife's blade floated above the young man's body. His mouth got so dry that he couldn't say a word. He was frozen - he realized he had made a mistake - either way he was the reason for his Corporal to get hurt.

"Lovely blond pussy," Abdel commented touching the Corporal's soft light pubic hair. "What do you think if we make it a bit neater?"

He didn't wait for the answer pressing the tip of the knife to the top part of the Corporal's pubis. The Corporal tried to raise his head to see what was being done. He winced hugely when the knife cut the skin but didn't make a sound.

"Please!" the Sergeant Major interfered again. "Please don't! I'll do anything you want, please do what you want to me - but don't touch him! Have some mercy - leave him alone, let him rest!"

There was a dark trickle of blood wetting the wispy curls of the Corporal's pubic hair from under the tip of the knife. Abdel looked at it with rapt attention. He seemed not to hear what the Sergeant Major said.

"Fuck," he said at last and ran the knife over the young man's pubis. A cut about 3" long filling with blood appeared there. The Sergeant Major thrashed in the hands of those who held him. The Corporal made shallow frequent inhales with pain but didn't scream. With the same introspective look Abdel pressed the knife to his skin on the distance about 0.5" from the first cut and drew another line. Now there was so much blood that it leaked on the groin of the young man around his balls. The Sergeant Major started pleading the insurrectionist to stop, promising that he would do anything, he would do everything.

"Too late," Musa said with a kind of puzzled expression while Abdel didn't answer at all. He seemed to hear nothing. He made two short cuts connecting the long lines and with the tip of the knife picked the end of the skin band. The Corporal's head flopped down and he shivered greatly as Abdel tinkered trying to get hold on the end of the skin stripe with his fingers. At last he managed it and very slowly he pulled it off.

The Sergeant Major nearly fainted seeing it. With the skin going he could see red bloody flesh under it. The Corporal made awful stifled moans through his compressed distorted lips. In one fluid motion Abdel flayed the stripe off completely and waved it in the air.

"Look what you have done," he said to the Sergeant Major bringing the bloody piece of skin to his face. The Sergeant Major's face became twisted and he spat at Abdel's face.

"You dumb bitch!" with some amazement in his voice Musa approached him and punched his belly hard. Jalil and Hashim held the man firmly as Musa continued to make a blow after blow. The Sergeant Major's stomach turned inside out and he felt how bile filled his mouth. Some of it leaked out on his chin and Musa wrinkled his nose.

"You are such shit," he said letting the man go. Meanwhile Abdel, with absent look, pressed the tip of the knife to the bloody skinned place on the Corporal's pubis and pecked it. This had to be even more painful than flaying because the Corporal convulsed and trembled violently trying to escape the knife. His head was beating against the table board.

"It's fuckin' mess here," Abdel muttered - and indeed, even his hands were well smeared with blood. He took out the lighter, not noticing that he was leaving blood traces on his pants, and brought the flame to the bleeding stripe. The Corporal cried out as blood boiled and burned. His pubic hair was seared out, too, around the gash.

For quite a while Abdel proceeded - until he was satisfied with the sight of wide black and crimson band of burnt flesh on the young man's pubis. Then he patted it with his fingers.

"That's much better."

The Corporal's chest was fluttering and he gave out short choking sobs, still unable to cope with pain. Then Abdel turned to the Sergeant Major and said:

"Do what we told you."

The Sergeant Major was chalk-white as he was pushed to the table but he didn't resist any more. He looked at the Corporal, who now was silent, and said with anguish:

"I am sorry. I am so sorry."

The young man's eyes were almost black with pain as he nodded and something like a faint smile curved his lips. The Sergeant Major put his hand on the Corporal's thigh and stroked it lightly. He tried not to look at the horrible trace of flayed skin on the young man's pubis but he couldn't help seeing it.

"Relax," he whispered as he patted the inner side of the Corporal's thigh. "Please do. For your own sake."

He didn't know if the Corporal could do it. The young man was in terrible pain, it seemed to him that his pubis was still being flayed and burned - and his hand throbbed with severe pain. He could feel as if his fingers were smashed and twisted unceasingly - even though he knew he didn't have these fingers any more.

The Sergeant Major continued to caress his hips and his ass around the entering. He tried to make the young man calm down as much as it was possible and was not sure he would be able to do it. At last he pushed two of his fingers inside his anus. They went it very smoothly, it was still open after the fucking - and soon the Sergeant Major added his third finger. The Corporal seemed not to be hurt. The Sergeant Major rotated his fingers inside the young man's ass and, pushing them slightly deeper, he felt spongy place of his prostate. He pressed and patted it carefully.

An odd idea came to his mind. It was awful what they made him do - but was it possible to bring some pleasure, not only pain, to the Corporal? The Sergeant Major moved his fingers in circling motions, massaging the Corporal's prostate. At first it didn't work. The Corporal was just too deep in pain to feel something less shocking.

The Sergeant Major withdrew his fingers and added his little finger. He pushed them in quite easily - but when he tried to push the place of his hand where the fingers jointed, he felt immediate resistance.

"It's okay," he said in a low voice. "I won't harm you. It will be just a little pain."

The young man's anus was very tight around his palm, spread to a wide oval. The Sergeant Major rocked his hand a little trying to loosen it and massaged the Corporal's prostate again. Then he saw he reached the aim: the Corporal's cock twitched.

"I told you the slut will love it!" Abdel exclaimed with a chuckle.

The young man was astonished with the reaction of his body. His eyes were wide as he raised his head again.

"Lay down..." the Sergeant Major said in a hardly audible voice; he wanted to recall the young man's first name and couldn't do it. He rotated his hand trying to find some place where he could stick his thumb. At last he did it. It was not easy. He felt as his hand went through the resistance of a tight muscle - and he knew very well that the Corporal had to feel every millimeter of it getting in. He sensed distinctly when his anus tore around the thickest place of his hand.

The Corporal didn't give out a sound, just bit his lips. The Sergeant Major felt in despair as the trickle of blood ran down on his wrist. He rubbed his fingers against the young man's prostate again and with joy he noticed that the Corporal's cock didn't soften.

"Come on," Abdel said coldly. "Ram it into him!"

The Sergeant Major made his hand into fist and pushed it deeper inside the man. The Corporal's mouth opened in bewilderment with the sensations he didn't know before. Several drops of pre-cum fell from the tip of his cock while blood continued to seep from the tearing in his ass. The Sergeant Major pushed deeper and felt with a shiver as he went through the second sphincter. Now his hand was inside the young man's colon distending it greatly.

He pulled out. He tried to keep his wrist away from the tearing not to touch it - but it was still getting wider. He shoved his fist forward again and felt as the Corporal opened towards him. Now he moved more resolutely.

The young man's cock was rock-hard - and it was obvious that the motions of the Sergeant Major's fist against his prostate were sending surges of pleasure through him. His mouth was slightly open and his breath became frequent and got some sound. He didn't notice that he was bleeding - and even agonizing pain in his hand and pubis seemed to step away.

The Sergeant Major felt sad and relieved when seeing it. This ordeal they were going to go through - but there was much more in front of them, he was sure. He fist-fucked the Corporal's ass trying to get the best tempo and seeing he was right when the Corporal tossed his head from side to side involuntarily. The sight of the young man getting off was fascinating. The insurrectionists watched it without saying a word. And the truth was that the Sergeant Major was in the swirl of arousal, too. He was sporting his erection and there was nothing he could do with it.

"Oh my!" the Corporal breathed out as whitish cum hit out of his cock. Not much of it - it was the third time when he cummed today. He shivered as more dry spasms went through his body and the Sergeant Major slowed down the motions of his hand. A trickle of cum leaked over the young man's belly.

The Sergeant Major looked at Abdel and Musa. Their eyes had stunned, absent expression as if they just orgasmed, too. He pulled his hand out carefully and stood quietly waiting for what would be next.

"Well," at last Abdel said. "Thank you for another great show, British pigs. You know - I even think about selling you to Saudi Arabia after we get finished with you! You are going to be good stable boys," then his playful mood changed abruptly. "You!" he shouted at the Corporal. "What fuckin' mess you left! Your ass has to be really dirty. See how your Sergeant Major's hand looks now, with your shit all over it?!"

It was the truth - the Sergeant Major's hand was smeared in blood and ass-juices to the wrist.

"He'll clean it, what do you think?" Musa said with interest.

"I wonder if he dares not to," Abdel giggled smugly. "Get him there," he showed to Jalil and Hashim and they pushed the Sergeant Major to the Corporal's face. "Let him lick your hand," Abdel ordered. "It is blond bitch's shit - so, he'll have to clean it."

The Sergeant Major gritted his teeth. He knew pretty well that the resistance of either of them could be disastrous. He looked at the Corporal.

"It won't kill you," he said quietly. The corner of the Corporal's mouth quivered and he said after a tiny pause:

"Yes, I'll do it."

"He agrees! Let him lick it!" Musa pressed excitedly.

The Sergeant Major brought his fingers to the Corporal's lips and he took them in his mouth.

He set his mind on doing it. It is my shit, the Corporal reasoned himself, there can be nothing bad with taking something of my own. He breathed through his mouth not to feel the smell. It is just a mind thing, he thought, it is not too bad. I'll deal with it. It seemed to work. At last he focused on the Sergeant Major's fingers in his mouth, not on what they were covered with.

And the truth was he liked to lick the man's fingers - hard and warm and with slightly rough tips. There was nothing hostile in them, actually, the Corporal found the taste of the Sergeant Major's skin reassuring. He licked the hand clean and still continued to slide his tongue along the Sergeant Major's fingers.

Abdel came up to them and yanked his hair.

"Well, I see you find shit tasty, faggot pussy?" he said in a cold voice, displeased for some reason. "I wonder if your Sergeant Major thinks the same. You," he looked at the Sergeant Major. "I want you to clean your mess, too. Look what you did!"

He grabbed the man's hair and pulled him back to the other part of the table - Hashim and Jalil eagerly helped him.

"Look at this!" Abdel said pointing at the Corporal's gaping anus that was still trickling blood and mucky liquid. "Tidy it! I don't want this slut to foul the floor! Clean it with your tongue."

The Corporal flinched hugely. His muscles contracted and it was clearly visible how his anus narrowed, too, but not completely; it was loosened too much for it.

"No, please don't do it, sir!" he spoke out in a miserable voice. His face blushed almost to tears. He by far didn't worry so much when he had to lick the Sergeant Major's shit-smeared hand.

"Oh come on," Abdel said with obvious pleasure. "Perhaps you'll cum once more, filthy cunt!"

The Sergeant Major lowered on his knees without a word. He had to choose a lesser evil - and what he told himself was that everything that was not pain was survivable.

He knew he could do it. He put his hands on the Corporal's ass-cheeks - the young man went almost hysterical and blabbered without stops: "Don't do it! Don't do it!" - and passed his tongue on the trickle of blood. The taste was salty and with the blend of ferrum and the Corporal's skin was warm and soft under it. The Sergeant Major closed his eyes running his tongue around the young man's yawning hole. He felt the taste - but, in fact, he focused on the warmness of the Corporal's skin under his palms and tongue.

The Corporal stopped babbling and just took it - as the Sergeant Major cleaned his crack and perineum from blood and ass-juices. The man licked blood under his balls tasting very soft down-like hairs covering them. His palms moved minutely stroking the Corporal's thighs. Then he licked inside the young man's gaping anus. The Corporal shuddered, not with pain but with tension. The Sergeant Major could feel how tender and raw his anus was and how blood pulsed under the thinnest skin burning hot.

Yes, he didn't hate it at all. He enjoyed it. His own erection that stayed firmly for all this time proved it. The young man's skin was so fine and smooth and his opening so vulnerable and responsive to the touches of the man's tongue. The Sergeant Major licked it lightly and tranquilly. He knew this tiny spell of rest had to come to the end soon - but now he didn't want to think about it.

The End of Part 1

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